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Dance of the fairy-brother (3)

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Dance of the fairy-brother (2)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last week of 2009

As we close out there year have I got a surprise for you folks!

If you didn't hear, my brother Caleb took "dance" in college this year. Well, earlier this week he had his first dance recital..... and guess who was there taping the whole thing?

So, to give you one last chuckle for the year I've decided to post some videos of little brother on the stage. Be sure to tell all your friends about it, I'm sure this is something NOBODY'S going to want to miss!

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Happiest State to live in??

So they conducted a poll within all 50 US states and guess who was voted "Most Happiest State" to live in???

You guessed it. Louisiana.

Unbelievable? Yes.

Guess who was 2nd? HAWAII?!?!

How do you beat Hawaii as "happiest state"? I don't get it?

So it's saying that the people here are happier than those living in Hawaii??

Sorry, that just doesn't seem right to me.


Friday, December 18, 2009

3 movies I've never seen

Every time I tell folks about this I get a "WHAT?!" But here's a list of the Top 3 movies I have never seen.

E.T. This came out back in the day when Mom and Dad only allowed us to watch movies that were rated G. So during the 80's when it was all the craze, I was strictly watching Disney movies in the theater.
This was how I got to see Die Hard 3 without my parents knowing I was going to an R rated film. So according to them, I've seen this movie 3 times : )

Never wanted to see it. Never had to.

This was the reason God blessed me for being a loser who couldn't get a date. Because back then there was only one movie you could go see. Believe me, this nerd tried to make it a date night but was burned every time!

So why haven't I seen them now? hmmm.... let's recap: I find it "cool" to tell people I've never seen ET, everyone's told me about Forrest Gump (I know how it ends) so it's basically not worth watching anymore and how many of you folks out there wish you HADN'T have seen Titanic?

There... I rest my case.

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Game Shows to die for...

As a kid I always wanted to be on the Bozo Show competing in the ping pong ball game for a chance to win a "swin" bicycle! But what other games did I want to be on? Let's see....

Fun House premiered on the very young FOX station way back in the day. (1988) Two teams competed for a chance to run through an enormous fun house to win multiple prizes. JD Roth (my hero at the time) was the host in this awesome kids show.

I don't even have to explain why on this one because you all wanted on this show as well. Double Dare was THE game show for me back when I was a kid. I remember Jeremy, Bray and I would play this in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. I LOVED this game..... and Mark Summers..... he was Superman back in the day.

Oh to be slimmed while running through a zaney course that consisted of jumping in a pool and sliding into a giant banana split. What a time!!

Any other game shows pique your interest back in the day? Do tell?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Youth fall and the adults rise again in a 24-12 victory that will go done as one of the best Santa Bowls yet!!!

2009 Santa Bowl made history with:

1) Having the biggest amount of participants EVER (37 players)
2) Field Goals were available for the first time! (though bad weather caused them not to be used)
3) The Adults reclaim their spot as "King"
4) Worst playing conditions EVER in a Santa Bowl. With rain in the 1st quarter, a lagoon in every part of the field and the rest a muddy wasteland, this was by far the worst conditions a Santa Bowl has been played in!

1st Quarter Highlights

Youth start off with the bowl. Make a fantastic run across the field but are stopped short by the defense.

Adults successfully drive down the field, thanks to the help of a few option plays, and QB keeping from Robbie McBroom that went 20 yards to the 1. After a quick hand off to Chad who punched it in for the first touchdown.

6-0 adults

2nd Quarter Highlights

Youth threaten to drive down the field once again until MVP Bart Lizenby intercepts the ball giving it back to the adults.

A sweet 30 yarder to Richie Dunn as well as a few other run plays, sets up a beautiful pass to Jeremy Wilkins who carries it in for 6.

12-0 adults.

3rd Quarter Highlights

After a Sam Nix interception, the youth suffer a 2nd turnover which the offense masterfully turned into another TD as Jeremy Wilkins makes a STANDING catch in the endzone to make it 18-0. (Special note: Dougie makes several key catches to keep the drive alive during this possession)

But the youth get down to business. With great catches by Nick and a scoring catch by Jonathan Blossom, they answer back!

18-6 adults

4th Quarter Highlights

The adult offense refuses to kick while behind their own 30. Giving the youth excellent field possession thus making it our 1st mistake in the game.

Then in another fatal mistake as an offensive player substitutes himself into the game taking away one of our best safeties.

Needless to say, he blows his coverage and leaves Caleb Wilkins WIDE OPEN for an easy Touchdown for the youth.

18-12 adults

After the offense fails to move the ball on the next possession the iron defense comes on to the field.

With 1st and 1 the youth are easily expected to get the first down.

First play gets them sacked by Brandon Hitt for a 4 yard loss. 2nd and 5

Second play Ivan "the Russian" Hendrix makes a HUGE sack for a loss of 12 yards! 3rd and 17

3rd play Kyle Hitt blitzes the QB for another 4 yard loss making it 4th and 21!!!

4th play goes nowhere the offense hits the field again.

Offense goes 4 and out.

Defense comes in. Intercepts the ball on the first play. Walks off the field.

Offense makes an AMAZING pass to Paul who runs it 60 yards in for a TD putting the final nail in the coffin for the youth.

24-12 adults

Defense come in. Intercepts the ball on the first play AGAIN. Walks off the field.

The offense makes another FANTASTIC run down the field as Chad basically DRAGS someone behind him for 20 yards (after going 30 already) But the offense comes up short in the end.


What. A. Game.

Friday, December 11, 2009


When: Dec 12th

Where: Forsythe park: Soccer field

What time: 2pm

Who's gonna win: Adults

Yes folks it's that time of the year again. Last year the Youth got their first (and only) tatse of victory, but this year I feel it's going back to the adults.

Any and all are welcome to come out and play or cheer for the game. It's going to be exciting, that's for sure!

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Cottonland Christmas Review

So last night I got to have a sneak peak at the new play at Strauss.

Cottonland Christmas is a wonderful collection of holiday music that's well worth your time to go see.

Though they all share in the spotlight, certain solo performances really take the "fruit" cake in this delightfully festive show. Director Jon Baccarini with the technical support of Scot Baronet are once again able to provide the audience with an memorable show.

This amazing cast has a tremendous amount and energy that will definitely have you singing all through the silent night. Save jump in your one horse open sleigh and ready the jingle bells, because this show's guaranteed to keep you Christmas jolly all season long!

Ticket's are only $15 ($10 for students) and performances are from Thursday to Tuesday starting this week. Contact the Strauss theatre for additional details. 318-323-6681

Snakes 3 (7)

Friday, December 04, 2009

So I went into a video game store last week wondering where it was when I lost my love for video games.

Sure I still play one from time to time but in the past few years (shortly after Halo 3 came out) my game playing days have faded significantly.

Some of it was due to time, which I don't have much set aside for gaming. But I think another reason is that they really don't make games like they used too.

Zelda, Contra, Double Dragon, Mario Bros. Who remembers games like that which never got old playing again and again. Remember when all that was required was an A and a B button?

Where did video steer away from my competitive playing heart? How bout you? Agree or disagree?

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