Friday, March 30, 2012

More unproduced Star Wars toys

Time for a few more "never were made" Star Wars toys!

An Ewok Battle Wagon! No words would be able to express how bananas I would have gone over this in my possession. I loved me some Ewoks back in the day!

Meet Mongo Beefhead Tribesman. No really, that was his name....yep...moving on!

A Tattooine Sandspeeder. Basically it's a snow speeder repainted. Kinda lame but I think as a kid I would have loved it.

Snow Patroller. It was toys like this that made me mad as a kid. They were never in the movie yet I begged my eyes to glance across a speck of whatever add vehicle toy I had in my possession to be in the background of a Star Wars movie. But they never were...I won't miss this one.

Tattoine Sand Skiff. I would have DIED for this toy! Look how cool it looks!

The Holiday Special Wookie set. Whoa boy! Nuff said there.

Blaster Rifle Case. Shaped like the Blaster rifle. Would actually be used for an "extra" gun if you had a friend over who didn't have one.... and he'd hare you for doing it too! LAME product!!

An Ewok Ashtray?! What were they thinking?? Oh right, let's take a child's favorite character from Star Wars and make him a symbol for SMOKING! Wow. I can imagine why even the money-sucking George Lucas turned this idea down!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unproduced Star Wars toys

So while digging info on yesterday's article I came across unproduced Star Wars toys and became intrigued. So what COULD have been? Let me show you a few:

This is an Imperial Battle Droid prototype. By this time they didn't care if it was seen in the movies or not. It was all about the benjamins at this point.

An XP Landspeeder. Basically a remake of Luke's Landspeeder.

Millanium Falcon Cargo Holder. I was supposed to even attach to the original toy. Interesting and maybe I would've wanted it if I'd had the vehicle.

AT Ion Cannon. Again it looks like they were trying to save money by making changes to toys already in production.

A Rebel Blockade Runner? Really?! How awesome would this have been??

The Emperor's Throne Room Playset. How cool! I would've begged my mom for this.

Gargan from Jabba the Hutt's palace. Why anyone would WANT this figure is another question.

An Imperial Attack Droid. Another creation that was thrown into the reject bin. I wouldn't have cared since it's not a part of the movie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rejected Star Wars merchandising

It's hard to believe but even Lucas throws some "easy money" away at times. Here's just a few rejected ideas that might have gotten me to drop some dough on if they'd been produced.

How awesome would it be to shoot hoops with this?!

Come on! A Popsicle mold?! Who WOULDN'T want that?!

Would've drank a whole lot more Pepsi had they had these cool things in them!

What every man cave would need! I can see me sitting in the dark practicing my cackling in this thing!

I'm really shocked they never made this. As a kid a flashlight was ALWAYS used as my lightsaber until mom and dad bought us ones.

Ice cube molds?! Imagine how many "cool points" parties lost due to these not being produced!?

Snow globes?! How awesome would the Hoth scene be in one of these?

No idea what the cd would've had on it but I'd have been interested in hearing what they intended to do with it.

No way!!! How did this get rejected?!? Can't believe it. Would've worn this to college everyday and been walking (or running around) proud over the entire campus!

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movie sequels in the works

To round out my talk about movies, here are some actual movie sequels which are in the works on being made...

A Good Day to Die Hard

This movie's already set to go. Valentine's Day 2013 John McClain will lay the smack down on baddies once again. This time it will introduce us to his son (all grown up) and he's rumored to save the really, he's going to save the world.

I can't wait. Good stuff!

Beetlejuice 2

Not only is a screenplay being written as we speak, but both Keaton and Burton are rumored to be onboard for a sequel...unbelievable!

Bill and Ted's 3rd Adventure

The script's been written, Keanu Reeves and Bill Winters are set to reprise their roles all this is waiting on is a producer and director....AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ANYONE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS MOVIE BEING MADE???


Either as a sequel (doubtful) Prequel (possibly) or as a reboot (most likely) this film is coming back in some way, shape, fashion or form soon...

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magicians Nephew

Seeing as how the last movie flat-lined, I'm a little shocked to hear that another movie is still on the table. Not much is known about this project but one thing everyone agrees is more Narnia movies haven't been ruled out...yet.

Dumb and Dumber 2

The Farrelly's have expressed interest in creating a sequel to this gem of a movie and thanks to Jim Carey's dying movie career he's interested in doing it. Carey's also expressed interest in doing Bruce Almighty 2. A movie he turned down years ago. Guess it pays for the fans when their favorite actor in Hollywood starts becoming unpopular after all!

Indiana Jones 5

Once Lucas decides on a script that will ultimately ostracize every fan from the series then this project will be a "Go"

Monday, March 26, 2012


stupid blogger! This is the last time I try to post this!

I'm Batman! (4)

The "Final" battle. C-ya tomorrow folks!

I'm Batman! (3)

No love from Tal...

I'm Batman! (2)

Me trying to befriend Tallis.

I'm Batman! (1)

So this weekend I got to dress up as Batman and visit Megan's pre-school for Super Hero Day. Afterwards I went to see my nephews. Here's some footage from that day.

More to come later...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Most embarrassing

We all have those movies we're embarrassed to say we've seen. Well I have my top 3 right here:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

So you're probably saying "What's wrong with this movie?!" Well besides the obvious, nothing but the fact I saw this in theaters... when I was in college! On top of that I remember the movies projector had problems and they turned on the lights in the theater while they worked on it...and everyone got a good look at the only grown-up in the room who was not accompanied by a child. (sigh)

Batman and Robin

I guess ANYONE who saw this movie would say the same but here's the deal; I REFUSED to see this movie until someone offered to pay my ticket and I STILL felt cheated afterwards!!

Terrible movie, I'm so embarrassed I contributed to it making what little money it did. (no Star Wars prequel jokes please)

White Fang 2

I know what you're thinking and yes, this did actually come out in theaters. And yes the story is about a dog who was raised by indians and has his spirit transform him into an eagle at the end of the movie. And YES, I went to it!!

By far this is the most embarrassing movie I'll ever attend. I took out this girl who really wanted to see it and instead of trying to impress her I spent the next few nights scrubbing my eyes to get rid of the horrible story I saw play out on the big screen.

Ok, there. I got it off my chest. I feel better now! How bout you? Any embarrassing movies you'd like to confess to seeing?

I'm all ears...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Worst movie adaptations from novels

The book is ALWAYS better. We all know that, but sometimes the movie is HORRIBLE compared to the book. Let's look at a few examples today:

Chronicles of Narnia

I had the biggest hopes for these movies. I think we were are ok with how the first installment went but Prince Caspian everyone was like "Whaaaaaat?" Even Voyage of the Dawntreader didn't light up my life like I hoped it would. It's sad that such wonderful books can be brought down to this.

Jurassic Park

Don't get me wrong, I loved this movie but it is NOTHING compared to how awesome the book it. I remember my dad offering to read it to us one night and me telling him that there was no way it'd be better than the movie....and I was wrong.

Last of the Mohicans

I remember going out to see this movie in theaters with my dad and he asking me if it was just like the book. "No" I said. In fact, besides the names, I don't think there was ANYTHING from the novel. Col Munro gets portrayed as the villain (which made no sense) and some characters who die in the book LIVE in the movie. (and vice versa) As a movie, I have to admit it's pretty well done and who doesn't LOVE that soundtrack? But compared to the's ugly.

I am Legend

I was so excited to see this movie and then became so upset that I wasted my time and did.

The short story is actually one of the most compelling reads you'll ever have. The "twist" ending is worthy of the silver screen but for some reason the morons in Hollywood thought they could do better. They didn't and this movie suffered because of it.

Lord of the Rings

If you know me then you know how I loathe these movies. NOTHING like the book. They took a beautiful story and turned it into an unrecognizable beast! I saw these movies once in theaters and never plan to waste my time with them ever again. How sad that such a great story may never be told.

Oh well, that's what we have books for right?

Anybody got any others?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The problem with remakes

Today we're going to talk about Hollywood's obsession with re-makes. I don't think they ever work and that Hollywood is compketely out of fresh ideas to come up with anything else.

Let's take a look at the most memorable ones.

Dawn of the Dead

In my opinion, this is the ONLY film that is actually better than the original! It was well done and really surprised me in theaters the year it came out. The orginal was good too, but I gotta say this film beats it!

The Karate Kid

I broke down and finally watched this. It had it's moments but fell way short of the original. In fact, the training scenes which made the first film such a great movies, were wasted in this film. I mean, taking your jacket off and hanging it back up?! Come on! At least have him do things like SWEEP the floor or DUST the windows or something else?! That's free child labor man!! Mr Miagi saved hundreds of dollars off Daniel-son!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This had potential that sadly flopped out the door after you finished watching the film. The real crime committed is that most kids will think THIS was the original and not even bother checking out one of Gene Wilder's BEST performances!

Original still rules.

Day of the Dead

This was just a disaster! After the success of Dawn of the Dead I guess they thought lightening would strike twice but here it struck out! The original Day of the Dead isn't the best film ever but I'd rather watch it again than this garbage!

Any other movies come to mind?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TV Review

So two of my shows I've been watching this season are done and instead of waiting for Survivor to wrap up I'm going to go ahead and grade the other two shows for this season:

Clone Wars

Though better than the dismal season 3 they didn't do much for improvement on this show. Sure there were some good episodes, but bringing Darth Maul back from the dead was an awful idea. Perhaps their worst.

Lucasfilm's officially have pronounced him dead in several printer articles. I say printed because they've erased all digital evidence of it as of late last year. The Pompous George Lucas has decided to re-write Star Wars cannon for 2 reasons:

1) More Maul will lead to more merchandising.
2) Bringing back Darth Maul would be considered "cool" never mind it being impossible to explain.

How impossible? Well, I kept waiting for a explanation for Maul's sudden re-appearance..,.and I'm still waiting.

The hard fact is they won't ever give an explanation as to how they'll just make you accept it and move on. Sure Lucas will hire some bozo to sell us a story in book form that "explains" how he came back and how you spent $7-$22 reading about how it happened.

I'm giving this season a "C" and will sadly drag myself to see season 5 and hope this Maul story line doesn't drag out the entire next season. *spoiler* It probably will.

The Walking Dead

Great season. Great show. Started slow in the 2nd half of the season but delivered the last 4 episodes and so gets an "A" for the season.

I don't want to go too much into the show just in case you're thinking about watching it. Please do. It's worth you time!

Now all I have left it Survivor and then it's Damages in the Summer. Feels good not having that many show to watch!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Prequel ideas

Hey Hollywood! Here's some prequel ideas for ya!

1) Ocean's 3
2) Triassic Park
3) Mission Extremely Difficult
4) Prince Kong
5) Piggy-backing Miss Daisy
6) Plenty of Mohicans
7) Thursday the 12th
8) 4 Bachelorettes and a Friend in the Hospital
9) The Bourne Infancy
10) The Devil Wears Dillards

More movie reviews tomorrow...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Worst Prequels

To round out the week I thought we'd talk about terrible prequels. In no order, here they are:

Tremors 4

Most of you don't even know what I'm talking about here but if you've seen the other movies you'd understand. I believe Tremors 1-3 are some of the best. The only reason I left them off the list of best trilogies was because I wanted to talk about them here in worst prequels.

After delivering 3 very solid movies they thought up this prequel stinker and even had the gall to call it "4". (I should have know right there, huh?) This movie has one laugh in it. ONE. The rest of it is boring and has no imagination or creativity like the 3 that preceded it. The TV series was excellent but sadly this movie was the last thing the legacy ever saw.

Dumb and Dumberer

This movie can be summed up in one word: Why?

Why make this movie? Jim Carey turned down a sequel and THIS is what you gave us instead?! Oh man! What were they thinking?! I believe the folks involved with this movie had a true life "Hangover" experience when they decided to deliver this stinker to us.

Star Wars Prequels

Yep, I'm gonna bash on my own kind here. It's really sad how these movies turned out. They had such great potential to become epic movies but failed on every scale. Sure there are redeeming light saber bouts in each movie but that falls way short of calling them "good" as a whole.

The thing I guess I hate most about it is now the Trekkies have something to hold over our heads for the rest of our lives. THANKS GEORGE!

X-men First Class

Oh I know I'm going to get some hate mail after this, but honestly this has to be one of the worst prequels I've ever seen. Instead of getting the beautiful story of Magneto and Professor X's friendship that turns into hate we got lame CGI, pointless characters and the dumbest story of how Xavier becomes handicapped!

Seriously, I would've loved it better if they'd have had him get a mutant Lyme disease from a stale lollipop he sucked on which severed his spinal chord in two! Hmmm...not a bad idea. I wouldn't be surprised if the morons in Hollywood would be interested in that story line?

So gripe at me all you want for it but my position on this movie still stands.


That's my list, what's yours?

(if you haven't noticed already I'm quoting a line from my favorite show on MLB Network "Prime 9)