Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun Control stupidity

Very rarely do I speak on public topics but this one I can't help avoid.

Guns don't kill, people do. If you arm citizens, crooks and madmen would think twice before a mugging or a public shooting. Think about it, if one person was armed in those events the situation wouldn't have been so bad.

Obama says it's "for the children", well for someone that supports abortion it's hard for me to believe he's "for the children"

I don't own a gun, neither do I believe it's wrong to have them. I just don't like stupidity which seems to be abundant in the White House these days for both Republican and Democrat.

K, hopping off the soap box for now. Back to fun post tomorrow!


Stephen Vincent said...

Since I rarely disagree with you, I have to say something. (and this came up earlier today in a conversation). Arming everyone is not the answer. That's like saying since drunk drivers kill people, all people should drive drunk. The true answer is not sweeping gun change, it's sweeping mental health reform, and preventing those people from access to guns & clips that cause mass slaughter. Gun control is not the same thing as "taking away guns" as the cartoon describes. Simple mental health, drug screenings, and safety courses would meet my criteria for gun control. And everyone gets to keep their guns.

kidcardco said...

Actually, we're still in agreement here. Mental Health Reform is an issue as well, but that's not where Capital Hill wants to stop. Making more gun bans and stricter rules discouraging the people to get arms is an real issue I see the NRA's point on.

Again, don't own guns. I prefer using my samurai sword or getting a butterfly knife instead. (I've always wanted one since I was a kid)

Also, if they invent the lightsaber I'm getting one of those babies too, even if they DO make them illegal!