Friday, January 29, 2010

A few pics

Here's one of me at our X-mas party. I'm showing off Megan's "future" birthday present she got. A Beauty and the Beast painting.
Here's a few pics around the office. Kamilah not only sits beside me at work but she also lives on the same road as I do. How wild is that?
Joe is our Sr Trainer and lives one street behind me. Believe me, it's so weird. We all decided to start car pooling if the gas climbs to $4 again.
And here's me and another trainer Jennifer breaking it down with some Wii dance game.
No comment on my pose right there.

Ok folks, that's all for now. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spiders (3)

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Saints.... win?

The good people of Louisiana woke up this morning and went to get the paper to make sure they weren't dreaming.

The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

Even though I don't care for the NFL at all I tip my hat to all the die hard Saints fans who needed this the most.

In fact, my favorite text from last night came from an old friend of mine who said: After a win like that, I'm going to snort BLOW!!!

He was kidding of course. But still.... it gave me the man giggles.

Guess who's back?

That's right. Doing his own show in L.A. again. Hoping to cash in on some movie deals later on, PEE-WEE HERMAN is back in business.

I'll say this. I hated the show. I always thought it was dumb even in it's prime. But the first movie he did is still one of the funniest I've seen. How does that happen?

It's funny reading what the critics have to say about him too. Even the critics who saw his L.A. show can't seem to talk bad about him because they admit it was good to see him back.

I'm thinking new Governor of CA.... what do you think people?

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Shows I'm watching this season

I need to talk about some other shows I'll be watching this season. (on top of the ones I've already told you about)

You already know I'm a fan. But I'm a BIG fan. I'm really looking forward to what this season has to offer. It's never let me down before and I doubt this season will be any different.

This is the final season right? Ok. Here's 3 things I want explained or I'm calling this entire show a waste of time:

1) Explain about Walt. What was his ability, why was he special, what was his purpose. I know they're tried to make you forget that storyline but it still bugs me to this day.

2) What happened to Claire? They better explain this one. You don't just write someone off of a show and never mention what became of them.

3) Explain the island. Yes I mean, what is it exactly and why is it some mystical. I also want to valid reason behind the "smoke" monster. Which by far is the stupidest thing they ever put into the story. Better make it good people!!

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As you all know, 24 premiered last night on Fox! Check out this deleted scene!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Survivor Update!

Sorry to sound like a broken record here, but I just got the additional scoop on our Survivor's.... check this out.

Did you know Julia Berry (from season 9) and Probst were a couple?! I mean, I haeard the rumors years ago and thought nothing of it, but it's true!

Johnny Fairplay- The reason he didn't make it was they all felt he "quit" on them in Fans vs Favorite, hence no invite.

Russell Haskell- The MOMENT the wrapped up the show they made him an offer to be on the next season. He agreed but Survivor made one rule for him.... he is NOT allowed to tell anyone what he did on the previous season. This changes my perspective on Russell. If he's an unknown he DEFINITELY has a shot at winning Heroes vs Villains (but I'll stick with my original pick anyway since I've already made it public) I hope Russell wins!!!!

They said the first challenge in Survivor went SO well they had a broken toe, dislocated shoulder and "surprising upset" when a Hero faced a Villain individually. WOW!!! I can't wait to see who it was!!

They also reported that the first challenge was similar to a challenge from last seasons. But since "once again" they had injuries from "unsportsman-like" plays they said they'll never do that challenge again.

Jeff Probst admits to not knowing it all when Tribal Counsel comes. He said alliances switch so quickly they have no idea what will happen. They even resort to hand signals when the cameras aren't rolling to pull a blindside. Though the TV crew has told them to avoid that tactic, it still goes on throughout the season.

LOOKS INTERESTING!! I can't wait!!

Some days I just don't get it

Hey, did you see the new Avatar film yet?

It's in 3-D!

I didn't.

I just don't know what it is about this movie but I have absolutely NO desire to see it... ever.

Yes, I've heard everyone tell me how good it is.

Yes, I'm a sci-fi nut.

This movie holds no interest to me whatsoever.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Survivor Women, why didn't they make it?

As Josh pointed out yesterday I forgot to mention the Survivor woman I thought would be a better choice than the ones they picked. I named one (Colleen) But failed to mention the others. Here goes:
Elizabeth Hassellbeck. (Survivor 2)

Yeah, I know. She's on the View now and wouldn't be caught DEAD in the game of Survivor ever again. But still, she was loved.
Heidi Strobel (Survivor 6)

Sure her best bud Jenna won in Survivor 6 but why wasn't she brought back into the game again. I think if they'd had picked Jenna off before Heidi, then you would have seen her win it all. Remember, they voted her off because they thought she was better at challenges. Hmmmm?
Erin Collins (Survivor 5)

Have to say, I've never seen a girl carry a team as much as she did. Dare I even mention how she dominated at swimming? It's a shame her tribe was down in the numbers by the time the merge happened. She was one of the last girl Survivor's I would ever like.
Kathy O'Brian (Survivor 4)

Guess they were only concerned about beauty when picking for season 20. Kathy would have been a fantastic choice. True she was annoying but when she pee-peed on a tribe mate to ease his pain from a sting ray attack, it's something none of you ever forgot.... am I right?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why didn't they make it?! (Part 2)

Didn't recognize anyone I named yesterday? I'll pick some more current Survivors today.
Chris Daugherty (winner season 9)

Remember this moron? This was the season they pitted guys against girls. The girls slaughtered the men all the way down till there was only Chris.... and somehow he ended up winning.

A true example of how to "fall up" Chris sat and watched as the women picked themselves off one by one while he sat quietly in the shadows until he ended up winning. So pathetic was his win I guess they never asked him to come back.

Still I'm curious.... would've he be able to win it again?
Bobby Jon Drinkard (season 10 & 11)

If you're going to have that annoying Stephanie on the show, why not bring back her loser buddy? He was way more interesting and funnier than Steph. He got his shot the very next season but was voted off just like before thanks to Stephanie.

Guess America only likes the underdog if it whines for pity.
Shane Powers (season 12)

I'm not the only one who's brought this up. Remember this guy? Went a little crazy pretending some rock was his blackberry? A good villain too! Shane is just the type of crazy this season needed. I wonder why he wasn't asked to join the ranks as well?

Yul Kwon (winner of season 13)

Remember how Jeff praised his ability and game-play of Survivor? So how come we've never heard from him again? It's got to be Yul saying "No" cause I can't imagine CBS not loving an Asian on the show! Heck they brought Shii Anne in for All-Stars because they were desperate to show some multiculturalism on the show!

Oscar Lusth (season 13)

Right now, all you true Survivor fans are going "Oh YEAH!!! I forgot about him!! OZZIE!!!" Yes I loved him too. Why won't he come back? He was "Superman" in the challenges, rivaling even Colby's dominance in some cases. I wonder why they didn't pick him? Why would the great Oz refuse an invitation? Questions with no answers.
Yau-man Chan (season 14)

Be honest. Besides the winner of that season can you remember anyone else of importance? They brought him back in Fans vs Favorites but I guess now he's decided he's too old to play. Because he definitely got ratings. That's for sure!
Michael Bortone (season 16)

Right now you'll all saying "Who?!" Let me try to jog your memory. This was Fans vs Favorites. He was the fan who had the game well in hand until his idiot tribe mate (Joel) decided to make his "power play" early in the game and take him out. A move that would cost them all the game.

I was so upset because I really think this guy missed his chance to become a champion. How bout a second chance on Survivor? Hello?
Ace Gordon (season 17)

And the faces are getting more familiar. Remember when Jeff said "I wish Ace had spent more time on the show, I'd have liked to see what he could've done. But thanks to our "hero" Sugar we never found out.

Sugar believed a lie from someone OUTSIDE of her alliance that Ace was gunning for her. So she betrayed Ace without even thinking. Dumb blonde gets duped and we lose another great character on TV. What about a second shot for this guy too?
Matty Whitmore (season 17)

I have to admit. 2nd only to Russell (season 19) and Rob Cesterino, I think this guy wanted to win the most. He wore his heart on his sleeve and he fought hard to the bitter end. I hated to see him go and would've loved to see him come back.

I guess there's no chance for him either... shame!

Have any others suggestions for Survivor's you would have liked to see again?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why didn't they make it?!

Ok, so I we spoke about who was in it. Now let's talk about why they didn't put some of these characters in instead?
Greg Buis (season 1)

Remember funny lovable Greg? Used a coconut as a cell phone?! Ha ha! I loved this guy! How come he never got the chance to come back.
Colleen Haskell (season 1)

Duped by Kelly she naively gave up a challenge and was voted off that night. But I liked her. Why not bring her back? Oh, and the reason Richard Hatch isn't on it is because he just got released from prison for not paying taxes and the judge won't allow him to leave the country. Perhaps that's why Randy or Tyson are in it.
Silas Gaither (season 3)

Ok, so the winner Ethan Zohn isn't in it is because he has cancer but why not go for someone else from that season?

If you don't remember, Silas (shown up front) was the guy who had everything under control.... until Survivor's first plot twist happened. He was forced to switch teams and was voted out before becoming a huge threat.

I admired the man and I admired his game. It's a shame he won't get a 2nd chance to Redeem himself like so many others have.
Hunter Ellis (season 4)

This is the reason I will forever hate Boston Rob. He voted off this man early in the game. Clearly a dominate player he did ALL the work for his team. That's why Probst says it was "the most unexpected tribal counsel vote I've ever experienced"

Why Boston Rob got rid of his best player (eventually leading to his first demise on the show) is still unknown. I still feel bad for the guy and wished he's had gotten a second chance.
Brian Heidik (winner of season 5)

Why didn't he come back? Well, he turned them down during All-Stars so it comes as no suprise he's not back in this one either. But it's a shame. Guess he wanted to leave going out on top! Truly a worthy receiver of the crown he outwit, outlasted and outplayed everyone there.

Rumor is he invested all his winnings and made and even bigger fortune which is why he no longer wishes to compete.
Jake Billingsley (season 5)

No Brian? Ok, how about bringing back Jake? Remember him? The older man with the heart of a lion. Lead his team and never betrayed them, even at the end?! You rarely see such a loyal competitor in the show. I wish we could've seen him again. Perhaps age has caught up with him. Either way, it's sad. He shall be missed!
Matthew Von Ertfelda (season 6)

This was the year Jena won, he was runner-up for the crown. Nobody liked him and the original plan was to only keep him till the final 6. But he played hard and won out on the last few immunity challenges, earning his spot in the finals.

He was chosen because no one still liked him but doesn't that make him the ultimate underdog too? I really didn't think he was that bad!
Rob Cesterino (season 6)

Jeff Probst proclaimed his as being "The smartest person never to win the game" Since Russell I bet he'd retract that comment but still I don't know why he was shut out of this season? The man was in All-Stars and wanted to win SO BADLY. I felt his pain.

My only guess was that it was his decision somehow. Because as much as he wanted it I can't imagine why he'd let that dream slip away.

Johnny Fairplay (season 7)

Did I even have to mention his name? This should be the question that's on everyone's mind. Why isn't the biggest villain in Survivor's history not back on the show? NO ONE'S asking that question, yet I was able to find 2 rumors about him.

1) Jeff Probst hates him... and I'm not talking about just a little bit folks. It's true that he and Johnny do not get along.

2) They were disappointed in his last appearance (Fans vs Favorites) because he seemed to just give up. I can see that a little bit but not really. I think he knew he was out and just wanted to make it look like he didn't care. Johnny would never admit to losing the game because he just wasn't good enough.

Back with more Survivor's tomorrow!!

Wellington The Goat Boy (3)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Survivor: Villains

Today's it's the Villains turn to share the spotlight... let's proceed....


Yep.... I remember which one she was one.... don't recall anything significant she did. And I'm a Survivor expert. Nothing comes to mind. I had more moment on Candice for crying out loud! I got NO memorable moments with her. NONE.

Ok, just so you'll know she was 2nd runner up to Aras in the final but lost. Still.... I don't remember I thing she did!

Winner of Pearl Islands. Couldn't be on All-Stars citing "bad health" but she's returned again to play for the Villains. Yes, she's one of them. Yes, she did bad things. (like betray the jolly giant Rupert himself)

She loves to stir things up around camp and is my pick to win it all. I think a girls going to win because it always seems to be the case and she definitely has the talent to do it. I don't want it to be her mind you but she has the best shot in my opinion.

Her only problem will be hanging on till the merge. If she can do that it's clear skies ahead!

The Skeleton Queen is back and I'm already hating her! Seriously though, when you're nothing but a spoiled brat what's there to like about you in the first place. Prediction? Without her strong alliance like she had in China she'll be one of the first to go from the team. Just watch and see!

Ooooooohh.... she's evil. I can't stand her. Yet she fooled many with her charm and won during Fans vs Favorites. I really hope they take her out fast. If not, I'm predicting she'll go far! She's that good! But I hope she gets voted out early because I'd hate to see too many episodes with her in it.


The ultimate villain. But hey, get this... she says she STILL doesn't know why people hate her?! Ha ha! Best case of denial I've ever seen!

Remember during the Reunion show of All-Stars when she walked off the set after getting booed? Ha ha ha! I have no idea why she'd come back with the label of "villain" but it fits her fine.

She's Colby's arch nemesis and therefore mine as well. Love to hate ya Jerri!

Sugar's arch nemesis. Before Survivor he had NO friends. He's a grumpy old man who hates people and hates love.... but I love him.

He's the EXACT opposite of Sugar. He doesn't care what people think and he's just going out there and being himself. Gotta love that!

I don't see him winning but I do like him all the same.

This guys a villain?! He was so funny and so lovable! But I suppose since he loved being mean to Seirra in Tocantins that he's named "villain" for the show.

I actually loved watch this guy and really want to see him go far. Do I want him to win though? Mmmmm... maybe not.


The Dragon-Slayer.

One of my all time favs!

Villain? Nnnnnneeee....

Delusional idiot? Oh yes! That's why I love him so much!

He's one of those guys that's so full of himself you just gotta love him! Jeff Probst says he has "NO chance of winning the game even if taken to the end." I agree. But I hope he's on there long enough because I do enjoy my DRAGON..... SLAYER!!
Boston Rob.

Hated? Yes. Villain. Oh yes. I still haven't forgiven him for betraying Hunter on season 4. He's a slime ball who I have to admit, played one of the greatest games of all time in Survivor All-Stars. He ruled that game. Shame he didn't win it. He deserved it.

Jeff voted him "most likely to win". I don't know about it. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice? Shame on me! I don't know how he can pull off not looking like a HUGE threat the third time around, but if anyone can do it, he can!

He's one of my 3 best survivor players of all time. No one can Outlast him when it comes to being deceptive and manipulative.

You already know him from last season. He's back and he deserves it. He's a villain for sure but he SO deserved to win last season and that's still killing him today. He's the final one of my 3 best Survivor players of all time. NO ONE can Outwit him!

Though I doubt a guy wins, Russell to me seems to have the best chance at it!

Wellington The Goat Boy (2)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Survivor: Heros

Ok. Let's kick this off by talking about the Heroes first!

You remember.... from Cook Islands.... um... hooked up with that guy named Adam.... kissed him at Tribal counsel right before Jeff snuffed out her torch..... barely made it on the Jury after the merge?..... yeah, I have a hard time remembering who she is too.

I also recall she "mutinied" from her team during the show (because she thought Adam was cute and wanted to be on his team) Jeff Probst said that took courage hence the title of "Hero". How about we give he the title of "Who?!"

This girl did NOTHING memorable. In fact she even admits in an interview that being the "unknown" Survivor could work to her advantage. It sure could, no one would even remember when she played it the first time around. She was THAT unnoticeable.

I don't know, maybe every other girl they asked to do the show said "no" until they came to her. Maybe we'll remember her this time.... maybe not.


Heh. Good choice. Pick the girls who lies to everyone made it to the final 2 TWICE (once Todd in China and then to Parvati in Fans vs Favorites) But yet was unable to convince the jury both times she was innocent.

She's not really a hero either. More like... pathetic!

So here we go again. Bring on the "dear eyes" lie to people when you vote them off. Play dumb, make it to the final two, cry... again... and see if they will believe you this time.... ugh.

You've gotta be kidding me. This chick lost EVERY immunity challenge on her first time around making her a tribe of 1!! (remember that?) After getting booted out during the merge they actually brought her back the very next season to help "lead a team".

Surprisingly she made it all the way down to the final 2 before losing again.

Why bring her back? Off hand I can think of 5 girls from previous Survivors that'd have been better! And why "Hero"? I guess because a "Loser" tribe wasn't available!


Oh no. Not her. AGAIN?! The "lovable" blonde who always "hated" voting people off and just hoped someone "good" won.

Yet she constantly back stabbed people the whole time. Thankfully they saw thru her clever disguise and she wasn't anointed the title of sole Survivor. She thinks she's the "it" girl who everyone looks up too. But really she's watching out for nothing but her own PR.

UGH! Please someone vote her out.... quick!


A hero?! Isn't she famous for her "triple" back stab? Seriously, I have no idea why they would label her hero. She was the mom who hated camping and everyone loved... but hero? How?!

She lost in one season, but toughed it out and came back for "Fans vs Favorites" only to lose again.

She doesn't have any entertaining dimensions?! The "housewife in the woods" lost it's luster the second time around? Seriously. How more interesting can she be for the 3rd time?

Expect to be hitting the snooze on her talks. Because we've seen and heard all that she's got to offer and if she doesn't perform well in challenges again, expect to see her be the first one to go from her tribe.


Louisiana grave digger. Who didn't love him! But wait... isn't this the same guy who was voted off when having not one... BUT TWO immunity idols?! Ouch! Labeled one of the biggest idiots ever to play the game, his character was "heroic" enough to have him counted among the group.

Now in Fans vs Favorites he had that cut finger that took him out of the game. So has he learned since then? Who knows.

But I think it was Probst who said it best "I'm not sure if James has the desire to win. Getting voted off with 2 immunity idols in your back pocket doesn't make it sense to me"

I agree Jeff, he just doesn't want it bad enough. I can't think of a situation that puts him in the final 2 or 3 and not on the jury.

I admit, I'm happy to see him back. So is America. One of the ultimate good guys is coming back into town for his 3rd time around. Heck, he's even played with half of this cast twice!

So what does the old pirate have in store for us this time around? I'd love to know. He doesn't have the wit to win. But I bet he gets far anyway.

The day the "good guys" won in Survivor. Nevermind he's dating "Sugar" in real life now, he's just a stand up kinda guy. So likable, I'm wondering if he'll form a "power alliance" in his group that will keep him in for most the game.

I love him, but I don't want to see him win again. He had his time to shine, it'll go to someone else.

What a guy. Definitely a hero. This fireman took a while before finally agreeing to come back to the show. What's he going to do this time? My hope is he'll join that "power alliance" with Rupert and JT and go almost all the way.... almost.

I love him.

I do.

I can't get enough of him, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

This is my favorite Survivor of all time. He had a chance to win his first time around and he traded it in so as not to labeled the "bad guy". What a guy. Sadly, that's the closest he'll ever come to winning the game.

In All-Stars he was defeated early. They know he's a threat. NO ONE can Outplay him. He's that dominate when it comes to challenges. I rank him among the 3 best players of all time. I'll be rooting for him all the way of course. And maybe if there's a "power alliance" it'll be enough to get him to the end. (if so it'll be the best Survivor ever) But I'm doubtful of how far he can make it.

Colby... I hope you get your Redemption this final time around!