Thursday, May 05, 2016

Top 5 Events I'd love to attend!

So what non-sport events would I love to attend? Well today I'm going to list them out for you!

 5. Emerald City Comic Con

One of 2 comic cons on my list, this one's always had my attention in the past and according to my brother, it's not a bad one to attend either. And since I already have family out there, it might not be such a bad idea to give it a try one day.

4. Origins Game Fair

From Columbus, OH comes the pre-party to GenCon, Origins. I've heard it's like GenCon yet on a smaller scale and that right there attracts me to it. Not many big releases as GenCon, you at least get to preview all that will be coming out at that time. So it still makes the trip worth while if I go.

3. Superstars Writing Seminars

Kevin J Anderson's own creation, brings writers from all over to give you a solid week of tips and discussions on becoming a superstar yourself. I hear there's tons of interaction and focus groups and that's a big draw to me! Working next to KJA would be amazing! Plus it's in Colorado too, which is an added bonus!

2. Essen Game Fair

Germany beckons with this amazing display of board game vendors. I've only heard tales of how huge this place is. And when it closes for the day, you still have the town to roam through. The perfect trip!

1. Lexington Comic and Toy Con

But my #1 has to be a place where I almost visited but work took me away the weekend it happened, so I had to fly to AZ instead. But if Chase hasn't had sent me, I would have gone this year. The "Toy" part is the big attraction for me. I want to see what all the vendors would have at this thing. The same reason is what's attracting me to another con I'm thinking about attending. But that's for another day.

Alright folks, that's all for today. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Top 5 places I'd like to visit around the world

Yesterday I spoke about places I'd like to visit in the USA, today I'm taking the conversation global!

5. London

Who wouldn't want to go here?! The place looks amazing and the history there would been incredible to see. I've been reading Sherlock Holmes lately as well would could attribute to this place being on my lists.

4. Germany

My mom's side of the family has German roots and I already have a friend or two living there so why not make the trip right? I hear great stories from past friends who've visited and they say it's awesome. The closet I've been to this place so far was the pavilion in Epcot, which I'm sure doesn't represent fully the beauty that you see here.

3. Israel

Probably a little too dangerous these days but seeing all the biblical sites from this ancient country would be a thrill! I doubt I'll ever get a chance to go but if things ever calm down over there, you might could count me in for a trip!

2. Australia

I have a buddy I talk to quite often who lives there and I'm fascinated with all the stories he tells me about the place. (which doesn't always paint a pretty picture but doesn't deter me all the less) I think this place would be spectacular to visit. But not just Sydney, the entire continent!

1. Wales/Scotland

Don't know if it's a cheat mentioning both but I would love to visit this place one day. It's where our Wilkins heritage lies and I'd love to see the country there. Ever since I saw a special on the Travel Channel I've always wanted to visit. The landscapes speak for themselves. It all looks so breathtaking!

Realistically however, I probably won't go to any of these places anytime soon but you never know. Maybe someday my dream will come true!

Dang... that last part sounded like a Disney princess. Sorry about that!

Hey! What's your most desired places to visit around the world? Do tell!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Top 5 places I'd like to visit in the USA

So what places would I like to visit in the good ole US of A? Let's take a look!

5. Seattle

I've been there before but that was decades ago! (seriously, it's been over 20 years.... amazing!) But I have a dead beat brother over there, who I would love to see and if memory serves me well, I think it was a fun city to visit in the first place, so yeah. There's that.

4. New York

Duh! I already mentioned wanting to see the Mets in last week's post, but I think visiting the Big Apple would be fun even in the off season. There's a million places and people to see. Like my friend Joe and my brother Bray. Megan's already been and I know she'd want to go back so maybe when the time is right, we just may make that happen.

3. Orlando

The home of Mickey is always a fun place to visit, but for once I think I'd like to see the town and the sites outside of theme parks that this place has to offer.. I've always offered Megan the "non-Disney" trip idea but she's never been keen on visiting Orlando without a trip to Disney World so I guess that's out of the question. Among things I'd like to do there would be an Arabian Nights dinner show and visiting Cool Stuff Inc. The biggest board gaming store in the world! (NERD ALERT!)

2. Alaska

My buddy Rick moved there this past year and loves it. He's even been making videos on YouTube about life up there and they've been amazing to watch. He's given me a an open invitation to visit whenever I want and be be honest...I really want to see it. Maybe in the summer though... looking at his videos, those winters look awfully harsh!

1. California

Yes. Disneyland too but that's not the only reason. A few years ago a friend from work went on a 2 week vacation and got to see it all. Ever since then, the prospect of making my own trip out there has been very appealing. From the vineyards to the redwoods and even out to Los Angles and the beaches. I think I'd love to explore this state more. Maybe one day I will.

Ok folks, that's my top spots I'd love to visit in the US. What about you?

Monday, May 02, 2016

Top 5 Favorite States

Happy May day folks! Let's kick this month off by listing my favorite states in the USA!

5. Florida

It makes a lot of folks lists I bet. But Florida barely made mine. I do enjoy a lot of the places I've visited and that's what kept it above the others on this list. Of course the beaches are great but Florida offers a lot of other fun things as well. Plus, I love sunshine and where else better to find that than in the Sunshine state right?

4. Tennessee

This would be Megan's #1, but for me it's #4. Though I love it for the same reasons she does. Beautiful scenery and an amazing culture. It's always fun to visit and I now know so many folks up there that it'd almost have that feel of home....almost.

3. Louisiana 

Yet as they say "There's no place like home." and that couldn't be more true for me! Yep, I love the state I live in. Not enough for it to get my #1 spot but I'm still pleased as punch to be here. The fact that my family and friends reside here is a plus of course, but I also enjoy the canjun culture as well. I'm very happy here in the Bayou State.

2. Alabama

I didn't grow up here but both my parents did and so it feels like a 2nd home. From top to bottom this is a beautiful state. My grandmother passed away a few years back so the only place I visit is down south in Mobile now but I hope many years from now when my other grandmother passes, that I'll still come back to visit this state still. Plus, I'll still have some family there in the form of Aunts and Uncles, so I'll always have my ties!

1. Mississippi

Not even close. My birth state, the state grew up in, will always be home in my heart. I love everything about this state. The people, the places, they all feel like home. I'm always happy driving thru it. It's like that comfortable pair of jeans you love so much. I still visit my home town every chance I get, though I don't know many people who still live there today.

Those are my favorite states, what's yours?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

May movie Preview

Dang! The month snuck up on me again! Ok, here goes!

Captain America: Civil War Avengers 2.5

Once again, they don't trust Captain America to hold a movie on his own so they brought in the Avengers to get people to come to the theaters to see it. Notice how Marvel keeps calling it "Civil War" hoping we'd forget this is a Cap movie. Sucks, but the Mrs. loves her Capn' A so I'll be seeing this one for sure.

Angry Birds

Never cared that much for the game but the movie actually looks fun. That being said, I won't be seeing it in theaters though. Maybe at Redbox, but only if it's a slim pickings.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Emo Kid Movie 2

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice....

X-Men: Apocalypse

On one hand, this movie looks great. Interesting villain and an interesting story. On the other hand... I HATE the new X-men actors. All of them. They bore me to no end. So will I watch it? The jury's still out on this one. If Megan wants to see it, I guess I'll go....on the other hand, I'm more than happy to want till DVD on this one.

Did I miss any movies for May? Let me know!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Other Events I'd like to see

I spoke about baseball games, now let's talk about all the other sporting events out there that I'd like to go see!

5. Aussie Football

As a friend of mine from Melbourne describes it, it's a little  rugby, a little soccer, a little American football and.... the dribble the ball every so many steps. This wild assortment of rules is the most popular sport in their nation and I'd love to see what all the hype is about!

4. Olympics

When I was a kid back in the 90's, I used to imagine what it would be like to witness the Olympic games. So many people from so many countries, all in one place at the same time? Count me in! Don't really care which event it is, I'd love to see one someday!

3. Wrestlemania

Who doesn't want to attend the biggest event in sports entertainment?! A few years back some friends of mine went and had a great time. Ever since, I've always imagined what it would be like to go to one myself! I don't watch the sport anymore but that doesn't stop me from wanting to see it.

2. Red Wings game

Ooooh boy! I'd love to see a game one day! Red Wings fans are some of the most passionate in the sport! I have friends up there who tell me there's nothing like it too and I believe them.

1. Iron Bowl

This one was easy. The ultimate rivalry game in sports history. Ranked #2 under the Yankees/Red Sox it's an event of epic proportions and I'd love to be a part of it some day! Problem is, it cost $1000 for the cheapest tickets. So unless I win a contest for them, looks like I want be going anytime soon.

There's my 5 sporting events. What's yours?