Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hard to find TV Shows

In a day and age where you can get most things streaming on TV it sure is hard to come by the following:


TV spin off of the Dukes of Hazzard. My wife loves this TV Show but we can never find this one on DVD. Even at conventions where you usually can find this sort of thing. With the Dukes popularity you'd think they'd be readily available but no such luck so far. 
 Hong Kong Phooey

Last year I could have bought the entire series for $12 now they cost $40 to $50 because it's out of print. Hopefully, Hanna-Barbara will see the atrocious prices online and put out a reprint soon.
The Tick

Seasons 1 and 2 are both missing episodes due to a "copyright" issue with the writer, while Season 3 has never seen the light of day on DVD. I have burned copies of the series but that's about it. Too bad since this cartoon is Uh-Mazing!

Monday, May 22, 2017

What ever happened to journal writing?

I've been keeping a journal for years now. Started my last year in highschool and went on a off for a few years until my mid to late 20's and have been writing strong ever since.

I'm not sure why I do it. People have blogs (like this) or Facebook (like everyone else in the world) where they post things on their day to day life. Sure you can make journal entries more personal than something online but the other day I got a new journal to start writing in and wondered "Do people even do this anymore?"

Gave me something to ponder on that day and now I'm passing it on to you!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

BGG Con wish list (part 4)

Like a little kid who's waiting for Xmas, I can't stop thinking about my upcoming birthday trip to BGG Con! Here's another updated list of games I want to play!

One's already on the list:

Wacky Wit
Las Vegas
My Village
Porta Nigra
Vikings Gone Wild
Dream Factory

Games removed from the list:

Star Trek Ascendancy: After watching more reviews the game sadly looks like garbage.
Viticulture- Bought it
Star Trek Fleet Captains: Found out it was for 2 players so it's out.
Food Chain Magnate: Bought it
The Boardgame Geek Game: After watching more reviews, it looks like it sucks so I'll pass.
Biblios: Shockingly this game is not in the BGG library!
Conquest of Nerath: Not in the library
Korrigans: Not in the library. Not surprised either.
Pay Dirt: Bought it

Adding to the list:

 Stone Age

A game about living as cavemen....sign me up!


Be a knight, build your castle, collect the favor of nobles and fight for the king! Who wouldn't want to do that?!
 The King's Abbey

Be a monk. Build your church, fend off vikings and fight off "the evil". Not as exciting as Lancaster but I look forward to playing it just as much!


Put on a play, work on costumes, sets and all three acts. Dang! This one looks good! Don't know why I'm just hearing about it now!


The most recent "hotness" in boardgames right now. I'm so-so on it but will give it a try.

I'd like to say "that's it" but I still have a few more days to go before my trip so don't be surprised if a 5th one of these pop up.

Coal Baron

I'll be working in a coal mine going down, down, down.... seriously. The game has a player board with an elevator track that goes up and down the board delivering coal. I gotta check this out!


A game about painting a mural on a church ceiling. Oooooooooh yes!

I really can't wait for this trip...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Best Thomas Jane Movies

I won't lie. I love me some Thomas Jane movies! So today I thought I'd ramble off some of my favorites!


Though they tried making this one to be a "cult classic" film like "Usual Suspects" this movie did a good job at keeping you interested in the main character through out the film. I highly recommend watching the prequel to Friday if you get a chance.

*This is not a prequel to Friday but if it were, that'd be hilarious.

 The Punisher

Main stream comic fans have all but forgotten this classic movie because it was before the age of Iron Man, but Thomas Jane's portrayal as the bringing of death was pretty spot on. A shame he wasn't given the chance to reprise his role when the new MCU took over.

*If you want to see more of Thomas Jane's Punisher check out the short film he made called "Dirty Laundry" on YouTube. It was an early bid to reprise his role that Marvel Studios didn't take the bait on but should've!
 The Mist

Such a brilliant movie from Stephen King's story and probably one of the best adapted into a film. It's a beautiful thought provoking film that is good (and sad) to the very end. I need to own a copy of this I think. It's that good!

*Fans of the Walking Dead will see a lot of familiar faces in this movie as well!


Probably his best film was portraying Mickey Mantle for the Yankees. He does a spot on impression of him at the bat because Jane is Canadian and never learned to play baseball until this movie was made! Hence when he learned how to swing at a pitch, he did it the exact same way Mantle did in real life! Great performance, great movie!

*The asterisk in the title is there on purpose, since historically MLB did not want to give Mantle the Homerun title outright from it's current holder Babe Ruth. Fantastic story if you ever wish to read about it!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Best board gamers

I wasn't going to make this list but after a little thought I said "Why not?"

1) Playing for the fun of it

It's so refreshing to see folks just enjoying the game no matter what. Win or lose they always have a smile. I love those types of gamers. I've even sabotaged my own game at times to give them a win if it's within reasonable grasp. Great attitudes around the table make gaming even more fun!

2) The Gamer who plans moves ahead

I love it when I gamer KNOWS what they're doing in the game and waste no time in taking their turn. I'm just like that as well so I have respect for others who aren't indecisive at all during the game. There's not many out there but the ones who have this trait are always welcome at my table!

3) Know the rules

I realize now this list is just the exact opposite from yesterday but let me explain. It's so good to know that if I step away from the table for a drink, snack, phone call or bathroom break, that someone will be there who is capable of answering any questions the group may have about the game. This especially rings true whenever we play out our annual Zombiegeddon games and I have to appoint leaders for the ones playing in seperate groups other than mine. (we break everyone up into groups at the start of the game to help it move along quicker)

These are the gamers I hope to see more of at my table in the future!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Worst board gamer traits

Getting more and more excited as I get ready to attend BGG Spring Con this year, so today I thought I'd do another list of three traits I hate seeing in a fellow gamer.

1) Cheating

This one will get you kicked out of the group. Thankfully, we have people who don't do it but I've been places where there was an obvious cheater at the table who whenever they were got played it off as an innocent mistake.

Gaming at my house is for fun. Sure we all wish to win at it, but at the end of the night, I'm just happy we played and had fun. Cheaters ruin everything! I've even seen others cheating when instructing newbies on a game! This has happened twice to me and it boggles my mind on why you would cheat to win against someone who's never played the game before?! Wild.

2) Analysis Paralysis

I actually have 1 or 2 in my group that I dread inviting because they're guaranteed to take longer on their turn than all other players combined. In fact, I proved that exact point when I allowed the next person to do their turn while the other contemplated his options. The game looped back to him right after he'd made his last move from the round before.

Now I understand anyone who's new at a game may take some time getting used to the game play the first time around but it's always the same with these folks. I still love'em so it's not enough to keep them off the invite list, just an added bonus when I see them failing at the faster-paced games that give them less time to think.

3) The Unlearned

Whenever I bring up a new game I make sure to review the base rules with everyone first and suggestive strategies for the game after informing them of the end goal, cards, etc involved in the game that could help them out. And I always have one guy who never pays attention when I do it.

He talks, gets up to grab something to drink, talks or plays on his phone. Then when game time happens he's constantly complaining that he doesn't understand what he needs to do. While it's clear everyone else (who followed along in the tutorial) is.

He interrupts the game with questions that were covered in the beginning and blames others for not explaining the rules as reason for his loss. He's getting closer to being uninvited from board game night because he's a drag on game night and I'm tired of him never listening when I explain the rules.

So there you have it! My worst type of gamers!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Worst board game publishers

Yesterday I talked about the best, now it's time for the worst:

 Hurts to admit it, but ever since Todd passed away they've been awful in customer service. The latest expansion was kept so secret that the only place they mentioned it was on their facebook site. But the only way you could get it is thru your local game store....if you had one. They ignored emails and requests for where others could go to pick up the game. Without Mayfair buying them out last year, I think this company would've folded a year ago. How the mighty have fallen.
One of THE WORST. As many times as I've contacted them, they've NEVER responded. I'm asking them where to get certain games...I'm asking them "How do I give you my money?" and I'm getting crickets in response. They don't have a website and every link I can find them providing folks to order their stuff is dead. They virtually do not exist on the internet! I don't see them making it far as a company with such awful representation to the consumers.