Monday, March 30, 2015

The "Glory" days of comics (6)

And the hits keep coming!

 I thought this one was fake at first but after further investigation I found it's not! What the heck!?
 Yeah Green Lantern show them you're not.... WHAT!?!
 Yes he can lady. He's Batman.
 And THAT'S how you end a comic book ladies and gentlemen!
 Again, too many males in the business back then. The guy who drew this had WAY too much time on his hands.
 Maybe I should go back and buy all the old Wonder Woman comics. Could they really have been all like this?!
 Some things you just can't unsee.

 Nothing wrong with Bruce giving Dick his birthday spankings right?
This comic has a more interesting story than the past 10 years of Superman's comics have.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Morning Samoflange Episode 11

In this episode we talk about the Best TV shows of the 80's!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The "Glory" days of comics (5)

 Yeah, that's exactly what it would sound like.
 Aquaman, you sly fox you! Does that old trick still work?
 The best case for why more female writers were needed in comics back in the day.
 From what I hear this kind of thing happens at Wayne Manor all the time.
 Seriously, you could go for months posting stuff from the old Batman and Robin comics.
 Like shooting fish in a barrel.
 Either those are kryptonite tights or Superman WANTS to be there.

I'm betting the latter.
 At the bottom of the page it read: "Must be over 17 to turn to the next page"
Good for you Aquaman...good for you.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The "Glory" days of comics (4)

 Answer: I wouldn't buy his comic book. That's what would happen.
 And they're running away from you as fast as they can.
 Ha ha ha ha! I remember this comic cover!! I should have picked it up back in the day but I didn't get it either back then!
 I hear this is the plot for the 3rd movie.
 (sigh) And after this issue, all comics went downhill.
 She's talking about Nightwing. Dick Greyson. The first Robin. Who was on Teen Titans back then. You see she... you know what? Forget it.
 You said it Tim! Wait what?
 Everyone loves the Boy Wonder it seems.
 Where's Nathan Fillion when I need him.
Ha! He doesn't even crack a smile when he's saying it either. Love it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The "Glory" days of comics (3)

So you came back for more eh? Ok, you asked for it!
 Wiser words were never spoken by Mr. Fantastic.
 They should reboot this story in the New 52
 Wonder Woman had it so bad back in the early days didn't she?
 Aunt May, trust me on this. Just walk away.
 Oh no! You're right Robin! The world isn't ready for a Zebra striped Batman!
 In the next issue I hear he slaps her all the way to Jupiter.
 Again, it's Doom. Bad guy. He gets a pass.
 Doushbag Superman.
 What does that last panel at the end indicate?! In fact, why were people even BUYING this comic back in the day?!
It means he's a creeper Lois. Break out the kryptonite mace and run sister!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The "Glory" days of comics (2)

By the way, I should warn you that these posts will be PG-13 this week.
 Just like a woman! Actually, I'd like to have this comic as well. Who wouldn't want to kick the Captain in the go-nads right!?
 Sounds more like a job for that Doushbag Superman if you ask me.
 Yep. What a doushbag!
 You said it Archie! Oh, uh, wait a minute...
 Atta way Daredevil! Show her what a lawyer can really get away with if he wanted to!
 Can't tell which superhero that is but dude should have retired after this stunt.
 10 bucks says this comic book came out on April 20th
 Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... got worse.
Whoa. Um, know what? Nevermind. I never liked him anyway!