Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Marvel, Comics for the next generation

I'm a DC fan.

Know how I got that way? It was when we were kids watching Super Friends on TV. Marvel didn't really have any cartoons back then besides reruns of Spiderman and His Amazing Friends and The Incredible Hulk, which we enjoyed but not as much as Super Friends.

Flash Forward to the 90's and you have tons of Batman fans. (thanks to the movies and EXCELLENT cartoon series) You also have X-men fans (thanks to its cartoon and movie series too)

But what do you have now? Almost totally Marvel. They dominate the theaters as DC struggles and is not kid friendly. They both have TV series going on and Marvel's pumping out more than DC. But where it's really hitting hard is the comics.

Buying Marvel comics has never been cheaper. They sell for PENNIES on the dollar online, while DC continues to charge full price.Whether you're a parent trying to find your kids something to read or a collector on a budget, you're best bet is Marvel and that sucks.

I can't tell you how aggravating it is to see the price difference EVERYWHERE. Not only online but in second hand stores. Marvel trades sell between $2-$7 for the smaller to medium weight titles, while DC's lowest price is $12...and that's for the adventures of Plastic Man. You want a heavy hitter you're at least coughing up a $20. Where a trade of Spiderman is....(you guess it) $7.

At this rate DC will begin losing the battle for the up and coming generation of fans who'll have money to spend. And that's a shame because DC is so much better.

Now excuse me while I go back to reading the ten boxes of Marvel comics I bought for only $50.

BTW- Breaking down the numbers, that's 20 cents per comic.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Show 'N Tell

We have one of these back in the day. It played records while projecting slides through the TV. We used to watch them all the time.

My favorites were the DC superheroes ones. I remember each one and watched them constantly!

I've bounced back and forth on getting one someday for fun. I'd love to watch these again but like everything from my past....there seems to be a high price for these. So maybe one day while I'm shopping Flea Market's, I'll come across one for a decent price.

Monday, June 18, 2018

(More) Boardgames I wish they'd make

So last year I spoke about board games, I'd love to see made from my favorite movies and TV shows. Today I thought I'd give a few more!


I know they already made a game back in the day but it wasn't very good. I'm hoping someone comes along and gets the rights to make an awesome game. I loved the show and KNOW someone can come up with good mechanics for it.

Karate Kid

After watching Cobra Kai I started looking for a retro board game but THEY NEVER MADE ONE?!? I'm shocked! Back in the 80's it was all about making board games from kids movies. Guess someone in the ad department dropped the ball on this one. But now, I'd love to see one come out!


The one franchise that doesn't have ANY merchandise! I still can't believe that. I know a board game would be awesome too if someone like Gale Force Nine picked up the rights. I'm mind boggled why no one has attempted to make this yet?!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Depression and Suicide

It's a fact that some people deal with depression. Just this week we've seen a few more celebrity suicides and its got everyone talking about how to deal with the subject. So far, I haven't heard anyone in the media get it right.

Not to sound like a door to door Mormon here but you need Jesus in your life to make you feel complete.

I hear from people who suffer from depression to say "they just want to be happy, but can't find a reason to" It tells me right there that they're missing the most fundamental thing in their life.

Through God all things are possible. I'm not saying believers never have a bad day or never have things go wrong with their lives, I'm saying that when they do, they can always find comfort that God has a plan for them and it's for the best. (no matter how hard times get)

When I lost my job with Direct TV as they shut down our call center 10 years ago, I was worried. I had my savings, but the depression was starting and jobs were scarce. I had a huge cut in pay, a house payment and bills that weren't going down in cost. If was one of the roughest times in my life. I had no idea what to do.

Funny things is, if it had been just me I was providing for, I probably wouldn't have cared as much, but being married I was worried about providing for us both. We cut cable, lowered out use on electricity and everything else we could think about to cut cost. Every night I went to bed thinking "Am I going to lose my home?"

But I knew God had a plan and that thought was the only thing to keep me going and give me hope. In the end God's plan was revealed in where I eventually got a much better job than before and have a brilliant career ahead of me.

Now if the call center had been running I probably would've stayed there and missed out on a fantastic opportunity I have instead, so it all worked out in the end.

Those who are not believers can't relate. They let the pressure of life hit them with no faith they'll make it out of the abyss of their own lives. I pray for them to find comfort in Him, the one true God who will guide and comfort them through troublesome times. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Is this what he meant by "Great Again"?

 JP Morgan just released an analysis that the economy is on a huge upswing.
 We have the World Cup coming to the US. (something our last President tried hard to do but failed)
And jobless rates are at an all time low.....are we "Great" or just getting better?

The Snowflake Epidemic

From the events from earlier this week I thought I'd address the topic of snowflakes in society today.

The definition (as listed in the Urban Dictionary) of a snowflake is:

A neologistic term used to characterize the young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own.

It's a problem I'm facing on a website I helped start. was a long time dream of mine to create a place where fans could go and discuss and enjoy the Star Wars Expanded Universe without all the silly immaturity that the internet brings. 

Sadly, this site has now been compromised as well with the forced withdrawal of a PICTURE  of conservative speaker Ben Shapiro as shown below. 

Oh yeah...look at that picture...totally offensive. I get it.

This is so stupid.

Needless to say I won't be posting anymore articles to the website and eventually am considering not posting video clips either. I don't want to waste my time dealing with snowflakes.

How ludicrous is it,  that a PICTURE of a man would be offensive? I hate what has happened and regret suggesting the site in the first place.

From now on, all "EU" post will be placed here, where I can control it without caring is a PICUTRE is going to offend anyone or not.


BGG Spring Con "Buy" list

Here's what I played and what I ended up buying once it was all said and done!

 Thought the game was fun but not worth the price they're asking.
 Garbage game. One of my least favorite that we played at the con. I don't know why this gets so much love from folks. Extremely boring game. None of us enjoyed it.
 I can see why folks like this dice drafting game but the problem is, they've made better ones since this came out so I'm passing on it.
 Another horribly boring game. There were only 5 games I didn't enjoy playing at the Con, this was one of them.
 Great game. Bought it online once we left the con. Beautiful looking game.
 Looks nice, has good mechanics but fell flat ultimately, so I'm going to pass on picking it up.
 Great game but the end just happens and it's over with no further moves (or tiles) left to play. Due to the disappointing ending to the game I'm not buying it. Shame though, if the end of the game wasn't so bad I'd have bought it.
 Another big bummer on the list. The game looks great, the game play looks fun but it's broken because it allows players to hoard goods with no penalty. So all you have to do to win is corner the market on all goods and wait for the prices to go up to sell. Hated it was broken. Can't buy this one either.
 Fun game but not worth $60. If it ever drops to $30 I'll consider it.
Good game. Got it for $10. My nephews love it more than me but since I got a deal, I don't mind keeping it in my collection.

 Had to talk myself out of buying this one. Super great game but too similar to others I already have in my collection, so I'm not picking it up.
 Loved it. Bought it. Can't wait for it to come in.
 Same as the last game. It's coming in the same order as Rajas of the Ganges.
 Another good game I ordered. The website looked sketch but they did take paypal and I have received a confirmation email as well as a shipping email so we'll see what happens. I am excited to get the game.
 Another fun game but it's not for sell online or second hand, so I guess I'm not getting it.
 Bought it for $10. Love this game. Well worth every penny!
 Another good one that I picked up for $10. I think this is one I'll enjoy more the more it comes to the table!
 Nice dice chucking game but I'm not picking it up due to the lack of choices you have at the end of your turn.
 Bought for $10. Megan loves elephants and this pick up and deliver game is actually pretty good!
Dice placement game with interesting mechanic but not interesting enough to purchase. Have to pass on this one.
 Simple worker placement game with a fun theme. Bought.
 Children's game. Kind of fun but I found something better we loved playing and got that instead.
 Another big disappointment for me. I thought this game would be more fun, it wasn't. Not adding it to my list.
 Really wonderful game. I had to think about it since its a little expensive to get but I found it for a good deal and pulled the trigger. Don't regret it either. It's a fun game!
 I get the hype for this game but "Long Shot" does a better job and I already have that so I won't need this.
 Fun live bidding game that I'm going to have to pass on because their are better bidding games out there to play.
 Horrible game. Only got it because my nephews wanted to play it. Not worth your time or anyone's to play.
 Quite fun! But not worth getting. Though I would play it again if I go back next year.
 I won this game and I'm glad because it's such a fun game, I've decided to keep it in my collection.
Another game I won and another game I really enjoyed playing! Win-win!
 Really beautiful game. This was the "hotness" at the con. I got a copy but decided to give it to a friend of mine since Megan isn't interested in playing it and neither were my nephews.
 SO much fun! I'm not buying it though because there are better games out there to own. But this is another game I wouldn't mind playing again at BGG Spring Con next year.
 Didn't think I'd enjoy this one that much but ended up loving it so I picked up a copy for my own.
 Great game but at $500 a copy I can't afford it.
 Best game of the con. Bought a copy.
Simple fun but not as good as everyone claims it to be. Too expensive online which is another reason I won't be getting it.

I also bought another game that wasn't there but I wanted to play it so bad I decided to get it anyway. "Surf's Up Dude!" is a surfing game that looks really good. I only paid $10 for it so we'll see how it goes when it comes in any day now.

See ya later folks!

Friday, June 15, 2018

OIG Report


Just wow.

Who knew Trump was correct when he said their was "collusion in the FBI" this report was UN-believable.

Not only do they conclude that there was bias for Clinton and against Trump but that it was THAT bad is shocking!

Don't believe me? Check out the entire report here.