Friday, February 12, 2016

Well be back...

Remember back in the day, you hated commercials. They were repetitive, came on all the time and interrupted your favorite shows? Well these days, I look back on them with fondness. (even the ones I hate) And I hope you do too!

For the next few weeks I plan on playing a few old commercials from way back in my youth. Who knows! Maybe some of you will remember one or two of them as well!

The fun starts next week. Hope it puts a smile of nostalgia on someone's face!

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Noah's Ark Playset

 Here's a blast from my past! It's the Noah's Ark playset from the 70's!
 Surprisingly enough, a lot of the toys I had in the 80's were actually from the 70's and I never really knew it. It makes sense now, knowing that back then, people just handed it down to the next person instead of throwing things away.
 But this set I remember vividly! The Ark, the animals, everything. We played with this thing for hours at my old church back in Mississippi!
If you ever get bored, ebay search "70's toys" and see what pops up. You may be surprised!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Album to look forward to in 2016

Weezer is coming out with the "White" album April 1st and I'm pumped to listen to it! My favorite band and they're still cranking out tunes. Gotta love it!

And since it looks like New Found Glory's still sitting 2016 out we can always hope for next year!

Any albums you're excited about this year? Do tell!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Books to look forward to in 2016

 My favorite author Kevin J Anderson has 2 books coming out the same day on September 13th! The first one is his final book in his latest sequel trilogy to "Saga of the Seven Suns"
And the next one is the conclusion to the "Schools of Dune" trilogy. I've waited FOREVER for this series to wrap up! I think I'll read Eternity's Mind first and save Dune for last since it will most certainly be my favorite!

Any books you're looking forward to this year? Or am I the only nerd in the room here?

Monday, February 08, 2016

Chipmunks fan

I can't believe this, but after 25 years, things have come full circle for me and I'm listening to the chipmunks once again!

Ever since Megan got me that record player for Xmas I've done nothing but look for interesting albums to find. Mainly older children's records because those were the ones less likely to get a reprint.

It started with grabbing one of my old chipmunks records from my house, now I have 4 more I LOVE listening to because it sends me WAY back! My favorite album is one from the old 80's cartoon show because that's how I know them the best.

I'm telling you! With the records blaring and Intellivision hopping it's like 1983 up in my house!!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Best Jim Carrey movies

Jim Carrey USED to be good. And today I'm going to remind you why.

5) Dumb and Dumber

Out of all the man's comedies, this one reigns supreme. I still laugh seeing it today (and cry when I think about the sequel) It doesn't hurt to have the perfect wingman Jeff Daniels either! The 2 of these together was comedy gold! (emphasis on "was")

4) The Truman Show

Such a smart idea for a movie and Jim Carrey's acting just made it that much better. Carry's cliche humor went out the door for this movie and a whole new adorable one took it's place. Showing the world he wasn't so one-sided when it came to taking on different roles.

3) Man on the Moon

Carrey never wanted a role worse than he did this one and it paid off too. This movie pulls us into the insane world of the late comedian Andy Kauffman, whom Carrey's perfect portrayal of, really set the tone. Right down to the facial features, this comedian played ANOTHER comedian unbelievably well! Andy would be proud.

2) The Grinch

I saw this movie when it came out in 2000 in the theater, bought it the next year and have watched it every Xmas since then. I thought about stopping the "tradition" a few years back but Megan and Charity won't let me and I'm glad. This flick still gets me laughing every time!

1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Words cannot describe how good this movie truly is. Carrey with Winslet is the perfect match and it's got to be his best performance ever. An incredible movie that Carrey should be thanking his agent for, till the day he dies. This is THE movie to see with the one you love.

Well? Questions? Comments? Anyone want to get up and dance?

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Best Val Kilmer movies

Yep, I'm a Val Kilmer fan too. Shoot me.

 5) Thunderheart

One of his earlier movies about an FBI agent investigating a tribe, this movie came with a bunch of humor and an interesting plot to move it along. I remember renting this at Blockbuster hoping it wouldn't suck (the plot REALLY sounded dull) but it ended up being one of my favorite Val movies ever!

4) Felon

One of his later films (yes I still watch every one!) was actually one of his greatest. Kilmer plays an inmate and is almost unrecognizable in the film (thanks to his size) Again, I ended up loving this film more than I thought I would and talking about it again has me hankering for a 2nd viewing!

3) Heat

Now we're getting to the Top Tier movies. Heat was probably in my Top 5 greatest movies of all time when it came out. (it has since fallen) but I love this film. Kilmer is at his coolest in it and the ending is just heart breaking. Another movie I need to add to my "re-watch" list for this year.

2) Willow

Easily Kilmer's most famous role (next to Top Gun) Face it folks, Val MADE this movie! He had a charisma equal to Jack Sparrow. This movie's in my collection and was re-watched last year. Besides weak special effects (which you can't really fault it for) this movie is excellent and worthy to stand in my collection!

1) Tombstone

Surprised I didn't put Top Gun? I like the movie but Val really was so-so in it. However, as Doc Holiday he out-shown every actor in Hollywood in this role. I'm not the biggest fan of westerns but this is a film I LOVE! Sad to say but I don't think he'll get any better than this. But that doesn't mean I'll stop watching them...