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Rhyme Crime (part 17)

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Rhyme Crime (part 16)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can you read what it says...

This is how dumb our newspaper is in Monroe. Read the title..... no read it again..... one more time..... did you catch it?

"Identity" is what is should say "Identify" is what it says. ON THE FRONT COVER TOO NO DOUBT!!

This paper came out yesterday but I didn't know how to use Megan's scanner until she showed me today. Incredible isn't it? What morons! 

Sci-Fi Flicks... part 2!!

Now it's time to discuss the "not so famous" sci-fi movies you may not have heard of. Like Blade Runner. Yes, that's Harrison Ford... being cool... hunting cyborgs... good stuff. Best line? "...all lost... like tears... in the rain...." (I think I'm going to cry!)

Plus if anyone saw the re-release of it on DVD you know they ended the age old question of whether Deckard is a cyborg as well!
Equilibrium. Before he made "The Dark Knight" Mr Bale made this masterpiece first. Never heard of it? I wouldn't be surprised. Not really that well known the movie will blow you away. Best scene? The gun "fight".... those of you who have seen it know what I mean.
Ahhh.... here we go. Screamers. Fantastic film. They actually came out with a sequel this year that went straight to DVD and, though it was predictable wasn't too bad. 

I guess after you see the shocking ending of this movie, any that follow are doomed to be predictable. It seriously is a great movie folks, if you have the time... it's worth it. Best Line? "Can I come with you?" 
And now... the bestest of the best... TREMORS!!! Megan and I recently watched all 4 movies along with the TV series to this and I have to say it's still one the greats! Let's break it down:

Tremors 1- Great.
Tremors 2- Best of the series (even without Kevin Bacon)
Tremors 3- Good.
Tremors 4- Sucked. Bad. (kinda embarrassing) 
Tremors TV Series- Just as good as the 3rd movie and right under the 1st

And guess what's in production talks right now? 
TREMORS 5: The Thunder from Down Under

Not much has been said about it yet, but Michael Gross is of course coming back to resprise is "should-be" Oscar winning performance of th character Bert Gummer. BUT there's also been a rumor since the number "5" may not be in the title that Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward would come back as well!! Who knows? Either way.... I'm excited!

Ok folks, that's all for now. Tootles! 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sci-Fi Flicks!!

Time to speak of my favorite types of movies!!! No, I will not be speaking about Star Wars or Star Trek during these posts. The reason being is you already know about them and I don't want to talk about the obvious. 

There's plenty of other good sci-fi movies out there.... let's start with the recognizable ones first. Predator.... yes please!
Nothing.... nothing... will ever come out of the Predator/Aliens line of movies that'll be better than this one. Yes, the Alien "legacy" holds some pretty good ones in it, but it was the 2nd one that'll always be the cornerstone of the series. 

Who thinks they should just have a story line where they clone all the marines and have them fight the Aliens all other again? I'd watch it.
Terminator continues to climb up the ranks of one of my favorites as well. 1 &2 were good and 3 was a nice addition. The Series ain't that bad either, just drags a little from time to time. There are so many quotable lines from these films.... pick one. It's that awesome.
Another great "series" of movies was the "Pitch Black" "Chronicles of Riddick" storyline. I went to the 2nd movie thinking "Man, this may not be good" but came out amazed. I could even stand to see a 3rd one of these. It's just that good.
But this movie will blow your mind. I have to honest, if it wasn't for Episode 3 coming out that same year, THIS would have been my "movie of the year" (in fact it came in CLOSE 2nd) But don't go out and rent it just yet folks! You need to watch the failed TV Series that came out first! "Firefly" then go watch the movie, THEN pick your jaw up off the floor, THEN stick your eye-balls back in your sockets, THEN send me a Hallmark "thank you" card for changing your entire life.

More on Sci-Fi movies tomorrow..... 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

More fiddling

OK, the header change... that was me. Still trying to give this blog a face lift... I like it so far.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More minor changes

Ok, I moved the MLB stats to the very bottom of the page where they can be seen better. I also removed the entertainment news column as well to make things seem not as jumbled. 

Any other suggestions on stuff you'd like to see?

Rhyme Crime (part 14)

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Cardco the Blog is proud to announce that we'll be carrying all your MLB scores, stats and standings on the site!

All you have to do is go over to the rigth panel and click on what league you want to look at. YOU WILL STAY ON OUR HOME PAGE

This isn't a spam link. (none of my widgets are) For stats and scores just tap over to the right until you see the tab at the top. It's that easy!!

Ok MLB fans..... Let's PLAY BALL!!!

Best Comdies (part2)

We're back! Let's see what else we have in the comedy drawer shall we? Ace Venture 1&2 will make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. Seriouly. Did Jim Carrey ever get any better?!
Night at the Roxberry was a shocker to me when I first saw it in theaters. My cousin Thomas had to drag me in to go see it but I came out thankful I did! For those of you who haven't seen it let me let you in on a little secret.... this was made way back when Will Ferrel was funny!
This claimed the #1 comdey spot with me for years until recently. Dumb and Dumber is SO funny I hated they insulted the movie with a "pre-quel" later on. (the same could be said for Ace Ventura 3 I suppose)
You must love this film. Office Space. I doubt know of a single person who disliked the movie. They really should make more movies like this.
And finally, The Big Lebowski is an annual thing for me. Every year I make it a guy night and we watch it the whole way through. It never gets old. I remember people telling me they saw it in theaters and didn't like it..... I never should have listened. 

I was going to see it, but waited till it came out on video. I rented one night with my buddy Jon.. and bought it at Blockbuster the same night. (Jon did as well) Fantastic movie.

Ok, I missed a lot of others. I know that. But COME ON! There's just too many to name!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Comedies?

This one's going to be hard.... and actually.... I'm going to need 2 days to touch on A FEW movies I think are comedic classics. I WILL NOT be able to name them all. (that would take weeks) But here's a few we can all agree on I think....X-mas Vacation is one. Right?
Airplane would also be another great one as well. I'm actually starting with older movies and tomorrow I'll post a few "newer" ones.

Dirty Rotten Scroundrels will always be up on my favs of all time. Steve Martin was really at his best in this flick. The trident/eye-patch scene is SO classic!!
And in 3 Amigos, Steve does it again, but this time with the help of Chevy and Mr Short! (the "buttercup" song may be the best part of the movie)

And to round it off, Monty Python's Holy Grail is without a doubt the most quotable of all comedies. Yet really it's funnier to quote the movie than watch it. Isn't that odd?!

K folks, that's all for now. Part two's coming tomorrow!

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Mafia Movies!

In the realm of Mafia Movies this one is legendary. None match the Godfather movies. 1,2 and 3. They were all good in my opinion. This "made" the template for all mafia movies to come.
Say hello to my little friend. Scarface truly has it all. The city slum to crime lord story is known to many and is another classic.
As is Goodfellas. Once again showing you that it ain't a mafia movie unless is have either Pacino or Deniro attached to it.
Who can forget the Untouchables?! Mafia movies to me in general are almost always a hit. Failures are few and far between. I could go on and on, but these are the heavy hitters to be sure. 

Hmmmm.... and maybe I'd add Donnie Brasco to the list when I think about it. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I here this one's a limited edition. What do you think?

Another minor adjustment

I took out the "Did you know" feature because I noticed it wasn't working that well. 

I had some pictures to post yesterday but I'm unable to get into my "juno" account to access them. In fact, I'm still having trouble uploading that site right now. I don't know what's going on, but I haven't been able to check my e-mail in a few days. Should I be worried?

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Good Friday!

How's it going folks? Just a few more updates to the blog. I got rid of Pacman and Google, because I thought it was a little too much for the blog. I'm happy with what's left. I may have another post coming. It's just taken me a little while to get back on.


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I wish I had thought of this

Toby was the one who actually found this on the internet. I just stole it from him to share with you. This is TOO GOOD!

Have a great weekend folks!

Rhyme Crime (part 9)

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Gung-Ho Army Flicks!

Time to talk Military movies folks! And besides the classic listed above, what other great Military movies are out there? Let's see....
Who doesn't remember this famous pose? A great movie that's still considered to be one of the best ever made!
Black Hawk Down. We all remember when this came out I hope. You wanted to go see it, a Friend you knew went that weekend.... and told you it was the most incredible thing he's ever seen... then you rush out to see it.... and agree.
Can't handle the truth? A Few Good Men was one of Jack's best works. (one of many by him) But for a movie not focused on a war but yet a courtroom and it STILL be good... yeah, that should tell you something.
Of course Full Metal Jacket is in here for obvious reasons. And as many wirty dords that are spoken in this movie, you can't help but laugh out loud at how the Sergeant treats the recruits.
Saving Private Ryan is up there as one of the best, no doubt. I don't think there is a soul out there who wouldn't have this movie in there top 3 "army" movies of all time. It's fantastic. (so was Hanks other military film "We Were Soldiers" for that matter)
I don't even have to tell you the title. You know the movie, you know the songs and you know why you tear up when Goose is mentioned. Great movie.
Gladiator. Throwing one out there that may or may not fit this category since is technically didn't dwell on a military aspect of the film. I remember walking out of the theater on this one with a "wow" on my mind for over a week. Incredible movie.
We move on to Braveheart. A film that single handedly led to the freedom of Scotland and tourism to rocket in the area. Never has one military film made such a significant impact on modern day life. It truly is a classic.
Last and not least... 300. Or as I like to title it "The Man Movie" Who doesn't like non-stop violence throughout an entire film? Watching this movie would want you to start a war with the old lady across the street. (considering if she had a fleet of cats under her command or something)

Honorable Mentions:

1) John Wayne military movies.
2) Navy Seals (my guilty pleasure of loving that film so much)

DO NOT Mention:

1) Ernest joins the army
2) Pauli Shore's "In the Army"

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I wish....

Emily sent me this picture over the weekend and I just had to post it. This website (for an April Fools joke) posted this as a new item you could buy from them. It was a fake of course but just look at it!! I'd LOVE to have that! The inside lining is the most hilarious to me. 

Thanks for sharing it Emily!