Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do you remember? (3)

Let's talk about foods for today:

 Hello Pudding Pops

When were these pulled off the market? And why wasn't I informed about it?!? I used to LOVE pudding pops! Chocolate was the best and vanillas were always last to go in our house. But why they stopped making them is weird.

Or maybe me just realizing they're gone answers the question itself.

 EZ Squirt Ketchup

Remember when some wizard came up with the idea to throw different food colorings into ketchup and think the product would catch on to the world?

Kinda gross but I remember my old roomie and I bought the blue ketchup and after dining on it the next day we had a strange color show up when we.... went to the bathroom.

Yeah, I'll leave it at that.

 P.B. Crisps

Another classic favorite of mine that isn't around anymore. Remember the candy coated shell with peanut butter in the middle? Oh what a delight!

Cheez Balls

Sure they make them still, but not by Planters. And theirs was the best tasting! Guess they decided to knuckle down on only having peanuts in their products. It's too bad though, these mamma-jammas were the real deal!

Back with more food products tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do you remember? (2)

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

These were big in the late 80's and early 90's and still come out from time to time under certain franchises. But the originals were so much fun. I'd try to read through them without dying (which I always would fail at) but after reading it, I'd take several different "paths" to read all the multiple endings it had.

Once I even killed myself off on the 1st choice! I don't know what's funnier, they fact I'm so bad at making decisions or the fact I got passed over it as a kid!

Bugle Fingers

They still make Bugles but does ANYONE do this anymore?! I never see it if they do. This was the whole reason you bought these. If you'll remember they weren't much on taste, just another oddly shaped snack for our fancy.

Hmmm... maybe I should go get a bag now...

Toy Car Map

Again, another toy my little brother had as a kid. (I'm trying to hit a wide target audience with these posts) But I do remember thinking it was cool, though too big for hot wheels to drive on. It also irritated me that my brother never drove on the roads.

Just another sign to show how old I was getting.

Balancing Bird

DANG! I totally forgot about these things until I started doing research for these posts! Remember the weighted bird you could balance on your finger? It was one of those "science" toys your mom would get you.

Looking back I never wondered what the big attraction to these was for everyone. Just that after a couple of days, this toy got old quick!

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Sure they make them today but it ain't like the old days when EVERY sticker was practically scratch and sniff. I remember our teacher would sometimes give these out when we did a great job on our test. It was like having a badge of honor!

(sigh) They sure don't make them like they used to!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Do you remember? (1)

Welcome to my new segment this week about things you may (or may not) remember. Here's my first set:

 Geo Safari

We had one growing up and I loved playing on this "learning toy" so much! I don't know why but it was like a challenge to memorize every quiz. Guess that was the point, right? To make learning fun? Well it sure was on this thing! The states and capitals were my favorite. It even had a timer before marking you wrong or showed you the correct answer if you got it wrong.

Learning will never be this fun for me again.

 Sticky Hands

I know they still sell them in gumball machines but I never see people with them like I used to anymore. It was fun to slap them against the window or on the table and walls. I never used it to grab anything, sticking it to a surface was the most fun. They didn't last long though did they? I think after the first day the sticky wore off and they became useless.

 Art Kit

We all had one. We all thought it was awesome and we ended up losing half of them around the house within the first month. I remember we all had one to share and it irritated me that after only a week we had colors missing.

I suspected Jordan and Caleb of eating them.... or worse. You wanted to use everything in the kid but once you used the paint pad, it never looked the same.

Why did every parent get one of these for their kid in the first place?! Isn't that like saying "Here Billy, now go draw something for Mommy on the walls"

Laser Pointers

The bane of every movie theater in the late 90's and early 2000's before cell phones were the enemy. You always had one jackass though, who brought one to the theater just to ruin the movie for you. They still sell them but no one uses them anymore..... hmmm... perhaps I should bring this menace back into the movies with me next time I go.....

More tomorrow!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breaking Bad (review)

Also a few weeks ago I was finally able to finish a series I've heard people talking about for 5 years.

Breaking Bad is a great tragedy in the truest since of the word. Though probably not the best series I've seen, it's definitely one of the better ones. I loved the performances, the story but some characters fell short for me.

Is it as good as everyone says? That's debatable. Is it worth watching? Oh yes! But I think after hearing people freak out over this so for so long it may have risen the bar a little too high for me while watching it.

I'm not complaining or saying it sucks, I enjoyed a lot of things about it and am glad the ending was justifiable unlike so many other shows.

Not sure what I'll be watching next. I have a few movies to get out of the way but as for my next series... I remain undecided.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Essential Guide to Warfare (review)

A few weeks ago I finished this amazing gem that I'm so proud to have in my collection. I was so wrong when I first read about this book, instead of being a pointless rehash of stories from the movies and books it gives an incredible account and detail of connecting EVERYTHING in the EU.

Jason Fry has risen in my opinion, as being one of the top authorities on the expanded universe. Not only does he connect the random EU fiction into the greater story (i.e. Droids cartoon and comic strips) but he's the first person EVER to completely fit the entire Marvel comic series within continuity SEEMLESSLY! Something I wasn't quite sure could be done.

Jason has an astonishing attention to detail and wraps up as many continuity errors he can find within the EU. (some even I didn't realize) I haven't been this schooled by a book since "The Essential Reader's Companion"

I mark it a "must" for serious EU fans, all the amazing artwork inside is just the icing on a very delicious cake!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Best TV deaths

I'm cheating on my theme for the week but I can't help but talk about what I believe were the top 5 most shocking deaths on television.

 24 - Terry Bauer
The ending to 24's first season literally had me and my cousin fall off the couch and on to the floor in shock. Years later this is arguably the greatest death scene in TV history. You think Terry's safe for the first time since the show began and BAM, she's been betrayed by Jack's best friend Nina.

Simply incredible.
 Dexter - Rita

They should have ended the show right here. We say that now, but if they had ended it here you know we'd all be screaming for more. Rita's death not only hit the "reset" button on Dexter's humanity it also gave us the chilling realization that the Trinity killer had already one.

To bad I can't say the same for the rest of the series!

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy's Mom

It was 2am when I swore to myself that I'd stop watching Buffy (for the first time) and go to bed. Then the episode ended with Buffy returning home from her adventure only to find her Mother lying dead on the couch.

I cursed myself for ever starting this series in the first place, popped in the next DVD and suffered at work the next day from a lack of sleep.

 The Walking Dead - Sophie

About any death scene is shocking in this show but the death of young Sophie took every comic book fan by surprise. As some of you know, she makes it a long way in the comics. Killing her off so early in the show had my best friend and I looking like a slack-jawed walker as well!

Side note: Her Dad went to Auburn and gave me a vibrant "War Eagle" when I met his daughter for the first time. I like her even more knowing this about her!

The Shield - Lem

You watch this show every season and though you don't know how, you KNOW it's all going to work out for Mackey and the gang in the end. Then Lem dies and turns your whole world upside down. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch this show and see. It's so good even giving away this death scene in the final season won't ruin the overall story line in it.

Some of you may recall, The Shield even got in my Top 5 best TV series endings as well so me adding to another sit just goes to show you how much I think of it.

That's my 5. What's yours?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Movie Deaths

What were the best movie deaths in history? Here's my Top 5!


 Deep Blue Sea - Samuel Jackson

No one expected this scene where Jackson's character is snatched up by a shark and eaten toward the end of the film. Everyone in the theater jumped then at there in shock, trying to comprehend what happened.

Hat's off to the writer.
 Pan's Labyrinth - Ofelia
WHAAAAAT?! The little girl dies in the end?! I didn't think you could kill of a kid in a movie, much less the star?!

Well I stand corrected thanks to this little gem of movie here. Seriously, did anyone see this coming? It shocked me that's for sure!

 Scream 2 - Jamie Kennedy

Of all people besides the star I thought Kennedy's character would survive all 3 movies. Scream 2 marks the only time I literally screamed in the theater. I scream in disbelief. A giant "NO" of astonishment escaped my lips when I saw ghost face go in for the kill.

Wes Craven wanted to keep you on your feet for these films and he sure did in 2.

 The Mist - Everyone

A great film that plays perfectly to the Steven King novel. Though I've never read the book if it carried the same grim ending as the film... then whoa.

Believing there to be no hope for anyone, Thomas Jane kills everyone in the car (including his son) to save them from a cruel death of the monsters outside. Yet 30 seconds after doing so the army arrives and everyone's going to be fine..... yikes, right?

Megan hated this film so much we had to watch a Disney movie before going late to bed that night. She didn't want the last thing going through her head that night to be this film and I don't blame her. It was a groundbreaking shock.

Serenity - Wash

I remember it as if it were yesterday. The entire audience is laughing at his "Leaf in the wind" line when all of the sudden a spike shoots through the window and kills him... while we're all laughing.

Joss Whedon is a cruel man for coming up with that idea, but I love it. Your brain freezes as it comprehends what just happened. You saw my video of Charity's reaction when she first saw this. Mine was probably 10 times worse.

Probably the most shocking death scene I'll ever witness in a movie again. After that, I was positive everyone else in the movie was going to die, which definitely heightened your fear of a "happy ending" in the end.

Bravo Joss, bravo.

That's my 5. What's yours?