Friday, May 22, 2015

Survivor Thailand

Even though I loved Brian Heidik (the winner) that season I was hoping Monroe resident Clay Jordan could have pulled it out too! Having Clay on the show made this season even MORE fun to watch at the time!

Highlights was the drama with Ghandia she got a little too cozy with Ted and when she realized the cameras were filming it all she turned her story around to make it look like Ted was molesting her. (gag)

One of the best moments in Survivor history happened this season when Jeff did the whole, "Two tribes living together" line and made everyone think a merge had happened, leaving Shii Ann (winner of this season's Idiot Award) out in the cold with her tribe, which she made know she was going to betray them all to the other team. Sadly, great people like Erin and Jake had to be voted out later because they didn't have the numbers after that.

And of course everyone talk about Rob strangling Clay in a challenge that got so violent the producers never did it again.

Another great scene was at the end when Clay told Helen at the last tribal to shut up and sit down because he knew he didn't have her vote. Helen thought he was a male pig who demeaned woman but she later found out it was Brian (her friend) instead. Oh man, that reunion show, seeing her reaction to it all was priceless!

Fun Fact:

Clay Jordan actually visited our church once. Wild huh? And Brian actually went to prison for shooting a dog!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Survivor Maquesas

Vecipia Towery has to be one of the worst winners of all time. She did absolutely NOTHING to win. It still angers me to this day.

This whole season did for that matter. Hunter being voted out so early by Boston Rob (making his rookie appearance in the show) is the reason I still hate Boston Rob to this day! This season also had the genius game that revealed the chopping block order. (something they still do today) It really shook the dynamics up and I was floored when I first saw it. The part that most people remember however is Kathy peeing on John's hand to fight infection of an urchin sting.

Fun Facts:

The producers loved Boston Rob so much that they gave him a record 4 times to come back on the show until he won. (rigged!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Survivor Africa

The first season a "good guy" won. Ethan Zohn (who later dated Jenna from another season of the show)

Tons of memorable people on this episode. Lex's paranoia andTom the simple farmer for example. It was also the first season of a soul-crushing twist as my man Silas had the game all but won until Jeff had them switch up with the other tribe. It resulted in his immediate exit for the show and I was mad about it too. I hated the "rule" change but later on realized how much it was needed to keep things from becoming repetitive. Still sucks though. And the "idiot" award for this season goes to Clarence, who was stupid enough to eat a bunch of the rashens while his team was away and think they wouldn't notice it if he threw the cans way outside camp.

Fun Facts:

Ethan beat cancer but is not strong enough to come back to play the game anymore. Sad, because he was a beast!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Survivor Austraila

Another classic episode that featured everyone's favorite Survivor, Colby. He dominated the challenges and instead of going for the win, he took the higher road and let coat-tail riding Tina Wesson win it all.

This was the season I started my tradition of trying to pick a winner before the end of the first episode. I came close, picking Colby and missed it.

But this season had one of my most hated villains in Survivor history (Jerri) and her lackey Amber (who would later win on another season)

Highlights were Jerri accusing Kel of eating beef jerky when it was really nothing but grass. Jerri accusing Keith (the chef) of not even being able to cook rice. Michael falling into the campfire and the gruesome shot of melted skin on his hands.

Fun Facts:

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the most successful Survivor to date! Hosting The View and currently "Fox and Friends she has been asked back to be on the show but has also declined.

Roger (the farmer from Kentucky) actually got to run with the Olympic torch

And Colby went on to become the host of "Top Shot" I watched the first season if it for him but after that tuned out. I don't think it runs anymore.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Princes of the Universe Episode 18

In this Episode we talk about current nerd news, Avengers 2, Universal Studios upcoming attractions and (of course) Star Wars!

Survivor Borneo

Hang on to your seats boys and girls, because the next few weeks are going to get AWESOME!

I'm going through all the 29 past seasons of Survivor (my favorite TV show) by giving you the highlights, winner and fun facts along the way!

So the first season is a classic. It still holds the record for more watched Survivor show at 51.7 million viewers tuning in.

The notorious villain Richard Hatch won and I was upset but then again, I would have been upset if Kelly would've won instead. so it doesn't matter either way. Sean gets my "idiot" award for being clueless the entire time as to how the game was played. Susan's "snake eats the rat" speech is STILL talked about to this day. And Rudy's bonehead move to let go of the idol and loose immunity was heartbreaking. Because he would have won the whole thing if not for that.

Fun Facts:

Kelly sued the producers of the show years later saying they persuaded people not to vote for her in the end. She lost and was countersued by CBS. (ouch) However, with her recent availability to return on to next seasons "Second Chance" I guess both parties have mended those fences.

Jenna made a sex tape of herself that was leaked out on the internet where one website was selling copies of it to people. The twist? It was later discovered that Jenna and her (then husband) were running the site. Wow. It was all a scam to make some money.

Colleen went on to star in "The Animal" with Rob Schneider. She's been asked back to the show several times but has politely declined for reasons unknown. Same with her "fling" on the show Greg.

BB Anderson (the 2nd person ever to be voted off) sadly passed away in 2013. RIP

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Morning Somaflange Episode 17

In this episode we talk about the Top 5 Best Openings to a movie!

Friday, May 15, 2015

June Movie Review

Instead of waiting until the last day of the month to do this I thought I'd get a head start on it now!

 Entourage: The Movie

Yes. One of the few movies I'm looking forward to because I loved the show so much. I plan on watching through every season before I go see this. Hope it's good and has lots of Ari Gold scenes in it!
 Inside Out

I know it's Pixer so that means it has to be good right? Then how come I have absolutely NO desire to see this?
 Insidious 3

The first one I enjoyed. The 2nd was ok and I'll watch the 3rd...when it comes out on Redbox.
 Jurassic World

The more I see about this one, the least likely I want to go to it. But it'll happen regardless because Megan wants to see it.
Ted 2

My mind says "No" but my body says "Yes" I'll end up going to see this movie and be disappointed before I leave the theater I know it.

Have a great weekend folks!