Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Games I got rid of (114)

 Yahtzee style board game that's really fun but I already have 2 others like it in my collection so I gave it to one of my best friends before he moved away. 

Regrets: I hated this game doesn't come with enough 6 sided die. But to help my buddy out, I included several other dice within the game so he doesn't have to pass dice every turn to the next player. 

Monday, June 27, 2022

Games I got rid of (113)


Quaint game I enjoyed at first but over time I could see the replay ability factor dropping so I let it go due to that. 

Regrets: None. If I had gotten this game earlier it would've stayed a little longer in my collection I think, before eventually being let go. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

The double standard

 I love how a year ago these very same people saying "My body, my choice" were yelling for mandatory vaccinations for all Americans. 

They didn't want anyone to have a choice of what they put in their bodies back then. Only when it involves murdering unborn is when they want that power. 


Free Abortion trips

 People are lauding the companies who said they'll pay for your abortion right now if you end up having to travel for it. 

Yeah, of course they would. 

Much cheaper than putting someone else on your Insurance or paying you maternity leave. 

What a joke. 

BREAKING: Roe v. Wade Was Just Overturned - Here's What You Need To Know

Friday, June 24, 2022


 Why do kids just stand in the doorway when you're trying to get in or just in your way in general? I've never understood this. 

I didn't do it when I was a kid and I don't remember my siblings doing it either but my girls? They are the WORST about doing this. 

We constantly has mosquitos in the house due to them holding up everyone from getting in because they just want to stop in the door frame. 

I just don't get it. 

Hunt for the Wilder People (Review)

 For the first 30 minutes I thought I had a winner on my hands....but as the rest of the movie DRAGGED I could see the problem. 

Someone came up for an excellent short and tried to turn it into a feature film by adding 60 minutes of filler scenes to get them by. 

Too bad, because I can recommend you watch the first 30 minutes, then fast forward through the rest to see how it ends. 

Too bad. It had a lot of potential that was eventually squandered. 

Forgive and forget?

 Trying to save his career as Governor, Bel Edwards has made it illegal to order abortion inducing drugs within the state. 

A clear move to satisfy the right who he's screwed over for the past 2 years in hopes they'll keep him as Governor next year. 

It's not going to work. While this was indeed a good thing, it doesn't make up for how he's economically ruined our state over the past 2 years. 

This guy has got to go. 

On the other side

 Lot's of crying for those people who hate unborn children and want the power to murder them. 

Though they can still do it in a lot of states in the US who celebrate death, these wicked dangerous and violent people can rant all they want, we've solidified our stance as a nation who respects and cherishes life. 

And that's something we should all take pride in. 

A time to rejoice!

 Killing babies in America just became I lot more difficult. 

Proud to be in this country which still respects the lives of the unborn. And congrats to every state (including mine) which has now made slaughtering unborn children illegal. 

It's a good day indeed!

Games I got rid of (112)


Yes, even the great Stefan Feld isn't immune to my purge. I traded this one away because after a few plays it was becoming too tedious and not fun. It holds excellent trade value and I was able to get a great game in exchange for it so both parties walked away from the trade happy. 

Regrets: Nope. Feld isn't a guaranteed hit for me every time so I don't need every single game he's created. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Games I got rid of (111)

 Really fun game but I found out I have too many games with the same mechanic as this one so I gave it away to a member of my gaming group. He has his own group now, so it's all for the better. 

Regrets: None. I just hope he knows I wasn't just pawning a game off on him, I truly hope he's enjoyed it the past few years. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Games I got rid of (110)

 Push your luck game for kids. I got it with the intention of playing it with my girls when they grew up. But sadly, I ended up giving it away before that could happen. The reason? It's just too stupid a game, even for kids. There are way better push-your-luck games that kids can play. 

Regrets: Buying it so far in advanced in the first place. Never happen again. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Games I got rid of (109)


Great game. Sort of worker placement/area control in that you were trying to have the most influence in each room to take certain actions to influence the king, to get into the garden at his party and obtain certain favors from his guest. (VP's) Really solid game. 

Sadly, I needed it for a trade and had to let it go. 

Regrets: Yes. I shouldn't have traded this one away. It was too new in my collection and I thought I wouldn't miss it but I do. If I see it for sale at a convention second hand, I'm picking it up.