Monday, November 19, 2012

Fanboy Expo (1)

The Fanboy Expo was one of the best cons we've been to this year! Here's a few pics for starters!
 Me thinks there is more than meets the eye here!
 The car used in Transformers. Bumblebee!
 Megan got to meet one of her favorite actors C. Thomas Howell, who played "The Reaper" in Criminal Minds. Don't ask me, I just know him from the original Red Dawn.
 The guy who played the "new" Jason in Friday the 13th. I didn't get his name but he seemed like a fun guy. I was just sitting in waiting for the Star Wars Q&A that was after his.
Megan and Camden Toy, a fantastic guy! HE played creepy villians from Buffy. His most recognizable one being one of the "Gentlemen" in the episode "Hush" which was one or Megan's favorite episodes.

More to come this week!

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