Monday, October 31, 2011


It was this day back in 1993 that my favorite card and comic book shop of all time closed down. In honor of it demise I set out to draw a 13 issue comic book series... that has now turned into over 900 issues and counting. (amazing)

So today we remember the folks who started it all and tomorrow it's more comic strips coming to the blog.

Weekend post may not be an average thing going forward anymore. I'll try whenever I have something worth posting but we've already surpassed the most post in one year for this blog, it's incredible how many people check it on a daily basis. I never knew how popular this would be and it's all thanks to you folks, so I thank you for it!

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lily's Disneyland Surprise!

Scientist are out there cloning Megan!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A World Series to Remember

Just like the Giants did it in 2010 the Cardinals made an amazing run with having the worst record for a team in the post season. They overcame amazing odds and like the Giants are now sitting atop the baseball world as champions.

So the real question is what happens from here? Do the Cardinals lose their all-star first basemen? I highly doubt it at this point.

And what of the Rangers?? I don't think anyone would argue they'll be in the playoffs again next year, maybe even another amazing trip to the WS. But what trades and free agents do they plan on getting in the off season?

WHat about the Mets? Well, ok they'll still be terrible but at least I can dream of a 3rd place finish in the East right?

So now baseball is over and I'm bummed. College football hasn't had much of my attention all year so it'll be weird fitting it back into my routine. Maybe I'll watch more NHL this year?

Either way it's been an exciting year of baseball and I can't wait till next year!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ALCS (9)

Do they win the World Series this week? We'll wait and see...

ALCS (8)

ALCS (7)

ALCS (6)

ALCS (5)

ALCS (4)

ALCS (3)

ALCS (2)

ALCS (1)

Also this past weekend we got to see the Rangers win the ALCS and advance to the World Series. A truly incredible thing!

Watch how happy Megan is through out these clips...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Megan goes to the Mall (4)

Megan goes to the Mall (3)

Megan goes to the Mall (2)

Megan goes to the Mall (1)

There are several things Megan loves more than me, shopping is one of them.

So watch her reaction here when I take her to the Grapevine Mills Mall this past weekend in Dallas!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Halloween Costume EVER! CRAZY!

Think you're costume idea will look cool? Check this one out!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney Finale (2)

If this doesn't make you miss Disney World I don't know what would!

Tomorrow you'll find out what ever happened to those jelly beans we bought at Harry Potter World.

Disney Finale (1)

Nothing like fireworks at the Magic Kingdom!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Magic Kingdom rides (2)

The Astro Orbiter, I hadn't ridden this ride since I was 10!

More to come tomorrow!

Magic Kingdom rides (1)

Megan's favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom, the Dumbo ride.

One more to come later today.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom (3)

C-ya tomorrow!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom (2)

Megan thinks he looks just like Johnny Deep.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom (1)

We walked in there and this was what first greeted us on the way in. Gotta love a Disney parade!

More to come...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Meg Update

It's been a while since I've talked about the Mrs I thought I'd give an update on what she was up to lately.

She now teaching pre-school at Bayou Gymnastics and also teaches dance in the evenings. She even coached a Miss LA contestant in dance as well. (I don't think she won though) So things are going very well for her.

Now if she'd only stop beating me at nights...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Star Wars books never released

Believe it or not they actually have Star Wars books that have been worked on (or in some cases completed) that were never released. Let's talk about a few of them now.

1) Imperial Commando 2 and Boba Fett book

Both of these would've been written by Karen Traviss. As I've told you she was let go from Lucas earlier this year for being terrible. I know the sound of a Boba Fett book would've been cool but trust me, from Traviss it would've been awful

2) Knightfall

A New Jedi Order book that I have no doubt would've been great but it didn't get off the ground and instead they made plans to write something else. The cover was made which is why I have it shown here. We'll never know what it could've been I guess.

3) Blood Oath

Word is Lucas really wanted this book made but the author suffered from "personal problems" and it was never completed. They loved it so much though they finished the cover art for the book, placed it on pre-order at one time online and even included a mention of the story line later on in other books. I'm curious to see if they'll ever try to pick up the story again and do something with it. Until then we'll cross our fingers and see.

4)Escape from Dagu

Guess what folks? This book has actually been completed and is now seating on a dusty shelf never to see the light of day. Why? Turns our Del Rey only has the permission of Lucas to produce 45 books under their current contract. The made this one with the intention of releasing it but after consideration they shelved it. The reason? The main character in the story "Shaak Ti" wasn't deemed popular enough to sell the book so they went with a Yoda story instead. I did some research online and found a petition to Del Rey for the release of the book. I signed it and found out I was #27 to do so. Yeah, it's a good bet we'll never see this book ever.

Ok that's all for now folks. C-ya later!

Zach Ramsey

I just got word that I good friend of mine Zach Ramsey who has been fighting cancer for the past 7 years, finally went to be with the Lord earlier this morning.

I will miss my good friend dearly and ask that you keep his wife Dora, his family in your prayers at this time that they may be comforted after this difficult loss.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Say goodbye to Hollywood...Studios

The amazing thing about Hollywood Studios is that it never ceases to amaze me. We spent almost an entire day there and saw things we didn't see the last time, and there were TONS of things we didn't get to see either!

Truly amazing.

Check us out next week as Megan returns to her "happy place" the Magic Kingdome.

And as always, have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Guess who's cleared of all charges with the NCAA? After 13 months they officially announced the case closed. They also called out those 4 phonies from Auburn who claimed to have been offered money from Auburn as well.

Oh well, now that it's over, Cam's rockin' it out in the NFL and the the Gators next week while we all pray Trotter suffers from a broken bone and is out for the season.

Fun at Hollywood Studios (2)

Megan draws Pluto!

Tomorrow folks, we're going to pull a stunt...

Fun at Hollywood Studios (1)

Bubber Fett!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Mermaid Show (4)

Not a big fan of the show. Oh well. We'll have great stuff for you tomorrow, don't miss it!

Little Mermaid Show (3)

Little Mermaid Show (2)

Little Mermaid Show (1)

Megan's next stop was the Little Mermaid show....more vids coming today.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bub's favorite rides (4)

That's all for today! Join us tomorrow as Megan goes "under the sea"

Bub's favorite rides (3)

Bub's favorite rides (2)

Bub's favorite rides (1)

Just thought I'd post some of Megan's favorite rides to be on.

More to come later today.

Kirk Herbie does it again

These post our becoming an annual thing, but after watching the BCS Countdown show on ESPN I had to speak again on the most biased person in sports.

Kirk has made many a subtle notion to let you know he isn't a fan of the SEC. He never picks them to win in the championship game and always leaves the SEC teams in his #2 or lower spot when giving his pre-BCS top ten. Look at last year where he gave it to Oregon and said that "without a doubt, hands down" they were the best team in the country.

This year what's his top ten look like? LSU #3, Alabama #2 and Oklahoma #1. It doesn't surprise me at all really, but the thing that bothers me is he acts like he's an unbiased commentator and he's not!

Why can't he be like ole Lou on the show? You love him and you know he's a Notre Dame fan at heart but at least he doesn't pretend not to be.

So I guess I'm just here to whine about it until the day he and Erin Andrews are off the show and I'll finally get to enjoy it...which may take a while I'm sure.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Top Ten Best Star Wars books

Now we're talking! Time to discuss the best Star Wars books out there. There were tons of runner ups, but overall I think these are my top ten favorites.

10) Corellian Trilogy

Great story where Han Solo goes back to his home planet, reunites with his long lost cousin (who's the bad guy) and even leads to a shocking death of a previous character from past books. (which had never been done before at the time) There's plenty of books that are just as good in the Star Wars universe, but I think this one barely beats them out.

9) Children of the Jedi

Very few books made me stand up and cheer like this one did. Not only was it well written but this time the author was able to displays Luke's power very well. Luke is pushed to the limit in his ability to use the force that by the middle of the book he's worn out and vulnerable. Perfect story telling. Too bad her "Planet of Twilight" book didn't have this.

8) Han Solo trilogy (original)

Since there are actually 2 series by this title I have to be specific. This is one of the first crop of Star Wars books to come out and it was marvelous. Solo is potrayed a lot darker then he would be years later in the books. These prequels talk about the adventures of young Han Solo and his wookie friend Chewbacca. Wonderfully done!

7) Lando Calrissian Trilogy

But this one just beats it. Another batch of books from the early 80's that were just as fantastic as they were funny. I think Lando is a great character and am boggled as to why most author generally ignore him in their stories. One author of The Black Fleet Crisis did include what I thought was a great Lando story line. It just missed making my top ten but it could be argued as being one of the best books as well.

6) Jedi Academy Trilogy

In my opinion Kevin J Anderson is the best writer in the Star Wars universe. He's written many good books for hem but this is his best. Luke becomes a Jedi Master and starts a school but chaos ensues (of course) and the Imperial threat for once is shown as a bumbling idiot rather than a "powerful" threat to the New Republic. I was so pleased by the story writing that this would've actually ranked hire many years ago if the caliber of Star Wars books had remained the same. Thankfully they didn't and so this book gets pushed back to #6 but in no way does that take away from the fact that these were great novels!

5) X-Wing series(by Micheal A Stackpole)

Funny how the guy who wrote the worst Star Wars book ever in my opinion can actually make it so high on the "best" list as well. But he does with his X-Wing series. I've never felt so poured into a story without any of the main movie characters being in it. It was a real treat to read about a group of X-Wing pilots some surviving, some not in a series of adventures laid out in these books. One book in particular "Iron Fist" actually had me tearing up after one characters death. It's that good folks!

4) X-Wing series (Aaron Allston)

Yes, same series different author. After Stackpole had finished his story Allston took it upon himself to come up with new characters and adventures for you to care about but added much more witty banter and humor than Stackpole, which is why he gets #4 on my list.

3)Thrawn Trilogy

You knew it was coming. Fanboys around the world know about Zahn's trilogy that catapulted the Star Wars universe to new heights in the early 90's. No doubt about it these are fine books. A lot of folks have these as their #1 and I don't blame them... but there are 2 series I think beat this one out.

2) Legacy of the Force series

Han and Leia's oldest son turns to the dark side, Luke is unbelievably powerful in the Force and with a little nostalgia from previous young adult books plus a final showdown of the Solo twins makes this one of the best! But the best series of books...

1) New Jedi Order series

No other stories in the Star Wars universe get any better than this. This series is the "Empire Strikes Back" of Star Wars books. Every book in this series (except one) have a previous character from past novels getting killed. It starts with the BIG one being Chewbacca at the very beginning then the middle book of the series Star by Star (which is actually the best one) has 3 side character deaths and the death of Han and Leia's youngest son. With an unbelievably good ending this series will be hard to top period.

The only books that could crack my top ten would be the latest ones out called "Fate of the Jedi" but I'm holding my judgment until I've read the entire series first, though it'd be hard pressed to beat this one.

Ok folks, that's all for now. C-ya tomorrow!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Top 10 worst Star Wars Books Ever Made

This has been a long time coming. I'm finally going to countdown the worst Star Wars books ever. I've seen lots of folks make this sort of list but none of them have ever gotten it right. So here goes:

10) Dark Forces

To be honest, this one really isn't that bad I just needed 10 books and considering this series it wasn't that great. Based of the video game this book FELT like it too. There's a series of "dark jedi" and just like levels in a video game, every other chapter has Kyle Katarn fighting another dark jedi which feels too much like the "Level Boss" before advancing to the next round. I almost felt like he deserved to find a mushroom or coin after defeating them

9) Planet of Twilight

I like the author Barbara Hambly a lot, but she missed the target on this one. To sum it off it was about a alien worm that had "evolved" into a human-like being and was trying to get off planet to rule the galaxy. Yeah. The other problem with this was at the time Luke Skywalker's character was getting so powerful that authors were having a hard time figuring out how to dampen his force ability. Hambly strikes out again when she puts him on this planet where using the Force creates a powerful storm that could harm the residents. Yeah, not good writing at all.

8) Red Harvest

I was so stoked for this to come out but when I read about zombie sith kids, a mad professor who started it and a sith academy that has "good" and "bad" sith you're cheering for you kinda forget they're all bad and you really don't care anymore. This plot sounds like something out of a Michael Bay film so if you enjoyed Transformers 2 and you like Star Wars you'll love this book.

7) Crystal Star

A star that has so odd affect on the Force that it makes Luke act like a weirdo, an unexplained alien creature from another dimension and a pointless kidnapping of Han and Leia's kids that have them met up with some kind of space centaur?! Yeah, I don't get it either, which is why it's #7

6) Coruscant Nights

Not only was this story about a Jedi detective bad (yes I said Jedi detective) but it never finished?!? Oh but don't worry, they announced the last book will be out in 2013...7 years after the last book was released????

5) Coruscant Nights

This 2 part series (Stealth and Siege) was about Obi Wan and Anikin in the clone wars.... and that was about it. There's no doubt this book was made only to grab cash from the consumer. There's no story, no arc and after you're done you wonder why you even bothered to take the time to read it. Pointless.

4)Tattooine Ghost

Now these books are starting to look ugly. This author saw Episode One and decided to make a story about Han and Leia returning to Tattooine to look for a painting (I'm not joking here) but they also end up discovering about little Annie and meet up with a few of his childhood friends that are now all grown up. The author should have looked at the story plot and run away... screaming.

3) Shatterpoint

Matthew Stover creates a writer foul by formatting his story after all the fan fiction out there. The use of first person narration has been worn out in fan fiction. Everyone does it. Even today, which is why I don't like many fan fiction stories. It's a complete cop out for story telling and Stover does it here. C'mon man, you're better than this. Leave the "dear diary" moments to the novices.

2) Imperial Commando/Republic Commando

Karen Travis' story about rouge clone troopers was not only awful but was cancelled by Lucas for not conforming to Star Wars cannon. She tried kissing butt of Star Wars fans, via blogs and chat rooms but overall she was a terrible author and I'm glad to see her gone!

1) I, Jedi

The WORST Star Wars book out their hands down. Stackpole forces his character into Kevin J Anderson's Jedi Academy story which felt like Lucas trying to force Jar Jar into the original trilogy. (don't get any ideas George) Not only is this a terrible book but the author tries to make his character seem like the best Jedi in the universe. Not only does he outsmart Luke but he's smarter than anyone in the whole academy, oh and he beats Luke in a lightsaber battle where Skywalker ends up having cowing to the Jedi students demands... yeah, I kept waiting to see if anyone was going to wake this character up from his dream!

Believe it or not, I've actually seen this book on folks "Best Star Wars Book" list. INCREDIBLE!What does that tell you about the average SW fan out there? Yikes!

Tomorrow I'll do the top ten best Star Wars books so stay tuned...

Friday, October 07, 2011

MId-way Mania (4)

I had to keep my voice down because somebody didn't want to be interviewed after the ride. : )

See ya next week folks!!

MId-way Mania (3)

MId-way Mania (2)

MId-way Mania (1)

So as the park opened we went straight to the Toy Story ride where you shoot things for points...and this is what the line looked like when we got there. YIKES!!

More to come...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Downtown Disney (5)

Not that you didn't know already, but here's proof of how outrageous the prices are at Disney.

Next up tomorrow, Hollywood Studios!

Downtown Disney (4)

Downtown Disney (3)

Another "old man" video here. I was excited to see Planet Hollywood... Megan on the other hand couldn't have cared less.

Downtown Disney (2)

Lego Land. Incredible what they can build with them!!

Downtown Disney (1)

This is what I like to call my "old man video" On our way downtown we came across some ducks... and so I took some footage of the ducks....being ducks.... YEP! Old Man Video!

Better stuff coming later today...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Downtown Girl (4)

More downtown videos tomorrow!

Downtown Girl (3)

Downtown Girl (2)

Downtown Girl (1)

Next we went to Downtown Disney, where Megan acted like a little kid on a sugar rush. Don't believe me? Just keep checking back today for more videos to come...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Goodbye to Sea World

As always, little bubber has pooped herself out by the end of the day. It's so easy to tell on camera every time!

Touching the stingray (3)

Touching the stingray (2)

Touching the stingray (1)

So they had a stingray pool you could pet and feed stingrays ate.

Did Megan ever touch one? Find out later today...

Monday, October 03, 2011

Cirque de Something (6)

The videos keep on coming tomorrow!

Cirque de Something (5)

Cirque de Something (4)

Cirque de Something (3)

Cirque de Something (2)

Cirque de Something (1)

We went to a show at Seaworld that was absolutely stunning to see. Today I'll be posting a few clips of the show we saw. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Greatest Sequels Never Made!

Hi folks,

Today I wanted to take a look at the Top sci-fi sequels that unfortunantly will never be made.

Hellboy 3

Loved the first two but when I heard the last one didn't make a dime I knew that was the end of a great series. This was one of the few movies ever to stay true to it's comic book origins.

Deep Space Nine Movie

The series was one of Star Trek's best. The reason they never attempted to make a movie still confuses me to this day!

Tremors 5

This movie has been on and off the table for years. But ever since 2009 I think it's been shelved for good. That's too bad though. With the exception of 4 these moives (and the TV series that followed) are some of the best I've ever seen! Let's be honest, who WOULDN'T want to see Burt Gummer go after some Graboids again?!

Serenity 2

I'm doubtful this would have been it's title but I still would've loved to have gotten the complete meaning of "2 by 2, hands of blue" which was rumored what the sequel was to be about. Oh well, guess we'll have to settle for terribly written comic books from all of Joss Whedons's canceled shows.

Star Wars 7,8 & 9 (The New Jedi Order)

The chances of Battlefield Earth getting a sequel is better than these being made. I would hate to see what Lucas would do if he ever wrote the sequels to Star Wars but if they made a movies after the New Jedi Order series, not only would it sell like hotcakes but kids all around the world would understand why us older folks loved Star Wars so much growing up.

I have no doubt these movies (if made) would go down as the best Star Wars movies ever!

*sigh* Oh weel, guess we'll have to settle with having the Clone Wars every Friday night on TV instead.

C-ya tomorrow!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

War Eagle

We lose to Clemson but we beat the 10th ranked Gamecocks. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???!!

Let me collect my thoughts.... this was a terribly played game on both sides. Auburn had so many chances to blow this game out it was ridiculous. We were lucky in this game. No doubt.

Now let's see if we can take that luck with us to Arkansas next week.

Long time overdue

So I've been in Dallas this whole week and haven't had the time to make a post about Auburn's game against FAU last week, so with kickoff later today against South Carolina, here's what I have to say about the Plainsmen:


To let a Sun Belt conference team play us like that was awful. It reminded me of an episode of Johnny Bravo when he was dating this girl who turned into a werewolf. When Johnny finds out the girl says "I'm ugly aren't I?"

"You're not ugly" responds Johnny, "You're... what's the the word? Ah! Hideous."

Hideous is how we looked. It's going to be a 3 week massacre against teams in the SEC West. I'm not looking forward to it but this afternoon... the slaughter will begin.

It you happen to flip by the channel, overt your eyes as you would a car wreck... this is going to look bad.