Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Oz books review

So it took a few months but I was finally able to complete all 15 Oz books written by Frank L Baum and I have to say...interesting.

So what are they like? Well, pretend Tim Burton wrote a series of children's novels and there you have it! There were so many strange characters in these books. For instance, a glass cat with pink brains (so you can see them work) a female chicken named Bill, the Shaggy Man (with his Love Magnet) a Tin Swordsman (not to be confused with the Tin Woodsman) a sawhorse with golden caps on his feet (so the wood would never break or chip) and a kid called Button Bright who always got lost.

These were regular characters too, not just one-shot side stories from the author. I did have a good time reading them but I don't know who'd I'd recommend them too. They're children's books so adults may be bored with the simple (and often silly) stories but then again I'm not sure kids would know what to think either if they read them.

So there you have it! A solid "thumbs to the side" conclusion for this series.

Now on to my next series of books!!

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