Friday, March 01, 2013

Episode VII update

So everyone keeps talking about "Starting Fresh" when it comes to the new Star Wars movies, but what exactly does that mean?

To start fresh, you'd need a new cast, new characters and new story lines to last you through at least 3 more movies (possibly 6) But aren't they going to include the old cast from Star Wars? I've even read some wonderful rumors that they'll be incorporating the characters from the Expanded Universe, which would be great but I'm pretty sure won't happen. 

Again, my suggestion these should take place 150 after Return of the Jedi make sense. Thing is, Hollywood rarely makes sense.

Still looking forward to what they're going to do with it. Filming has to start this year so they can begin working on the special effects I would think. Casting will be announce by the summer I'm sure and more news will begin to pour out as we move through 2014.

Only time will tell if I'm still with around for the premiere when it's all said and done.

Oh and did anyone hear about the Simon Pegg rumors about him being in future installments of the series? I know he's a huge fan but geez to frag, if we put everyone who's a fan of Star Wars in these movies we'd have William Shatner to Pope Benedict XVI asking to be in it!


Stephen Vincent said...

[[EDIT]] It seems I got a bit ranty upon re-reading this, I'm not as agitated as it sounds.

So, here's my question to a lot of what's going on with people panicking and "disowning" the franchise.

The prequels changed a LOT of established continuity, and what people considered to be "canon". The Clone Wars Episode tomorrow will likely change something large within continuity as well. Lucasfilm from the beginning has always stated that if film contradicts EU, film is the true canon. That doesn't throw away the entire EU story, just the aspects of it that do not line up with what's "true" from the films.
If anything, I would say this will mark a much clearer division in the "film saga" and EU, just as the various Batman films do not adhere to comic book incarnations, the spirit is there, but some of the details are tweaked. I love the 60s Batman as well as the Burton films, as well as the Animated Series, and the Arkham Asylum games, yet they are all Batman, and they steal each other's stories and characters (Harley Quinn for example), but they are separate things.
So what makes this such a different scenario than that of the Prequels? Is it the Disney angle? The fact that it's (potentially) using the OT cast?

I think if it's at all possible to overlay EU character names over characters in the new scripts they'll do it.

I hope if there are OT they are used SPARINGLY, because I think we'd have another Star Trek: Generations on our hands, where the whole film is dragged down by elderly actors asking for too much money and screen time. If they want to start with new heroes, I'm all for it, throw maybe Luke in there to be their mentor that dies at the end like Obi-Wan did, and we'd be off to a good start.

Also, Simon Pegg doesn't need to be anywhere near SW. And I like his movies.

I'm going to do everything in my power, even if it means going to Louisiana myself, kidnapping you and forcing you into a theater but you're gonna watch Episode VII.

kidcardco said...

Ha ha ha ha! Well, as explained in the Star Wars Readers Companion, all the Clone Wars really change is the time line things happen in, which isn't so bad. Darth Maul first came to life in the comics books as a "what if" story (metal legs and all) so that's not an issue either.

I'm not petitioning for them to include EU characters in the story only to. Leave those story lines alone where it can still keep that story line intact.

I don't want a Generations either but we'll have to see what Hollywood wants with it.

Again, we have different opinions on it and it's only because I'm an EU fan, that's the great divide between Star Wars fans. Either you love them or hate them. : )

You come down to LA and we'll watch the Holiday Special together too! LOL