Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Noccalula Falls (33)

 Me in the woods
 Holding up rocks
 The reason it took 4 hours to hike down the trail to the waterfall. Someone... was taking selfies

 The falls
 Me and the Falls
That's it for pics, see you tomorrow!

Noccalula Falls (32)


Noccalula Falls (31)

Just a few more videos and some pictures today and I'll be done showing you everything from the park.

Monday, September 29, 2014

October Movie preview

Dang the month just flew bye!

I almost forgot to do this post for next month. But there isn't much to talk about I'm afraid.

Annabelle is the "prequel" to the Conjuring but to be honest, I've already seen Child's Play and this doesn't look any better than that so it looks like it's going to be another month of staying at home instead of going to the theaters.

(sigh) What's happened to Hollywood these days?

More videos of our trip coming tomorrow!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Noccalula Falls (10)

More videos coming tomorrow!

Noccalula Falls (9)


Noccalula Falls (8)

This area brought back SO many memories of my childhood. Well worth the trip alone!

Noccalula Falls (7)


Noccalula Falls (6)

The tunnel!! I'd forgotten about it until this trip!

Noccalula Falls (5)


Noccalula Falls (4)


Noccalula Falls (3)

I used to ride this thing the back in the day as a kid and was glad to see it's the SAME train today!

Noccalula Falls (2)


Noccalula Falls (1)

On our way back from Atlanta we stopped by my Grandmother's old town of Gadsden AL, at a place she used to take us to as kids.

Noccalula Falls is where I wanted to visit during her funeral last month but there wasn't enough time so Megan and I stopped by and explored it for ourselves.

More videos coming throughout the day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 (23)

 Wanted to talk about my favorite part of Dragon Con, which was meeting all my favorite authors. Here's myself with Kevin J Anderson, my favorite author of them all. He's holding up the new book I bought there, which is a sequel to his Saga of the Seven Suns series.

He also told me his new Dune book will be out next year "Navigators of Dune" I'm looking forward to it!
 Michael Stackpole is now my 2nd favorite author. Sitting in his Writing Workshops that week was very helpful and insightful. He's a smart guy who's genuine and it was a pleasure getting to know him.
The biggest surprise of the week was Dave Wolverton was there!!! I'm so bummed I didn't have my copy of his book to autograph but at least I was able to snap a picture with him.

Not getting his book autographed is my biggest regret though. I don't know when I'll see him again.

Much more stuff coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 (22)

 Me and Pink Panther
Me and Q-Bert

More tomorrow!

Dragon Con 2014 (21)

Went to the Last Party on Alderaan that night.

Crazy stuff.

Dragon Con 2014 (20)

Guy dressed up as Luigi had an excellent idea for fun at Dragon Con one night.

Listen to the noise it makes each time they hit the box. LOL