Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Disney 2011

So here's just a few early pics from our trip I'd like to show you...
Us with Flick from "Bug's Life"

Some kitten from the Aristocats.
Bubber with Beauty and the Beast (which she freaked out over seeing the Beast)
And all of us together with Belle and the Beast. Sorry to include Charity in this picture but there was no way to crop it without cutting the Beast out too.

Fun Fact: Megan told me last week that her NEW favorite princess is...SLEEPING BEAUTY!! It's always been one of her favorites but I'm dumbfounded that she beat out Belle after all these years!
When we went, Epcot was having their Flowers and Garden Expo.
All of these were set up everywhere around the park.
It was pretty impressive.
Me with my counterpart, Cogsworth.

Ok, that's all I'll post for now. More tomorrow!

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