Friday, January 18, 2013

The problem with ebooks

So this week I downloaded a free Public Domain books off of Amazon for free. And though it excites me to have the complete works of Sherlock Holmes at my disposal, I don't think I'll be getting many more ebooks in the future.

The reason ebooks will not be replacing books anytime soon is simple. The price.

It's not even work buying the Kindle version if you can get the actual books for the same price (or $2 more) The price of ebooks are phoney! You can't tell me that the price of producing the material to make it, plus shipping only accounts for $2-$3 dollars of the price?!?

Unbelievable and not worth the money. I'd rather get the hard copy for a few bucks more or if I wait a LOT cheaper used. It's a scam.

I rarely read stuff on my tablet and I see the reasons to buy ebooks, but I won't start unless they're at least HALF the cost of the actual book. When they start giving fair prices on their books, I'll start considering my options but until then, sorry. I'm going "buy the book"

That last sentenced made me laugh out loud.

Have a good weekend folks!

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Stephen Vincent said...

I agree, the fact that retailers can, with a straight face, charge the same amount for an digital copy of the book is beyond insane. I feel the same way about digital comics, comics are now made almost completely on a computer. So there's no reason to be selling a digital copy for $3.99 when most of the costs associated with them being so pricey to begin with are allegedly from printing and shipping.