Friday, June 24, 2016

Toys That Time Forgot (5)

 Super Power vehicles.
 Justice League vehicle. We had this as a kid.
 As well as Lex Luthor's vehicle too.
Also had the Batmobile. Loved it as a kid. The coolest version of it too in my opinion!
So that's it folks! If you're ever in the area, I would recommend you take the time to check it out. The prices are a little much but I heard the owner say to a serious buyer, that if he was going to spend money he would give him a deal. And from the sound of it, he did.

The owner sounds super nice, though I didn't get the time to talk to him myself he seemed really good with the customers. Online, some of the reviews talk about how the employees follow you around the store but I never experienced that. Everyone was super nice and I just felt bad that they didn't have a good enough board game section as I'd hoped.

Still, I'm glad I got a chance to visit it.

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Toys That Time Forgot (4)

 More than meets the eye at this store!
 Again, their collection of Star Wars toys is beyond belief!
 And action figure, playset of vehicle you can think of, they had.
 THE most desired playset from my childhood that I never received. We built our own as kids but that still didn't stop me from dreaming about it. Fun fact, Kenner would go back and use the same exact mold for it's Robin Hood Prince of Thieves toy line as Robin Hood's Merrymen hideout!
 Original Han Solo blaster.
 Smurfs figures! Funny thing is, they still sell these at toy stores but the older ones are collectables.
 Original stormtrooper blaster.
Huge G.I Joe playset.

K, last round of pics from this place coming tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Toys That Time Forgot (3)

 As for their collection of Star Wars toys, most impressive. Look at this Death Star playset! I would have spent hours with this as a kid!
 Millennium the box. Beyond "Wow"
 Packs and sets of the movie cards. (way over-priced)
 Droid factory playset.
 And tons of figures.
 Even an original carrying case for the action figures. I remember wanted one as a kid. My neighbor had the Darth Vader one, which was nice.
 Again, Wow. Tons of Star Wars originals in the box.
And hanging all around the store in their original packaging!

Such an amazing store and I STILL have more pictures to share! C-ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Toys That Time Forgot (2)

 Time to return back to the shop in Canal Fulton, OH that has it all! ( like most of the Thundercats toys I had as a kid)
 Or the Super Powers toys that I loved! If I were super rich, I'd buy the complete set (loose) so that I could play with them with my future kids!
 A batmobile race track?! As a 12 year old boy, I would have taken this entire store home with me.
 Old Amigo toys, in the package. Impressive!
 Super Power and Secret Wars toys in the package as well. Felt like 1988 all over again!
 One nice lunch box!
 Even had great comics available as well!
And hundreds of lunch boxes all around the top shelf of a store.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Toys That Time Forgot (1)

A few weeks ago on my trip to Columbus, OH I was able to visit a vintage toy store that had over 4,500 square feet of toys! It was an amazing sight and today I wanted to share some of those pics with you!

 First thing when you walk into the door you're blown away by all the vintage toys they have.
 Megan would DIE for one of those jeeps. But at $80 a pop, they were way too expensive for my taste!
 Voltron. I used to have that exact figure as a kid!
 I didn't have the Castle of Lions as a kid but I wish I did!!
 Even the villains for the toy line had vehicles. Though we never got them as kids.
 Good ole Ghostbuster toys. I used to play with them at a friends house but never had them myself as a kid. Always liked them though.
 He-Man toys. Someone bought me that same Spider Vehicle for my birthday once. Even though I didn't have He-Man growing up, I still loved playing with it. Until the day we tried scaring my little neighbor with it once and she got a baseball bat and destroyed it.....dang it.
I used to have this game and play it all the time as a kid. It was a little wind-up game. Looks stupid now but back then, it was one of the best toys to take on the road!

I'll show more pics off tomorrow!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Antique Finds Columbus OH

So on a trip to Columbus OH last week, I had time to stop by an antique store and look around. Here's a few things I saw:

 Super Powers. Some of my favorite toys as a kid!
 Megan would've liked this.
 I used to have these toy boats as bathtub toys as a kid!
 Who says "I need an ancient replica helmet" these days?
 This would look great in my enemies front yard.
 I loved me some Super Friends cartoon back in the day!
 If I could have one cardboard cutout....
 An old alarm clock from the 60's.
 What I wish was my new alarm clock now!
 Muppet chess!
My grandmother had this game when we were kids! I used to play it all the time! Unfortunately, the box didn't come with the dice or tokens so I didn't get it. But now I'll have to keep my eyes out for it!

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The death of toys for kids

Something I touched on last week, I'd like to take the time today to elaborate on. The death of toys for kids.

When I was a kid, all I did was play with toys. Our mom threw them away when we moved so right before my 13th birthday, I had to grow up fast. However, I wonder how long I would have played with toys after that. I remember at 13 and 14 BEGGING for Ninja Turtles toys. But due to them having "mutant" in the title, we were never allowed to play with them.

I can't say for sure when I got out of toys completely. I remember playing with cereal box toys at 13 and 14 as well. By 16, I know for sure I was down with them, but I wasn't embarrassed to show folks I still kept some on my shelves all thru high school.

My point is, it wasn't embarrassing to play with toys back when I was a kid. However, in today's world, I see children playing less with toys and more with video and mobile games instead.

Sure I sound like the old codger who only talks about "back in the day" but I really think that should be a huge concern for our youth!

Toys brought out the creative side in us. It forced us to use our imaginations, be more creative. Dang! I can't tell you how many dirt mounds were mountains, ditches were caves and bushes were secret lairs to a villains evil base!

We were SO creative back then and I credit that to the toys.

But these are different times we live in. Cartoons don't just come on from 3pm-4pm on weekdays and 6am-10am Saturdays. They're on 24/7 And the whole "video games will rot your brain" mentality has been thrown out the window by us Gen X'ers who love video games just as much as our kids!

But look at the kid in that picture. Look at him. He's really happy. That was me. I was just like that kid. My action figures went out every roadtrip. I loved getting toys for Xmas. Most of my fondest memories over the holidays was getting toys!

I'd like to say when I have kids I'll be different but who knows. Maybe it's just the world we live in today. One things for sure though. If my kid decides he wants an action figure playset instead of the newest video game, I'd be hard pressed not to spoil him.

Just a random ramble for the day. Have a good one folks!