Friday, September 04, 2015

Columbus Ohio Trip (6)

 While driving around I came across a German restaurant name Schmits.
 Amazing German food! I loved it!
 And their cream puffs were gigantic!
 They were all dressed in German outfits.
 And sold sausage from the front of the store like a deli.
 Outside the roads were made of brick.
 It was an incredible place to visit!
 Look at those sidewalks!
 This was a gift shop.
And here was the front of the store.

Fun stuff!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Columbus Ohio Trip (5)

 I ate at the Cheescake factory for the firs time as well when I was there.
 In this courtyard they held weekly concerts and family movie nights. It was wild how down to earth things felt.
 The B&N was huge!
 They also had a miniature train track set up.
 Pretty cool, I have to admit.
 Visited a comic shop over the weekend.
 And another board game store!!!
 The houses were old but beautiful looking!
 Took a few pics while driving around.
I'll come back tomorrow with more!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Columbus Ohio Trip (4)

 More pics from Ohio!
 This was a restaurant I ate at later on in the week. What a strange sign. I had no idea how it tied to their product.
 This was my view every afternoon after work. I'd come out here and watch the water fountain. It was nice.
 Megan told me I could feel free to get her anything from this store.
 The fountain area was my favorite spot to hang out.
 Though I walked around constantly to get some exercise in every day.
 The outside of the theater.
 I made the mistake of sending Megan these pictures while I was there.
 Now she wants us to move.
But Ohio wasn't THAT nice!

See you tomorrow folks!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Columbus Ohio Trip (3)

 I went to an place that sells old toys, while I was there.
 Picked up a few Pound Puppies for Megan.
 They had some amazing stuff there.
 The original Slave 1 toy.
They had vehicles hanging all over the store. It looked great!

 I went to a board game cafe afterwards. Had a GREAT time! Over 400 games in stock!
 Plus cool sodas to boot. You can't beat that!
 Also had a place called the "16 Bit Bar" that has wrestler drink specials, plays old Star Trek episodes on giant TV screens and is surrounded with old school arcade games that are free to play! (I got the 2nd highest score on Burgertime there)
 Afterwards I stopped and grabbed a T-Dog from Filthy Franks. It was tasty!
And the next morning started off my day with something called "Cloud 9 Pancakes" they were great. And though it doesn't look that big on the plate I couldn't finish the whole thing. Very filling!

More tomorrow!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Columbus Ohio Trip (2)

 Today I thought I'd show you more pics from my Chase trip to Columbus!
 I was there for 2 1/2 weeks.
 Not much to do but walk around.
 And sit.
 Like I said, the weather was nice, but I can only imagine the nightmare it must be come winter!
 Candy store.
 Here's a Burger I ate at the FlipSide. Supposedly this burger was featured on Food Network, but I don't know where. It was ok.
 This one I can't remember where I got but it was gOooOOood! Look at that cheese! Beautiful!
The area was nice but I'll show you other places I went to tomorrow. Chow!