Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Followers of the World UNITE!

By the way, did you know that if you go to the very top of my blog and click on the "Follow Blog" icon that it'll alert you whenever a post is made on the blog?!

Go ahead, try it out. It won't hurt!

Just thought you'd like to know!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Updates

Hey folks, a few changes with the blog.

As you noticed the title is different. We'll be changing that from time to time just to keep things interesting. I also took away "This day in history" link because Megan said it was boring.

On a cool note, I have added a few links to other blogs that I enjoy reading from time to time. And I thought you would like them too. If anyone else wants me to link their blog or website, just email me and I will post it up.

Surfing the web for blogs has always been fun for me so I thought, why not add some as well.

Hope you enjoy!!

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Shakin it up!

Doing a little blog work tonight. I've decided to change a few things for the next couple of weeks leading up to Halloween.

Every Monday and Friday they'll be new videos giving you an insight look at my favorite game in the world to play.... ZOMBIES!!!

I've mentioned it before but now you're going to get a chance to see it all first hand!

I also came up with an extremely random comic strip that never stopped giving me more ideas to add to the story. So I hope you enjoy!

Ok folks, that's all for now, c-ya Monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan's Musical Review

I just wanted to give a little review of the new play that is at Strauss, Thoroughly Modern Millie. We went to the preview showing on Tuesday not really knowing what to expect. It turned out to be a good one to open the season with.
The director, Jon Baccarini, took an amazing cast of people who devoted a lot of their time and energy and made a great show. There were lots of highlights of the show, and to name a few, the guys who danced as "Muzzy's guys" were amazing!! Also, I have seen Elizabeth Bennett (Millie) and Brent Miller (Jimmy) in ULM's production of "Anything Goes", but this (in my opinion) is by far their best work yet. The show was full of energy throughout the entire production, the set was great, the costumes looked good, and there were two Branson guys who left me laughing and amazed by speaking Chinese. I don't think there could have been a better cast!
On the other hand, there were a little mess ups. Now, we are aware that technology messes up from time to time and that is understandable, so I won't go into the spotlights and the mics. There were a couple of times when backdrops would begin to drop and take away from what was going on on stage. Clearly it wasn't time for that to happen. Also another disappointing thing were a couple of the dancers. We understand some had to be brought in to help with the dancing, but they were hardly together. The background/chorus group were, but you couldn't see it. I tried to look past the front row of dancers, but when they are looking to figure out what to do next, it takes away from the others. But, I did find myself watching one on the end who showed enthusiasm and when messed up, she didn't let us notice it. I think the theatre group could have handled the dancing and Samantha Matherne proved that with some amazingly awesome tap dancing skills.
Overall, the show is wonderful and I recommend people to see it. Performances are this weekend and next weekend at the Strauss Theatre Center and tickets are $25. For more information contact the theatre at 318-323-6681.

Matt's Musical Review

Just wanted to give a quick review on what I thought about the play Megan and I saw at Strauss this past week. (Megan's comments will be posting soon after this)

All in all I was shocked at how well they pulled it off. From the Director and cast to the set and costumes it was well done indeed! I agree with my wife on the Missy Crain dancers. They weren't really needed and seemed to serve more as a distraction than a benefit at times.

But seriously, the production crew, the cast, everything was amazingly put together well in the time allotted. Megan and I plan on seeing it again next week too.

I hate dropping names because I always leave some people out, but both the stars did well and (being a supporting actor my whole life) I have to say Lauren Mathern, Gayle Frick and Troy "Christopher Award Winner" Wold (sp?) did an exceptional job as well as the lady who played Mrs Meers but I don't have the actress' name. But kudos to the entire cast for keeping it lively on stage after so many hours of hard work. It really showed!

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So this weekend I went to my first ULM game in 4 years. We played a AA team and demolished them. Made the game kinda fun but overall pointless. Not that I wouldn't go again, I had a great time even despite the rain.

But I can't help but think back to that last game of the season I attended back in 2005 when ULM had a chance to make it to a bowl game if they won their final game of the season. The team they had to play was terrible and didn't have anything close to a winning record.

What happened?

ULM got crushed. And it's funny but the opposition just had one play they ran over and over again..... run up the middle. It was shameful and pathetic to watch, but that's ULM for ya!

Ok folks, new comic strip on the way this week plus a blog change announcement later on. Have a good week!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Caleb being an idiot

I ran short on videos when I noticed the few I had left were never completed and wouldn't make much sense.

But thankfully I have "Idiot Footage" of Caleb for you all to enjoy.

Have a great weekend folks!

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Another Jekyll and Hyde review

Last week I found on article in the newest Delta Style issue that talked about Jekyll and Hyde.

It gave it great praise, spelled my name wrong, referred to my charater as a "dark pimp" and came out 2 months too late for anyone wanting to see it to get a chance.

What the frag! They came and did that interview months ago and NOW they're finally getting around to publishing it?

Megan and I also got a chance to watch the DVD of our performance for the first time and it made us both miss it. It truly was a fantastic play. My top fav of all time!

Ok, that's all I had today. More comics tomorrow!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

On this day

One year ago today:

1) Nothing that big happened.

Wait, let me start that over again....

2) Megan made the biggest mistake of her life.

No, hold on... that's not it....

3) Megan and I got married.

Yeah, there we go!

I remeber watching the Auburn game in a tux as I waited for hours to be called in for pictures, whill all the while Megan was hogging the camera lady! : )

Good times, good times!

So that's one year down and the rest of my life to go, huh? Ok. BRING IT!!

I love my Meg!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Wife Hunter

One of the first skits I had ready for the "Best of Matt Wilkins" was this one. It's long, but pretty good overall.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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