Sunday, September 25, 2016

Football who?

I just noticed something.

So last year, the Mets were dominating baseball and I wasn't watching much football. I mean, sure I'd catch the games every Saturday but if the Mets were playing that day FORGET about Football!!!

And since the Mets went all the way to the World Series this year, by the time it was over, I had trouble getting back in to football. The depression of the Mets losing combined with Auburn's so-so performance didn't command much of my attention in the final season.

And now here we are in 2016 and I have yet to see a football game. My focus is entirely on the Mets. At home, MLB network is the only thing on. It's all I can think about. Sure the Mets are good which helps but I have to I getting out of football?

I love the sport. It's always been a solid #2 for me. But this year I have no idea what's going on. Who is Auburn playing next week? Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you. And even scarier....I don't feel it's that important.

Anyway, just something that got me thinking this week is all and wanted to share.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Final Stretch

Thought I'd do a special Saturday post. The Mets are still in the Wild Card race and are doing a good job. As long as they hang on for the month, we should be in the playoffs again!

I can't believe I may have another post-season to look forward too!!! I can't imagine we'll get as far as we did last year but who cares!? More baseball for my Mets is ALWAYS a good thing!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bill and Ted Review

Catching up on a few 80's movies I've never seen, I just saw the Bill and Ted movies a few weeks ago and wanted to give me thoughts on the both of them.

First off, I wish I had seen this movie back in the day because I wonder if I'd have like it. I get why it was so popular but the Excellent Adventure didn't seem to have that much. It had it's fun parts here and there "Bill, strange things are seriously afoot at the Circle K" but overall was kind of a bore.

Bogus Journey was a step up and made the whole experience seem worth it. It seemed a more solid movie though I'd heard from friends it wasn't as good as the first.

I know these actors are fighting hard to get a 3rd movie filmed soon and I have to say I'm interested to see what story they have. I think it could be the best one yet if it gets made. Until now, I'm happy I saw them but they're a far cry from making it into my collection.

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

SNL Dream Cast

Ok, so if I could bring back 10 people to return to SNL, no matter what time period, here's who I'd pick:

 David Spade

The master of comedy, there's no doubt to anyone he rocked things back in the 90's for SNL. I'd bring him back in his prime and have him doing the Hollywood minute in no time!
 Adam Sadler

Though he's lost his step in the past decade I'd bring him back from the days he was truly funny. His music would bring more laughter than ever before and I don't mean by singing the Hannakuh Song Part 4
 Andy Samberg

I wasn't watching much SNL back in his day but I sure watched his skits on YouTube the next morning. Seems Andy would be an excellent fit within my "Dream Cast" and I'd say he's earned it with the above pictured skit alone.
 Eddie Murphy

Another comedian that no one laughs at anymore but back in the early 80's late 70's there was no one better. He made the SNL year bearable with his hilarious skits. I only wish he still had the same energy today.
 Dana Carvy

From a recent appearance it seems this guy still has it so I may just take him as is. But his younger years were good enough to make him an easy decision putting him on the team. 
 Chris Farley

Who wouldn't have this guy on their list? Seriously, I think he would be a unanimous shoe-in to anyone making a Dream List for the show. He had constant characters that were all on par with one another. I true genius of comedy.
 Jim Bruer

I may be the only person to put him on a list like this but I thought he was the funniest thing on the show back in the day. I loved his Goat boy and Stoner Man routines. The fact that he's a Mets fan gives him special consideration too of course. 
 Mike Myers

Life imitated art when this guy lost his mojo of humor these days but in the 90's he was on fire! And I'd take him back from that era in a heartbeat and have him making us laugh all over again!
 Norm McDonald

A "must" on my list. I was probably his biggest fan while he was on the show. Every time I saw his weekend update, I loved it. The man was just so funny to me. I wish he'd done more while on SNL. O my Dream Team however, he'd have top billing!
Will Ferrell

Last but not least is this guy. Funny and just about everything he did. But I loved the fact that the man hardly cracked in ANY of his skits EVER. If that's not the traits of a professional, I don't know what is!

That's my SNL Dream Team, what's yours?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Best Comedians

I love a good laugh. So here's a list of some of the funniest comedians to me:

5) Sinbad

I'm as shocked as you people are with this pick. But when I thought about it, every stand up I've seen from this guy has been a hoot so I had no choice but to put him on the list! There's something about his energy and humor that I just love and that's why he makes the list.

4) Jeff Foxworthy

For the umpteenth time I saw another one of his newer stand ups and I can't believe he hasn't lost his touch. This is a guy has re-invented his humor over and over again and each time it's just as good as the first. Every time I watch a new stand up from him I wonder is it'll be as good as the last...and I'm never disappointed.

3) Dennis Leary

Though he doesn't do much stand up these days he sure had magic back in his day. I still pop in both of his comedy DVD's every once and a while and find it has the most quotable lines than any other stand up I know. For that reason Dennis will always be one of the best!

2) Jeff Dunham

Megan's absolute favorite and my close second, this ventriloquist has rocked the comic world with his witty humor and puppetry. We own all his DVD's and he's the #1 comedy show we both want to see some day. Funny, funny, guy!

1) Mitch Hedberg

But no one beats the king of comedy himself. Cut his own life short right before he hit bigger fame, I'm happy to say I was at his last live performance (not counting his appearance on the Late Show) before he died. He was an incredibly funny guy who had incredible talent but didn't see it in himself I guess.

That's my Top 5, what's yours?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Charity's Big Swing Ride (4)

That's all for today folks!

Charity's Big Swing Ride (3)

It's funny because neither Bray of Adam wanted to go on it at first but ended up doing it with everyone else in the end.

Charity's Big Swing Ride (2)

Charity's Big Swing Ride (1)

Now it's Charity's turn to go. Listen to her in the begining of this video and you KNOW it's going to be good!

More vids coming later today!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Megan's Big Swing Ride (3)

The aftermath

Megan's Big Swing Ride (2)


Megan's Big Swing Ride (1)

Time for a ride!

 Well, here's the whole gang getting ready to die go on the Big Swing!
Come back later today to see how it went...