Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ranking the Holidays

In a recent discussion I had with someone we ranked our favorite holidays from first to last (dealing with the Big 8)

I'd like to share my thoughts on this with you today:

#1 Thanksgiving Day

No surprise here if you've been reading my blog over the years. Thanksgiving to me, is the perfect holiday. No running around worrying about gifts, decorations and parties. Just having a great meal around family. Although Black Friday is beginning to ruin it, it's still my favorite time of the year!

 #2 Christmas

Well duh, it's right up there. Of course! Who doesn't love Xmas?! And I know it's #1 for everyone else but for me it ranks close second. I don't have to tell you why Xmas is so wonderful you already know. So let's move on to the next one.

#3 New Year's

When going over these I was even surprised this one made it up so far. But with all the excitement of the upcoming year and the reminiscing of the past I think it's meant more to me over the years than in times past.

#4 Easter

I think what makes this one so high on the list was all the good memories I had growing up and what a big deal Easter Sunday was to us. I used to LOVE coloring eggs in class the week of, Easter Egg hunts are THE BEST when done right and who doesn't love them Cadberry eggs?! Ooooh... my mouth's watering for one right now!! Great holiday!

#5 Halloween

I'm guessing this would be on everyone's second favorite holiday list but it could be third in some cases. Halloween for me is at a respectful #5. It's a fun holiday no doubt and we all get to dress up and have fun. The scary theme is fun as well and if you have the right "haunted house" to visit each year this is probably higher on your list. We don't have any good ones anymore in Monroe, hence it's #5 ranking.

#6 Valentine's Day

Yikes! No love for this holiday it seems. But I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who thinks this way as well. It's never been a top holiday for me and I think being at #6 on my list is good enough. This is a commercial holiday to give you another reason to buy things. I don't mind showing my sweetie that I love her, but I'm not sure I need to set a "special" day aside for it.

#7 St Patrick's Day

Believe it or not, this one actually ranked #3 on my list years ago. Oh how the mighty have fallen in past years. It's a fun holiday if you have a place to celebrate and years ago we had one in the restaurant Bennigans way back in the day. There was karaoke, good food and MUCH socializing which made this one of my top three! But then they closed and every other placed sucked so now it's stuck near the bottom of my list waiting for the right time to return to it's past glory. Again, depending on what you have going on during this holiday determines where you'd rank it.

#8 4th of July

Ending my list as the "worst holiday" is this one. I've never enjoyed this holiday. Some grilling, nothing really going on and a few pathetic (and usually 2 hours delayed) fireworks from the city of Monroe...which I haven't been to in years. This holiday is a dud and I shouldn't even consider it one of the "Big 8" anymore. No fun at all!

So what would be your ranking of the holidays?

I'm interested to find out...

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