Monday, August 31, 2009

More cartoons I miss

I have to continue my ramblings on cartoons another week because I just feel like today they don't have any good ones anymore.
Classics like Hong Kong Phooey are lost to many. This was a great toon. Boomerang actually replays the series and I had my DVR tape every episode when it came on. Great stuff! Still funny for me today!
Switching gear from funny to just plain cool. Batman: The Animated Series had it all. An ongoing story line. Cool scenes, and really one of the best Jokers the franchise has ever scene. Mark Hamill makes an amazing Luke Skywalker, but giving voice to the Joker has got to be one of his best highlights yet!
Back into the funny. Man, this series had it all. Not one episode didn't have you laughing. I own the entire series and watched it not too long ago. The last few episodes were sad because the wittiness was still there but it couldn't save it from cancellation.
Who remembers these guys? I think I'll let you guess and if you didn't see their cartoon you missed out... a lot. This was VERY entertaining and hilarious at times. I remember watching them on Saturday and quoted them throughout the entire week afterwards! In my opinion, when they went off the air cartoons in general took a nose dive.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Frito Bandito Song

The day of Bray's wedding, the Wilkins boys (with the help of our friend Jonathan Branson) performed "The Frito Bandito" song one last time.

Thankfully, it was caught on tape. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cartoons I miss

There's a few cartoons I miss seeing and while giving it a little thought here's just a few. I want to start off with the classic Disney afternoon toons that just rocked my world as a kid.
And here's the one that started it all. Awesome cartoon, great stories and unforgettable charaters. The Beagal Boys, Gizmo Duck, Glumburg, Webigale, Nanny and even the lucky dime stand out whenever I think about this one.

Truly one of the greats. Who didn't want to go swimming through money with Scrooge McDuck?!
Then came the rescue rangers. Chip and Dale along with friends like Gadget and Monty. I remember watching the very first episode and thinking how cool their baloon blimp was and the things they did with paper clips and rubber bands amazed me! Another great hit!
When the theme music hit my ears for the first time I knew this was going to be one I liked. Khan plays a crime lord, Louie runs an air born gas station and Don Carnage is the pirate... wonderful!

I think we all loved that plane as much as Baloo did. Most memeroable episodes for me was the 2 cent stamp and the time Baloo saved Khan's life and Khan owed him a "favor" Good stuff!
But they really capped it off with the best one for last! Darkwing Duck was amazingly witty and made for an excellent story! With the revival of the Launpad McQuack it made it even better!! Too many good quotes from this cartoon to pick my favorite but that's what it was to me. The best of the bunch!

After this, then what happened?...... GOOF TROOP?! How lame. I don't even think I made it though one episode. Sad. They don't make toons like this anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best Of Matt Wilkins (Volume One)

A couple of years ago I set out to make a "Best Of Matt Wilkins" video for a couple of my long distance friends. For years I'd made funny skits and sent them out. Some of the better "classics" are now lost forever, but a few have survived on VHS.

Back then, VHS was still around so I had decided to make a totally new tape including old and new skits! It was never finished.

Some footage has been recently uncovered in my search for older material and so every Friday I plan on bringing you a "never before seen skit" from the tape.

This was actually the intro I made and I have no idea what I meant with "don't believe the ending" I had something planned I remember but I don't exactly know what it was. Some of the skits you've already seen. (Sing-a-long 1, cribs) But I think you'll receieve a few chuckles at what I have left.

C-ya next week!

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Another week

Ok real quick.

So I had to take a stupid pysch test for a job I was applying to. The questions on it were so ridiculous that half way thru the test I was thinking "I really need to make this into a comic strip"

Soooo.... next week we'll have a short strip about the test. All of the questions were actually on this test and though the parts about the guy giving the test may be off, the ending is true.

Hope you enjoy it, c-ya tomorrow!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Years ago they blew up one of the old dorms at ULM campus. They did it the same night as the football team. Record breaking number of people showed up to see the explosion..... the staduim for the game that night was half full.

People love to see things go "BOOM!" So I filmed it's demise.

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10 Cereals I would like to see come back

Remeber some of the best cereals we never have around anymore? I was thinking of it last week and these are the ones I remember the most (with the best memeroies) and would love for these cereals to make a come back! (by the way these are not in any order)
This is the one that started this idea. OJ's was something I never asked for Mom to get us as a kid but she bought it anyway. I remember at first not wanting it but after trying a bowl realized it was pretty good. Orange flavor (duh) but really not as bad as you'd think?
What a great idea. The bos would open up and you could read comic strips while you ate. I LOVED the idea since I was always bored at the breakfast table and you can only read the nutrition fact so many time. Honestly, the cereal wasn't that good. I remember wishing there'd be more comics too. Maybe next time around they could correct that.
Too my knowledge this cereal has gone the way of the buffalo as well. I never see it in the isles anymore and I LOVE me some Capt Crunch! But why axe this one? It's just as good as the rest! Co-co puffs meets Capt Crunch. What's so wrong with that?
I LOVED this cereal too. Such a good idea who wouldn't love it? I remember it came in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Both were good though. I wonder why they stopped making it?
Another one that boggles my mind is where did THIS cereal go?! I can't think of a single person who wouldn't turn away a yummy bowl of these babies!! What a solid idea. Oreo's.... milk.... Oreo Cereal! Genius, whoever came up with it. Why isn't this one back on shelves?
Ok, funny story. I freaked when this cereal came out. I begged mom day in and day out for it. And when they day came that she finally brought it home? I tried one bowl of each..... and threw them both away. This was the worst cereal known to man (and I've had grape nuts before) why in the world would they take such a popular concept and totally ruin it by giving you the worst tasting cereal on the world! So why do I want it back? Look! Mario's on the cover!! MOM!!
I know everyone was saying this one the moment they started reading. Yes, I miss it too. But not only because of Mr T, I really think they were on to something here. They tasted great!! And 80's stuff is in so this would be the perfect time to bring it back right?

What? Don't want to pay Mr T royalties? Bah! Bring it back and every parent will be flocking to the store to give this to there kid. Heck, they may even take a box for themselves too while they're at it!
Again. Who didn't like this cereal? I was seriouly bummed when they stopped making it. And it wasn't because I was buying it I can tell you that!! Seriously... why dump this cereal??
Ok, You knew I had to mention this one too. But hold on. Yes I begged for it as a child. Yes it was because of Star Wars but does anyonme remember the taste? They were really good!! I've tried a few of the other Star Wars cereals they've come out with but this one still takes the cake! Again, nolstagia alone would keep the sales running! Bring it back!!
I feel like such a chump for saying it but this cereal was the tops. I loved the taste. I still remember it. I could eat half the box and come back in the morning for more. Honest. Good stuff. Where is it? Gone. How sad....

Until tomorrow....

Friday, August 07, 2009

Pistola Dance

The Legendary "Pistola" dance was created by a freind of mine named Rueben White. He had zero coordination which made his patented dance all the more special. I've recently uncovered rare footage of one of his last performances during my cousin's bachelors party.

It needs to be seen to the public so that they may witness in awe.... the "pistola" dance!

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Legally Blonde The Musical

So, this weekend Matt was so sweet enough to take me to see this musical. I have been wanting to see it for a long time now and after talking about it, he surprised me! It was AMAZING!!!! I want to go see it again! My favorite musical....and movie by far!