Friday, February 15, 2013

App of the Week!

Temple Run 2

WHAAAAAT? They made a sequel to this game?! Am I that out of the loop now with new apps?! Had no idea about this and I LOVED the first one. This one is even better!

Better look, better ideas for game play, better everything! If you didn't get the first one I recommend you get that one first, dominate it for a little while then get the sequel and send me a thank you letter afterwards.

Have a good week folks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that you posted this. Just found it a couple weeks ago and LOVE it. I was a little tired of the first one because I played it so much. This is nice and refreshing. Been playing this and Angry Birds Star Wars when I get a sec :-)

BTW - they couldn't have picked a worse batch of "favorites" for Survivor. Basically every single one they went with was a terrible player on their season, save Malcolm. Seriously? These are your "favorites"? Not even close. They suck. No wonder it debuted to it's worst ratings ever for a season premiere. No one wants to see these idiots. I'll watch, but these were some pathetic choices.