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Rhyme Crime (part 4)

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Best martial arts movies

Ok, time to talk ka-ra-te!!! This is a list of a few martial arts films, you've simply got to see. (Yes, Kung-Fu Panda was good) Moving on....
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "re-made" the typical martial arts movie. We saw action like never before and though the same camera and special effects have made many a good film since, this one will always stand out in my mind as the one that started it all!
I'm naming Bruce Lee movies in here but I have to be honest I can't pick a favorite. They all kinda rambled on into the same movie. But no doubt about it, he kept the genre alive for years in the US. (well that and the TV Series "Kung-Fu")
But my man JACKIE CHAN beats them all! Coming to America with his first film "Rumble in the Bronx" he took off as a big star at the box office! I've seen almost all his films (old and new) and the majority of them are all hits! 
And now for a taste of things to come... Tont Jaa will rock your socks off. Ong Bak is just one of his greats. The man does amazing things that have you thinking "young Jackie Chan" all the way through! I remember watching this for the first time with Jordan and our mouths had dropped at the stunts he did. Simply amazing. 

FYI- In his movie "The Protector" Tony Jaa bumps into Jackie Chan in an airport. Jackie turns and gives him a bow acknowledging  him as the next "martial arts" star in showbiz. I LOVED IT!!
Now we get to the goodies... Karate Kid. What guy didn't think Elizabeth Shoe was the hottest girl in the world when they watched this. I remember thinking the same thing until a few years back when I saw the series again and went "What? What?!" OK, not so hot after all are we Liz?

Karate Kid 2- So-so

Karate Kid 3- Terrible acting but enjoyable to watch none the less.

The Next Karate Kid- Tore my eyes out and waited for them to grow back. This one's ugly folks. If you haven't yet seen it.... don't.  
And finally we come to the greatest of them all... KUNG-FU HUSTLE. This one's well worth your time. I'll you'll note a few years back I gave a review about this movie and how awesome it was. I'll try to find exactly when that post was but I'll say it again... you must see this flick! 

Look at that poster! COME ON!! Dude's holding an axe in one hand and lollipop in the other, what more could you ask for!!

Honorable Mention- Mortal Kombat. Yeah it was good when it came out. But how does it look today?

Please don't mention: 

1) Chuck Norris- Yes, this new campaign about Chuck Norris is hilarious but seriously... off hand how many movie titles can you remember from this guy? NONE. I know. I did the same thing. Walker Texas Ranger is who he'll be known for, not the karate outfit with the red headband.

2) Old Kung-Fu movies- They used to play last night on TV all the time but all people ever did was make a drinking game out of them. Nothing more.

3) Jet Li- This no talent hack has no respect from me. He cashed in on america giving them over the top movies and stupid story plots. He said he's retired from making these films. Good. Now leave my country CHOP CHOP!

4) American Ninja- You remember this one. We all saw it back in the day. And without watching it again we all know how cheesy it truly was.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Megan Update

So, this is a picture of the dog I have been BEGGING Matt to let me get. He is just a little ball of cuteness! 

I actually got to hold one this weekend and I just fell in love with it. I have been wanting a little chihuahua that is black and tan. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Best Sales Movies!!

Ok, let's be honest. Sales movies carry the same plot every time. But why are some of these movie still the best?! 2 of the following movies I have in my collection and 2 more are ones I would by if given the chance.

Here's the basic formula; Sales guy come in to new job, sores his way up to the top, then comes crashing down as does the whole company but not before he's gotten a way out from under the company.

For the most part that's it. But "Glengary Glen Ross" is slightly different. This is the story of 2 burned out salesmen in a burned out business. Left with nothing to go off of these guys go for broke. I mention this one first because it carries the legendary speech given by Alec Baldwin in the beginning of the movie that is STILL PLAYED at some companies during orientation!!

I kid you not. When I was training at Basic it was even suggested that I let them watch the opening seen before training. Incredible!!
Next on the list is Boiler Room. Yes, that is Vin in the background but he's not featured that much throughout the movie. Ben Afflecks pops in and out of the film every once in while and steals the scene every time! In fact, I've used some of his dialogue from the film. It's pretty funny!
"Wall Street" What a grand movie! I wonder what the remake would be of it now? As you can see from the computer in the background this movie came out a long time ago but it was masterfully done. I have no complaints about it whatever!
This is a keeper as well. When I first came to DirecTV this was the top sales rep on the floor gave me to watch. It was awesome. Megan actually had this one in her collection before we met!..... right next to the "Bring It On" DVD.... ugh.
Finally, one of my favorites to talk about it this one. Slightly different too as the story revolves around 3 salesmen trying to reel in a "big fish" when by accident the rookie of the bunch gets his shot at selling "the Big Kahuna" on the product. What happens? Does he succeed? How's it end? You'll have to watch it for the answer. One thing I will say, this movie may very well be the best of the bunch!

Have a great week folks!

Friday, March 20, 2009

No way!

This is Reed Dickens. Former staff member of President George W Bush, he now works for a PR company and is a regular guest on CNN and Larry King Live.

He's also the dirt bag that struck me out in the 1993 Dixie League Championship game in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out and the bases loaded.

And I thought that would be his highest achievement in life...... dang!

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Great Misc Sports Movies!

So I had to group these together since there wasn't that much to make a post out of to start with. Let's start with boxing, and when I say boxing movie, you say? RO-CKY! RO-CKY! RO-CKY!

I couldn't agree with you more. The Rocky movies are great. (all but Rocky V of course) Even "Rocky Balboa" had me tearing up in parts!
Another fantastic boxing movie would be "Cinderella Man" though I think the title might have hurt the flicks overall box office gross. Great movie.
I shouldn't be talking about this one. But I LOVE bobsledding!! What an awesome Olympic event. And of course only one movie covers it "Cool Runnings" where it doesn't get any better than that.
But if we want to talk about a more serious movie "Chariots of Fire" will blow you away with it's incredible true story tale that I heard about as a kid. (I'm a sucker for true stories by the way)
Another one I just can't pass up. My favorite soccer movie? Nope, it isn't "Bend it like Beckman" it's SHAOLIN SOCCER BABY!! Laugh all you want but rent the flick... and you'll laugh even more. 

Now before I go I don't want this turning into a "sports comedy" debate.  So let's just drop the movies like "Mighty Ducks", "Happy Gilmore" and "Dodgeball" from the list. Though great movies was there any other SERIOUS miscellaneous sports movies I left out?   

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And again...

One MORE horror movie I'd like to add is this one. I watched it again for the 3rd time and it's still good! Highly recommended for people who enjoy have the heebie jeebies!

This week starts another new comic strip for us.  Though the wise cracking at the end each is fake the events are all true so I hope you'll enjoy.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slight Horror Movie Mention

Someone has pointed out that I missed mentioning the Saw movies on my "horror" movie post and they wanted me to comment on it. So here goes....

I've seen all 5. Yes, they are gory. But the overall story isn't that bad. In fact, it's been thought out through all 6 movies I hear. (yes they're coming out with a 6)

I don't know if they're worth watching more than once but I will be interested in what will happen in the next movie installment. However it turns out I have to give them kudos for being the only movie "legacy" that hasn't strayed away from numbering their titles. Besides straight to video titles has anybody made it past #5? Rocky was the last one to get to that!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The "me" Update

Over the past month and a half many of you have written me asking what I've been doing since my call center closed down.

I'm sorry I haven't responded back but life's been  busy and I never seem to have the time to e-mail back. So let me give you a  update on how things are going.

Is it hard to find a job? Yes. Impossible almost. Believe me, I've spoken with a lot of people over the past few weeks and I hate most of them. I never knew how rude and unprofessional HR's can be when dealing with an applicant. 

I would have been fired from my position with Basic if I'd have done  the things that they have. In fact.... (sniff, sniff) I think I smell a comic strip coming up about it real soon.

So what am I doing now? Well, I'm going to work for the radio people full time in sales! I've always wanted to handle face to face business sales and I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to try it out. I'm very excited to be starting with them soon.

Other than that let me see.... Megan's still schooling. I've wanted to bring back her "one day a week" post on the blog but don't really know if she has the time. What do ya'll think? Hmmm, maybe I should start another poll.

Speaking of polls, whoa. Last week's ended up almost dead even. That's weird! Though I have had a few of them come in close once in a while but not quite like that!

Ok folks, that's all for now. Have a great Friday the 13th and we'll see you next week with a brand new comic strip!

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Lights, camera ACTION MOVIES!!

Time to talk action movies. Shoot'em up, blow'em up, non-stop heart thumping action! I can't possibly name every movie out there so here's a few.

To start it off the "Governator" must be mentioned for his constant classic action movies he's delievered to us over the years. Pick any one you want, we all know at least one quote from it. My favorite in "Last Action Hero"? "You want to be a farmer? Here's a couple of acres!!"

Good stuff.
Jason's been making action movies for some time now and is trying really hard to establish himself as the next "true" action star. But he's really hit or miss. In the Transporter he's a hit. People must love him because he's constantly coming out with action movies left and right. But Transporter's still my favorite by him.
No one makes a action movie quite like Bruce Willis. The Die Hard movies are so entertaining I could see myself walking into theaters to see Die Hard 5,6,7,8, and 9. Jack Baurs' or 24 is the only guy who's has worse days than John McClain.
Oh Indiana, you capture the hearts of us all. I remember watching these movies as a kid when my uncle turned to us and said "Now you do know real archaeologist are nothing like this, right?" Yet when you google the word on "images" Indy pictures pop up on the first page. 

Who know's maybe somewhere out there an archaeologist is making a huge discovery and is looking over his shoulder wishing for the Nazi's to attack him. In defense, I'd like to say that even though the last one to come out wasn't as good. I'd love to see them make another. That last movie is NO WAY for Dr Jones to go out!
Finally we mention one of my favorite action stars of all time. Jackie Chan. He can do it all folks and if you've seen any of his films you know what I mean. There's a laundry list of good movies from this guy (new and old) so I'll just leave it at that.

Honorable Action Star Mentions:
1) Chuck Norris
2) Sylverster Stallone
3) Tony Jaa 
4) Vin Dieasel
5)Matt (Jason Bourne) Dameon

Please Don't Mention:
1) Wesley Snipes
2) Steven Segal
4) Dolph Lundgren
5) Jet Li

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How often did you listen to the radio show?
I caught it every now and then...
Could not or did not hear it.
You had a radio show?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Now that my morning show hosting days are over, how often did you get to hear it?!

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Best of the West!!

You can't talk about Westerns without mentioning this one first. Tombstone is by far one of my top 5 favorite westerns of all time. Let's face it folks, Val Kilmore was at his best in this flick!
We move on to the "oldies" because that's when this movies were in their glory days. There are COUNTLESS John Wayne films to mention and this is just one of them. I'm sure "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" plus a few more could be placed in this catagory.
But this is a MUST see for everyone. The Magnificent Seven is STILL an unbelievably good movie and actually was one of the first ones that came to my head when writing this post!
Now I don't know if a "TV Special" counts but Lonesome Dove was just as good as any of the above listed so far. I remember my roommate (Clay) dragging me to Blockbuster to rent it and I was SO against watching it at the time. Now? It's one of my top 3 best westerns!! (behind Tombstone and above Magnificent 7)

Now lets drift off into comedy here for a second. Blazing Saddles and Shanghai Noon should be the best of the comedic west! Funny, funny movies indeed!

Before we go I leave you with a few westerns I never want mentioned on my blog:

1) Fievel Goes West
2) Wild Wild West (Will Smith)
3) Brokeback Mountain 
4) Jesse James meets Frankenstiens Daughter (yes they actually made the flick!)