Friday, July 21, 2017

Regrettable Superheroes Review

My brother got this book for my birthday and I finally got around to reading it a few weeks ago so I thought I'd talk a little bit about it.

This book takes you through the ages of comics and picks out some of the most ridiculous superheroes ever created. I have to be honest though, they weren't all that bad! While some were bat-crap crazy others seemed to have a good premise. For anyone into comic books and comic book history I'd recommend you picking a copy of this up if you see it for a good deal. I thoroughly enjoyed it and even learned a little something along the way!

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cable and Deadpool review

The next comic book series I finished last month was Cable and Deadpool. I don't know why they thought these two would make the perfect pairing but for whatever the reason, this match was made by the Marvel elite and it was ok. Deadpool's humor improves somewhat in this series, more than it did on his own comic. But Cable is still the same old bore. The series has it's ups and downs and still doesn't come close to beating anything I've read at DC.

One long box down....9 more to go.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pepsi Fire?

Found this last month when I took Megan to Canton, TX for the day. Didn't know what it was so I tried it out. It's cinnamon flavored pepsi....weird. Not bad but not "refreshing" I don't really know what Pepsi was thinking here?

Bring back Crystal Pepsi!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Batman: Hush Review

After suffering through Cable, I decided to read this one, given to me on my birthday from Megan.

Ahhh....the story is still my favorite Batman one out there. This has it all! Twist galore and slew of Batman characters both good and bad, awesome art and a fantastic story arc in the end.

Easy 10. If you love Batman, I highly suggest checking this one out. It's worth your time!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cable Review

Reading from my newly acquired comic book collection from last year I was able to finish Cable.

What a mess. The writers had to keep taking away his powers to create story lines that would put him in danger. Throughout the 114 comics I read it was a constant back and forth of Cable gaining and losing powers. A lot of times it was a jumbled mess of confusing plot points or "daydream" episodes that didn't amount to much.

Reading this series only confirmed why I chose DC as a kid. Because Marvel books felt like they were vomited out with no quality and only to cash in on the "X-men" universe.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Best board games at BGG Con 2017

Now it's finally time to reveal the Top 5 games I played at the Con. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy coming up with this list but here they are!

5) Coal Baron

Holy Crow. I never knew mining coal would be this much fun! Loved the elevator on our work board, loved the bidding for spaces side to the game which made going first and last equally as important.

Play first and your bet will always be the lowest. Play last and fool someone into spending too much on a space only to pull the old switch-a-roo on them and take another space in the end.

Smart game. Fun game.

4) Porta Nigra

I waffled on playing this one several times leading up to the Con but in the end decided to check it out.

Glad I did. The game offers a lot of strategy, plays quick, is easy to learn and has an incredible point system at the end that brought someone from dead last the entire game to being first by a mile without anyone the wiser.

3) Fresco

Painting the ceiling of a chapel. Seriously Queen Games, where do you come up with these ideas?

Board is beautiful, game is colorful, theme is there based on the production alone. And just as the cheesy infomercial ...."But Wait! There's more!"

This game has expansions that only make it greater. It's uncanny how the game get better the deeper you go into to it. I had a hard time wondering if this was my #2 or #3 game. But right now I'm keeping it here because...

2) Lancaster

This is a great game! Be a knight, roam the kingdom fending off other knights for notoriety in the King's Court and getting as many nobles on your side. (they help later, not only in end game scoring but in the King's Court of Law!)

Go on crusades, build up you castle (which ironically what your player shield looks like) Get upgrades and vote on laws that benefit you! Incredible game! Queen Games won the weekend at BGG for me!

1) Orleans

One of the last games I played. Picked it up on a whim too because I'd heard so much about it. Personally, while setting it up, I was praying for it not to suck and even thought about boxing it back up and returning it because reading the rules was a little bit of a drag. But I soon overcame it enough to build a desire to play it and see what all the hub-bub was about.

A "bag building" game if that term exist in the board gaming world (I'm still a little new to this so maybe it does)


Wow, what a game! Playing with the deluxe set really spoiled me too. Seeing all the expansions, promos and mini-expansions really bummed me out too because I'm a completest and have to have it all....which now I do.

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Other games played at BGG Con 2017

Before I get to my Top 5 favorite games I played that weekend, I'd like to address all the others I played as well.

 Stone Age

Great game! So much fun! Heard it was a good "gateway" to get folks into board games but for me, this caveman themed games going to see a lot of table space in my future for sure!

 Deep Sea Adventure

I'd heard so much about this game but not enough to perk my interest. While waiting in line for our badges, someone brought this out to play and we gave it a shot. Simply an awesome game. I loved it! Though the $22 price tag that comes with this pocket sized game is a little steep, I'll add it to my X-mas list this year and see if someone will get it for me that way.

 Ave Cesar 

A simple racing game involving chariots and it's loads of fun. I hope they reprint it one day because I'd love to get  copy, but not at the enormous rates they have right now.

My nephews wanted to play this one so bad and we finally got a chance to play it the last day there. This 3D chess like game where you're trying to reach the top of a building is fun but not something I'd purchase. My nephews on the other hand were smitten.


Picked this up on a whim after seeing others play it. The pieces looked great and I was hooked. Then I read the rules and quickly dismissed it.  Then I played it.....whoa. Surprisingly good treasure hunting game. Super fun one! I'll have to add it to my collection!

The Cave

 Tile laying, cave exploring fun. Brought to you from the same folks who created K2, this was a hit with my nephews but not for me. The game got repetitive quick and I didn't see much strategy in pulling the same 4 tiles out almost every time.

Nice game, but a repetitive game that doesn't give you many choices thru multiple plays.

 Grad Moto Prix

I've read the reviews. I know they were all bad. But the game looks SO NICE and I'm a fan of Formula D so why not try it?!

I open it up, its more beautiful than I thought it'd be. I read the instructions...."Okay" I think to myself "This doesn't seem so bad." Then we get to the game play.....that's when I start to feel like Charlie Brown after being fooled by Lucy once more with the football.

The game is bad. Go as fast as you can. All the time. Corners may hinder you from time to time but not enough for it to matter much. Turn over the die and keep going fast. Forget this is a simple roll and move game in disguise and keep believing Lucy's going to hold that ball still this final time.

 Queen's Architect

Queen Games is slowly becoming one of my favorite publishers. This is a slick smooth game of hiring workers and completing projects to be the Queen's Architect. Lovely little game, I enjoyed it immensely!

 Cute fun game for my nephews to play. The only game that uses play dough (or something equivalent) too I might add! This is Sheriff of Nottingham for kids I think.

Although fun, I don't see this worthy enough to take space up on my shelf.

 Dream Factory

A game of making movies. Very fast and fun and for a moment I considered getting a copy for myself. But when the sale didn't go through (due to the seller) I had second thoughts and walked away. Maybe some time in the future I'll look at it again, but I think, one play was enough.


 Saw this game and thought "What the heck, let's give it a try." The pieces are great looking and for a game about building churches (of all things) it's more enjoyable than you can imagine.

The bricks looked liked miniature bricks and felt like them too (Or it was getting way too late in the evening for me) They also came with bells that rang!! How cool is that?

But something about the game just through me off about tracking a copy down for my collection. I can't say for sure, maybe there were just better games we played that weekend and this one slowly fell into the bottom half when everything was said and done.

But as time goes by I continually find myself flip flopping on getting this or not. I guess only time will tell...

 A game about putting on a play. Since I do a little theater acting from time to time (as does most of my gaming group) this was a no brainer to try out first.

The game has you building sets, costumes and working on your 3 acts, while keeping your entire production crew happy at the same time.

Perfectly balanced. Perfectly executed. I wanted to give it a standing ovation after it was over. Bravo.
 Vikings Gone Wild

I hate deck builders.

That being said, this was totally checked out for my nephews, who's favorite types of games to play are deck builders. They loved it and I have to admit the game warmed me over with it's charm and game play that flowed smoothly along.

Well done game, you've shown me not all deck builders are bland. Still not interested in buying you, but I won't turn down a game of you in the future.
 Whacky Wit

Oh my stars and stripes! What a delightful little game, starring Pacman and his four ghostly friends under a different name to avoid copyrights. We LOVED this simple yet fun game.

Sadly it's price tag ranges from $300-$500 for a copy and it's simply not worth the cost. But still an enjoyable game.

 First game we sat down in played. My nephews loved it. I thought it was fun too and had that "shoot'em up" video game feel. However, after our 2nd play through I saw how redundant the game is and knew it would get old quick if purchased.

Las Vegas

Didn't really care to play a simple dice chucking game but we needed something short before we headed in for the night so I picked this up and we gave it a shot.

Surprisingly fun. One of the biggest surprises for me the entire weekend. I had no idea I'd love it that much. Now I'm hooked on throwing dem bones!!