Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Top 80 Vintage Board Games 2017: 10-1

Here we are at my Top 10 Vintage game predictions! Let's get things started!

10) Donkey Kong Card Game

Excellent card game! My highest rated one of the list, but I'm not sure how much it can hold on against several potential games from the Top 20. I believe this my be it's only time in my Top 10. 

9) Hotel Tycoon

Another nephew favorite. This game is Monopoly on steroids! Though I have a feeling it's also going to slip out of my Top 10 next year too.

8) Crocodile Dentist

No way this one's budging from the Top 10. Can't see that happening ever. That being said, it may move down one or two spots but it'll do no worse than #10 next year.

7) Boggle

Highest classic ranked game on my list. But the problem is no one will play it with me anymore so it may start to sink a bit in 2018

6) Mr President

With election time being further away I'm afraid this one might lose some steam as well this year. I love it but it's hard to get someone to care about a game about running for president, especially if it's not on anyone's mind at the time. Like playing a X-mas themed game in March, just not the right time.

5) Nerts

Another card game that I LOVE but can never get anyone to play with me. That fact might hurt it on the list a little but not too much. I think it'll still fall within my Top 10.

4) King Oil

Another favorite of my nephews, there's no way this is falling. Oil is going up and so is this game if anyone of my top 3 start to drop. Excellent game!

3) Campaign Trail

Like Mr President this excellent game could also take a tumble too. I really don't see it leaving my Top 10 but I do think it'll slide a little at the end of the year.

2) Thunder Road

Another game that'll be hard to beat. Heck! It could give my #1 a run for it when I make the list at the end of the year, who knows?! It's a flawless game!

1) McDonald's

Can anyone topple the king this year? It's not impossible but it's not going to be easy either. Guess we'll have to see what 2018 brings.

See you next time folks!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top 80 Vintage Board Games 2017: 20-11

20) 221B Baker St

I love me some Sherlock Holmes! We played this a lot last year, I'm hoping for a repeat this year. But if it doesn't happen I'm afraid this may drop a bit.

19) TV Wars

I love this vintage game about running your own TV Station, but I've got to get this game out on a game night this year for it to stay in this spot, I fear that may not be the case and it may cause it to slide down on the new list come the end of the year!

18) Web of Gold

The more I play it the more I love it. If this trend continues I think you'll find this slightly higher on the list for next year. Super good game!

17) Star Trek

Best Trek game out there! Another nephew favorite that I can't see dropping out of the Top 20 anytime soon.

16) Omega Virus

This is a couple of good games away from making it into my Top 10. I absolutely love it. No way this is dropping lower on my list for 2018!

15) Bargain Hunter

Recently played during my video countdown and I noticed something this time around...the game kind of drags a little. Though my gaming group that night didn't seem to mind, I'd never noticed that until my last play through. For that reason I think this one will drop a bit behind other games for next year.

14) It from the Pit

Another great adventure game that is on the outside of my Top 10, looking in. This game could climb up a few more spots but make it short of that goal this year. But it doesn't matter who I bring it out for, everyone loved this game.

13) Fireball Island

Reprint comes out next year, could it be the key to shooting this game back in to the Top 10? Could be! I'm cheering for the Kickstarter (even be donating to it) because this was my grail game as a kid and I love it almost as much today! My nephews still ask for this one all the time!

12) Dark World

One of the most beautiful games I own. That being said, I'm sad to say this one will drop due to my nephews being more interested in playing the more advanced version of this game called Descent. So it may fall due to that.

11) Bas-Ket

Used to be my nephews favorite game but it seems he's moved on and he was the only one who loved playing it with me which doesn't bode well for this game in the next list. I expect it to fall a good bit as well as Dark World at the end of the year.

Top 10 coming up tomorrow!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Butter (Now Open)

Got to visit my little sister's new place that opened up today. She has Mom as an employee! Really cool seeing her go for her own business. There's lots of things I'm going to try there once I'm off my diet.

Really proud of her for going for it!

Butter is open from 7am-11am Mon-Fri in the Vantage building downtown. You can check them out on Facebook too!

Top 80 Vintage Board Games 2017: 30-21

30) Chess

THE classic game has always been a favorite of mine. Trouble is, I never can find anyone to play. And even though my love for the game is still strong, this game could drop because of that.

29) Break the Safe

Great coop game for kids. Megan LOVES it, which is why it gets ranked so high. I think I'll see it hold the exact position for 2018 as well. Fun fun fun!

28) Roller Coaster Tycoon

Such an underrated game!! I love the idea of running your own theme park! If I can continue to get it to the table this one may go up higher on the list for next year!

27) Bumper Cars

Another game I've had for years that never gets old! So easy to teach, set up and play. Another vintage game in my collection that has a good chance of rising through the ranks this year.

26) Star Wars Interactive VCR Game

Here's one that could begin to fall is I don't play it soon. I love this game but it's been a few years since I last played it. Such a great game and I have no excuse no to, now that the entire video was uploaded to YouTube!

25) Liar's Dice

Another classic game that could rise on my list depending on how often it gets played in 2018. Quick, simple bluffing game that anyone can play!

24) Masterpiece

This game lives up to its name! If I can just play it once this year, it'll remain firm at this spot. If I play it more than that? Who knows!?

23) Electronic Mystery Mansion

I really, really like this game (and I'll probably be saying that a lot the higher we get up the list) But it's hard to bring out due to all the time it takes to set up a game. It's definitely one of the most beautiful games in my collection though! It may fall a few spots on the next list but no more than that.

22) Go For Broke

The only place for this game to go is up! My nephews still love playing it and so do I! At the very least I think it'll remain the same on my next one.

21) Dinosaurier

 Played a few times at the end of the year. This is another one I think will move up the list higher in 2018. The models in this game look so good!!

Remember, it you wish to see my full reviews of the game, be sure to check out the Playlist on my YouTube channel!

See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Top 80 Vintage Board Games 2017: 40-31

40) Sub Search

Lovely game, one that avoids the 2 player curse because it's so dang good!! This will slip a little in the ranks but for the most part hold its own.

39) Vampire Hunter

I have high hopes of this one falling only slightly as well. Great Halloween themed game and the only one you have to play in the dark. May even go up if it gets played enough this year!

38) Escape the Mad Mummy

Super fun fast-paced game that I love playing. It will fall a little I predict because of newer games entering the list but I hope it doesn't fall by too much.

37) Wildstorm Card Game

LOVED this game as a kid! Played it all the time. It's been years now and may never happen again since I know of no one else who collects them let alone still plays it. Sadly this means this'll drop in 2018.

36) Rummikub

Such a great game with a lot of memories but I think this one will fall hard because I'm having a hard time getting it to the table.

35) How to Succeed in Business

Believe it or not, this one may jump a few spots because I just had a friend move back into town who loves this show as much as I do and plays board games too!! I foresee a strong ranking in 2018 for this one!

34) LCR

Another quick simple dice game which may climb in the ranking due to how easy it is to set up and play at any time. Great game!

33) Bazaar

I really hope to break this out with my board game group. Strong game with a lot of strategy. If I can make it happen this game will rise in my ranks and if not....well you know.

32) High Bid

Great auction game that gets outshined by me Ebay game so I don't really bring it out anymore. For that reason I'm afraid it's going to fall a bit in 2018.

31) Mr Creepy's Tomb of Doom

Super fun game. I hope to see climb in 2018 because it's another game Megan loves playing and I do too. Still one of the biggest surprises I've ever had when first playing a game.

That's all for now. See you next week folks!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Top 80 Vintage Board Games 2017: 50-41

50) Shark Attack

Fast simple game that may drop a few spots on the list this year but that's only because of any new ones joining.

49) War of the Networks

Great TV game but sadly will drop because The Networks is coming out with an expansion this year. That and TV Wars being in my collection combine as bad news for this game in future rankings.

48) Murder She Wrote

Great game. If I can bring it to the table with the right group and may be able to hang on to it's spot for this year's ranks.

47) Conspiracy

Absolutely lovely game! I just don't know anyone else out there who'd appreciate it as much as I do. For that reason, this one is going to fall on the list for 2018.

46) Q-Bert Card Game

One of the few card games in my collection and I love it! So much fun. I think this one will have no problem standing firm on the list.

45) Tornado Rex

This is a game I still get request for from my nephews so I expect it to either hold tight to its ranking or climb a little due to its popularity.

44) Knockout

Megan and I love the game, which is why it was ranked this high. If it continues to get played, it'll stay firm on the list.

43) Dynomite

Great game but doesn't come out of often as it used to. I predict this one to drop slightly on the list but still be in my Top 50 when it's said and done.

42) Rattler

Another favorite of Megan's. This game will explode on the list if it does well on the next "Girls Boardgame Night"

41) Dungeon Dice

Fun quick Dice game that I'm afraid isn't going to come to the table much so it'll slip a bit as well, through no fault of its own.