Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 Star Wars VII Predictions that will happen

Ok, so JJ Abrams isn't the best choice for Star Wars but who is, right? The man who can't write an ending (but can direct) even was quoted last month as saying he's "not interested in Star Wars" and that it would be a "horror" to direct. talks don't it?

I don't care he's directing really, but if you think Star Wars fans are upset now, wait till they hear these next predictions come true:

1) John Williams WILL NOT compose the music for the new Star Wars films.

I hate it but it's true. Even at 81 Williams could compose a beautiful score that we could cherish through the ages if hired. Admit it, even if you didn't like the prequels you can't deny the soundtrack was INCREDIBLE.

But with any director, they come with a "posse" too. Giacchino is JJ's man and he will be the one scoring the new movies. I'm calling it now.

Giacchino does nice stuff but he's no Legend like Williams. The Star Wars movies will take a hit in that catagory at least.

2) Mark Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost) will have a role in the new Star Wars movies.

Why? Once again, he's part of JJ's "posse" and has received roles in just about everything JJ's done over the years so expect him to make a small appearance (at least) in the films.

I don't mind the actor I'm just calling it as I see.

3) It WILL be Sith vs Jedi.

There's no denying Hollywood's thirst for action. Look at the new Star Trek movies. Pacing is way different in the movie. Everything is faster. Expect the same faster paced movie as those. Hopefully we'll be able to tell the difference between it and Star Trek when it comes out.

Sith are "cool" and so are "Jedi". They both sell merchandise and like the wise saying from Yogurt in Spaceballs: "It's all about merchandising!"

George Lucas had this as the 3rd story arc so I'm not upset by the idea either. Let's just hope it's not tween Jedi vs sparkling Sith.

4) "Time" will play a role in the new movie.

Don't deny it. JJ Abram's loves stories revolving around "time". Flash forwards, past and current times mixed up, parallel dimensions, time-travel, something's going to happen in that effect.

I'm still crossing my fingers for something like Star Trek Generations. Where we see Luke, Leia and Han for 15 minutes on screen then something happens (maybe one of them die) and that event sets things in motion 150 years later in the future.

PERFECT way to do a "reboot" and I'd be totally behind that.

Anyway just a few straying thoughts I had to share.

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