Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do you remember? (6)

Let's talk about a few old stores today:
 Waldon Books

I loved Weldon Books. I shopped there every time I went to the mall. If they'd have stayed open I never would have bought books from anywhere else. They were great. I have SO many good memories at this store it broke my heart when they closed it in Monroe and hurt a little in 2011 when I heard they'd all closed.

I'd buy the franchise if I were rich.
 Burger King

Remember the old style Burger King? The "whopper" sign is almost as big as their title! It looks dated now, but if you grew up on the day, a memory of this store just popped back up in your head.


Remember the classic high blue roofs these things had? Though very dated it also made it unique.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Remember when they had a bucket on top of their sign? I loved that bucket! Don't know why the opted out of it. It was so unique. Oh well.

Any other stores you remember back in the day that look different or are no more now?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Do you remember? (5)

 Inflatable Furniture

I remember seeing this back in college and thinking "that is the future"

I was all about getting some too. I HATED moving furniture. In fact, my first time shopping for some, was just going around the showroom, picking up couches to find which was the lightest and choosing it. (no joke)

The first time I saw some in real life I was bummed out. It was all so small! It looked more like something for a kids room and not in college. So I abandoned my dreams of super light furniture and have been suffering during moves ever since.

Mood Rings

Remember these?! I know they still sell them but back in the day I think everyone I knew had a ring of necklace on them. (mine was a necklace) You loved it too, but didn't know why the colors said you were "sad" or "angry" when you weren't. You actually questioned yourself saying "Why am I so mad?" Not realizing the stupid piece of junk was just that... junk.

I admit though... if I ever see a cool looking necklace like the one I had back in the day....SOLD!!

Have a great weekend folks!

Monday, July 28, 2014

3D Windows Screensavers - Flowerbox

And I'll end with a classic.
See you tomorrow folks!

Old Windows Baseball Screensaver

Being a baseball fan, this is one of my favorites.

3d Windows ScreenSavers - Pipe Growth

Can't believe I forgot about this one.

Windows 3D Maze Screensaver

Today I'd like to take you back to the good old 90's with some screensavers you may remember from beck in the day.

Amazing to think about how many hours I wasted watching these screens too!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

24 review

It's been a few weeks so I'd like to talk about the ending of 24 this season.

Um, spoilers?

I thought the season went well. Jack was as god as he ever was, the rest f the cast was good and the overall story arc was great.

I didn't like the "flash forward 12 hours" to make it equal "24" but when you're only cleared for a half season I guess you have to make do with what you got!

Though it ended on another "cliffhanger" I hope they don't wait 4 years before doing another season. It was hard to remember why the Russians were made at him in the first place.

The numbers were good, but the 24 team said they'd take a while before coming back for another season or movie. According to the reports they're just "waiting on the right script to come along" so here's to hoping it comes in time for next summer!

Overall, I thought it was great. I love me some Jack Bauer so I'm biased I'll admit, but if they bring it back next year, I'm in!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

August Movie Preivew

My, my, my, is it almost August already?! Let's get on with the upcoming movies for next month!

 Guardians of the Galaxy

More intrigue as to how they'll make this work, than interest in the overall plot will be bringing me to this movie. Marvel/Disney have a lot banking on this one. Either it's a huge success and propels Marvel into an overall powerhouse at the box office, or it fizzles out after the 1st weekend and spells the beginning of the end for comic book movies.

I'll be watching and waiting either way.

 Sin City: A Dame to Kill for

I loved the first one... however that easy years ago and I was really into Frank Miller back then. Now I'm perfectly content with waiting for this to hit Netflix and kill time watching it there.

 Expendables 3

Megan can't wait for this film and though I'm not as excited as she is, it should be a fun popcorn movie and I'll enjoy it for that.
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Michael Bay + Meagan Fox = Not a chance you'll see me in theaters for this one.

Let's Be Cops

A fun idea for a movie, the trailer looks enjoyable but it also looks like they show all the good scenes in the entire movie. I'll pass on this one, but may check it out once Netflix picks it up.

Anything I missed, let me know

Friday, July 25, 2014

Post #4000

Well, here we are at 4000 posts and climbing! 've had a lot to post about this year and it looks like I may be challenging my record amount from a few years ago.

Just wanted to thank everyone for reading, you're the reason I'm still blogging after all these years!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do you remember? (4)

 Crystal Pepsi

Pepsi without the food coloring. That's all it was... and I LOVED it!!!

Unfortunately, I'm was in the 1% of people who loved it too and it was quickly canceled.

I wish they'd try to bring it back one more time...


It was illegal to sell in certain states because of it's high caffeine count. (not kidding) That's why when we past by a store in Virginia that was selling them, we each bought a few.

I remember they tasted awful, but remember this was before the days of the "energy drink" and companies were trying to figure out how to sell a drink that would keep you awake.

Bray still has one on his shelf back at Mom's house. I wouldn't try it though. Who knows what that formula has mutated into by now.

 Cinnamon Toothpicks

Ok, no really a food but wasn't it weird we had toothpicks that tasted like cinnamon? I remember they carried these at the Chinese restaurant in town. I think the idea was to pick our teeth and freshen out breathe at the same time.

Who knows, right?


Oh my dear beloved drink. I don't know how it started but back in college EVERYONE thought I loved this drink. It wasn't bad but folks kept buying me them by the cases and it was something I became "known for" for some reason.

Like Josta, the was the energy drink BEFORE energy drinks. They discontinued it when real energy drinks started flooding the market because, what's the point anymore?

Though I do see a lot of fans of this drink online maybe they ought to think about resurrecting it sometime and see how it would fair on the market.

Hey, I'd try a 2 liter at least!