Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Embers of Muaat

 Another race that EVERYONE loves to play with (including myself) mainly due to the fact that they start with one of the most powerful ships in the game...a War Sun. In addition to being the ONLY race to have the ability to fly through Supernova's they can also (as an action) remove a strategy token from their board to build 2 fighters and 1 destroyer and place them with the War Sun. 

If War Sun isn't enough for you, look what their leaders do:

Commander: Spending tokens from your strategy pool gives you a trade token. 

Hero: You can cause a planet to go supernova with your War Sun. (Except for a Home Planet or Mecatol Rex) 

Pure genocide. 

This is NOT a race to take lightly. Everyone in the game is on high alert when it comes to them. Most players won't get a War Sun in the game and if they did, it wouldn't be towards the latter half of the game. You START with one. Nuff said. 

Use this War Sun to your advantage to gain a quick early lead and once others gain the ability to challenge you in combat, coast for the last few rounds picking up enough point to cross the finish line before them. 

That simple. 

Things I don't miss due to COIVD (2)

 The county fair. Rickety rides that provide a built in safety hazard and cost WAY more than it's worth. I hated going to these every year and thanks to COVID, it looks like I'll get to go another year without them. 

Just something else to be thankful for. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Mentak Coalition

 One of the coolest races I've yet to play with. 

In battle your cruisers act like Destroyers and get "first attack". But the coolest ability they possess is that they're pirates. And any neighbor who accumulates more than 3 trade during card #5's action, you can steal one trade from each player. 

I love that. Very thematic. Every time I see people play as them they ALWAYS forget to do this. Just recently, the player playing as them didn't remember to do this and I always felt like it was detrimental to your game. 

Their Commander is powerful in that every time you win a battle the loser MUST give you a promissory note. Their Hero allows you (for one combat) to replace any players ship (you destroy) with one of your own, anywhere else on the board. Pretty cool. 

I find this race intriguing because they have so much opportunity to shake things up during the game. They feel like the Barony of Letniv but a little more devious. I would always use their pirating ability and unlock my Commander as quick as I could so as to collect those wonderful Promissory Notes. Attacking the same player again and again would be brutal because it would only force them to continue to give you more and more powerful notes you can take advantage of in the future. 

Like true pirates, you would prey on the weaker smaller armies across the board and THAT is why this is the perfect game because it forces you to stick with the theme of your race. 

Have I mentioned already how much I love this game?  

Things I don't miss due to COIVD (1)


I'm glad the circus has been cancelled for the past 2 years. They cost too much. Sell cheap garbage at high cost and really don't deliver anything you haven't already seen before. Maybe this will kill of this old past time for good. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Mahact Gene-Sorcerers

 In our most recent game, this was the race I played as...and it was the only thing that gave me the win. 

This group is ruthless. Where other "1st level" leaders help opponents, this race helps only itself. When attacking or attacked, you keep on of their tokens permanently in the game in your fleet supply, which allows you to allocate your other tokens on your playing board. 

Also, when you have one of their Command token on your board, you also possess the power of that races Commander as well. (which is nuts powerful) The Commander of this race allows you to activate a previously activated tile.... which is HUGE. And the Hero allows you to spawn anywhere on the board and attack another player without them having the option to retreat. (even with an Action Card) 

In our last game, everyone wised up to me and started taking out my forces all across the board. I had only my home planet and the one next to it are all that remained under my control...I should've been dead in the water. 

However, I realized I obtained just about everyone's token and with it, the power of their Commanders. I came back with a vengeance, using each of their advantages against them in battle. My Hero won the day when I was able to conquer a home planet and achieve a Secret mission to win the game. 

Let me be clear. Without the race, I would NOT have won. Only the groups combined attacked made me go full Super Sans on them in the final rounds of the game. I don't believe this race could ever be truly eliminated from the game because of this. 

If my group tries that again and I'm not this race....I'll be in a whole heap of trouble.  

So long for now Chuck!

 The girls love Chuck E Cheese but last month when we went it was horrible. 

The pizza (which is usually good) sucked. It took twice the amount of time to come out (and we were the ONLY customers in the store) 

The staff was extremely rude. When rides didn't operate, they never came to look at them, when my girls ended up with 196 points and both wanted rinky-dink toys, the guy wouldn't allow them to round up....4 tickets. 

And even though we were the ONLY ones in the store, the manager scolded me for not wearing my mask. (something I saw her pull down and walk around in the kitchen when she thought no one was watching)

Thankfully Megan said we would wait (a very long time before coming back) Because me? I wouldn't come back again even if they paid me! 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Barony of Letnev

 Another race I've played with before that I enjoy a lot. To me they appear to be one of the more "balanced" races in the entire game. 

Trade is essential to get however because for each 2 trade you use during combat, you're allowed to reroll any number of dice. Plus the size of your fleet is always +2 to the tokens you have in the area. Allowing you to have many more ships than your opponent in most cases, during combat. 

During battle with your Commander whenever you sustain damage you gain a trade token and your Hero can (for one entire phase of the game) have an unlimited number of ships in one army....and THAT is when you make your big move. 

Whatever it is you want, whether it be a home planet or Mecatol Rex, you can get it with that card. This is another warrior race that possesses a lot of tricks up their sleeves. They also have some tech specific to their race which makes them extra cunning in battle. I love playing as them and I avoid combat with them if ever another player has them instead. 

When played right, you shouldn't lose that many times in battle during the game. So pick which battles you want to engage in...and dominate the game. 


 Just found out about them last month and what I've seen so far, I like!

Much better than YouTube in a lot of ways. Thinking of starting a new channel on there. 

Check it out. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tips for TI4: The L1z1x Mindnet

 Another cool race that spells their name with numbers, which I always found interesting. 

When you gain control of a planet with a PDS canon or space dock, you switch it out with one of your own at no cost and all of your ships can bombard a planet during a ground battle. 

These people thrive on conquering worlds and that's exactly what you need to do to win the game. My nephew loves this race due to their warfare nature and discounted Dreadnaughts. I've played with them as well and breaking down planet after planet with this race is an indescribable thrill. 

Your Commander unlocked means no one is safe from your bombardment, even if they have the "Planetary Shields" technology. Your Hero can move any number of ships to an area carrying no ships, so be wary of other players who carelessly leave their home planet unguarded because no one is around. And if you happen to take that players home planet. I doubt they'd ever be able to take it back. Rendering them helpless for the rest of the game. 

This race is BRUTAL and should be played with aggressively if you want to win. 

What I miss from Taco Bell

 The Volcano taco was THE BEST thing Taco Bell had going for it. I never crave the Bell anymore but when it had this on the menu....I couldn't resist! 

I wish they'd bring it back someday. Nothing else they've come out with since has brought me the urge to go here as much as this item did. 

Also it was fun going through the drink thru and calling it a "pink taco" and having them go ahead and take your order.....loved it. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Universities of Jol-Nar

 I love this race. Every player does. 

They're the tech nerds. You can always use the primary ability of the Tech Action regardless on whether you claim it or not. And you'll never have to claim it because someone ALWAYS gets it every round. So you'll be getting tech upgrades faster than anyone in the game. You can also ignore one prerequisite item for tech, allowing your to bounce around the tech tree. However, due to all of these incredible powers, you're a -1 in combat. 

The Commander allows you to re-roll once in battle each round. Their Hero allows you to trade your existing tech for any new ones if you want, which would completely throw the entire group off balance and your path to victory in a different direction altogether. I love it. 

The way to win is through technology. Don't let the -1 in combat bother you. You'll be the most advanced race in the game guaranteed. No one will be able to stop you whatever tech goal you decide to go for. You will ALWAYS be the superior race when it comes to tech and people will fear you because of it. 

Sure they may have more power but battles look like a hundred of them with swords and you with a machine gun on top of a hill. The possibilities to victory are endless.  

"New" Coke Zero

 Coke Zero started off in a black can and slowly moved back to red as the original color of the main drink. Now it looks almost identical to the regular can. So much so, that when looking for it a few weeks ago I couldn't find it until Megan pointed the new design out to me. 

They say it's a new flavor. But has it changed?

Yes! And it taste more like regular Coke. I'm not sure how they pulled it off. But it's pretty good. Glad I tried it!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Tips for TI4: The Emirates of Hacan

 Another race I've never had the pleasure of being but would LOVE the opportunity. First off....because they're a race of lion like species....and that's cool no matter what you say. 

You get to replenish your commodities for free. You can trade with anyone on the board not just those who are next to you. And only you can trade Action Cards when negotiating a  deal. They are the masters of trade. 

Your Commander allows you to count trade goods as 2 additional votes. You Hero allows you to produce as many units as are allowed per Fleet board....at no cost. An incredible ability. 

The first time I ever played this game someone one with this race, so I know exactly what you need to do. Win by trade. 

Trade can be resources and Influence x2. With it, you not only have boundless resources at your disposal but you become a threat in the political realm too. You carry the most potential for trade and everyone will want to make a deal with you. Take advantage of that until they realize their gain was half of your success to the top. 

By the end of the game, it was evident the girl playing this race was going to win. She was so powerful, she couldn't be stopped. I've been enamored with them ever since.

Look at that face.... I ain't lion!

Fireball Island: Formosa?

 One of my favorite board games slyly released a mini-pack expansion in another country under the radar with NO announcement. 

Don't know too much about it but that it consist of these 5 cards. I wonder if they'll provide an english translation in the upcoming expansion once its announced? 

Interesting none-the-less.