Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just had to show you this. It's the cover to the Star Wars "horror" book coming out in October. Yes, that is strips of his neck hanging out of the mask. This is no joke. They're actually coming out with this novel. Works can't describe how totally awesome this is. 

That is all.... for now!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The last of the Disney pics!

That's right folks. This is the last pic post from Disney world I'll be giving you. I saved these for last because it's us at each of the land marks around Disney World.

I love posting these pics because they always remind me of the great time and memories I had. I'm so blessed to have Megan in my life and even though she's been yelling at me for weeks to stop posting them, I can't help it. I enjoyed them too much!!!

So have a great weekend folks while I decide what to do on Friday's starting next week! Stay tuned....

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Horror Movies (continued)

Following up on our talk last week about scary movies. I felt there were just a few more to mention before moving on. Yes, The Ring belongs in "scary movies of all time" for me but here's a few more you might enjoy.
More of a suspense than horror. This story was based off of real life historic facts of a huge mental institution in the UK that was shut down in the last 70's after it was discovered they were torturing the patients. Some real creepy moments in the film that's sure to keep your interest till the end.
Once again back to comedy. Shaun of the Dead (as I spoke about last week) is a winner!
Now let's touch on some Stephen Kings Horror movies. There are SO many to talk about I thought I'd just bring out some of the ones that come to mind. Of course we have "The Shining"
And Pet Cemetary....
....The Midst.... which will mess with your head for days after watching it....
And of course "It" Which teaches children never to trust a clown talking to you from the sewer. EEeeeeEEEEewwwwwWWWWWeeeeeWWWeeeeeee!!!!!!

But my #3 pick for "scariest" movie would be the re-made "Dawn of the Dead" Seriously... I saw this movie and I had nightmares for weeks. Good stuff, good stuff!!

That's all for now. C-ya tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

You're never going to believe this...

Hello Cardco Clan!

Tired of never having anything to hear on the radio? Nothing sounds interesting and you wish there was something somebody would do about it?!

Never fear, Matt is here..... IN HIS OWN MORNING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right folks! Due to a temporary relieve of absence I've been asked to fill in the mornings co-hosting the most listened to morning show in the area!...... On a country station no less. Hmmm....

Like I said it's only temporary, (2 weeks maybe) but at least you can enjoy it while it last! (and maybe phone in a good word about me after the show... heh heh)

The station is 104.1 and for anyone long distance you can go online to listen at From 6-9 a.m. (central standard time) I'll be rocking out the air waves! WA-HOO!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The classic characters

Here we are with all the classic Disney characters as you've always seen them. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisey and Goofy!

What would it be like to work at Disney World as character? I've wondered about that from time to time and I'm sure it has it's ups and downs like any job. The heat of being outside combined with the joy of seeing kids faces light up when they come up to you for a pic. Hmmmm... but who would I be?

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Horror Movies

This is too huge a topic to discuss. But I'll talk about as much as I can. First off, what IS the best best horror movie ever made? Well, when speaking of horror there are so many catagories to choose from it's hard to tell.

Are we talking "Slasher Films" here?! If so, Michael Myers has my vote of the 3 scream Kings shown above. The reason being is his was way more enjoyable and never got "campy" like the other two series did later on. Halloween actually shaped up to have a storyline that overall made sense through the series. (minus the non-Mike Myers story in Halloween 3) So I'd pick him.

But where does that leave me beloved "Scream" series?! True he is the epitome of "slasher" films but does he really have a catagory to be placed in?! It's an excellent story (all 3 movies) and we well written for every "scary movie" fan out there. Well done indeed.

So who else is there in "Horror" series movies. Well first off there's the Hellraiser series which (if you're the horror movie fan) I would suggest that these movies (though the last few came straight to DVD) were actually pretty good. I didn't have a picture a Pinhead to post so here's a picture of Megan whenever I make a mess inside the house.

Chucky's fine but get's goofier (and less scary) each time they make another one. I'm putting him in here so Mikey won't bring up his name.  

So what about the "old school" scary movies? Ok. 2 pop up in my head. The original Salem's Lot is EXCELLENT but please don't laugh at the "Master Vampire" with "buck-vampire teeth" and shaded blue skin. It's still a good flick. 

And what "Horror movie" talk is not complete until you mention "The Exorcist" Some would argue that it's still the scariest movie they've ever seen and I have to admit if I had a "Top Ten" for movies that gave me the heebie-jeebies this would be in the top 5. I mean.... just look at her... eeeeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeee.....
So let's cross over to the "funny scary" section. "Dead Alive" Peter Jackson's best film/ Ever. In fact, he should have stopped making movies after this one. Seriously. Don't be fooled by the cover folks, rent it, watch it and love it. It's a classic. 
And speaking of "classics" The "Evil Dead" trilogy directed by Spiderman's very own Sam Raimi is on everyone's list of classic "horror comedy". Evil Dead 2 was so loved by people that it's rumored James Cameron himself stopped production of Aliens just to go see the movie!

 "Shaun of the Dead" should get honorable mention as well but I just didn't have time to search for a pic.
Now let's talk about the 2 movies the almost made me poop my pants upon veiwing. I'm going to catch A LOT of flack on this one but I don't care. Blair Witch Project scared me so bad I was shaking after I left the theater. I remember looking at my brother Jeremy who said to me after walking out "Whoa. I'm so glad we saw that in the day and not at night." I had to agree. A movie with no soundtrack and a realistic situation (being lost in the woods) was scary enough for me!
But the number one movie to make me sleep with the lights on (no joke) was The Grudge. I saw this one with my 2 best freinds and we walked out wanting to cry. I was scared sensless after it. I wouldn't crawl up in an attic for MONTHS after this movie. And on the night I went to bed I had to turn the lights on. I was mad at myself for doing so but it was just too much.

I've actually thought of several other movies I should mention but I'll just hold them off till another time. Have a good one folks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney PRINCE and Princess'!

In a VERY rare photo opt we got the chance to take our picture with Disney Princes! According to fan sites these guys never are around for pics but due to a show being cancelled they let us have 15 minutes to photo opportunities and to my knowledge Megan and I were the only ones lucky enough to hit all 3!
Megan will tell you though, it was close. We almost didn't make it. I have to admit even I was getting excited about..... meeting a Disney Prince?!? I think Megan's rubbing off her bad habits on me. : )
The other two are with the classic charaters Pluto and Chip and Dale. (by the way, those two fought over Megan after the pic) Grrr.. stupid chipmunks!

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Great Hockey Movies

Ok, when talking about hockey movies only two come to mind. Miracle, which I think is the best because it's based off an unbelievable true story of the 1984 USA Hockey Team and how they beat the russians that year.
And the other is good ole Slap Shot. About a team who's looking at their last season on the ice and don't really care what happens. Paul Newman does a great job in it and they actually made 2 sequels to this movie later on. But I never saw them so I have no idea how good they were.
I want to make one correction from last week's post. "Forget Paris" should have been up on that list of great Basketball movies. I had meant to post it but forgot about it when the time came.
Have a good week folks!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Disney Princess pics 3

Look long and hard folks, those first 3 pics is the happiest Megan has ever been. She practically ran up and hugged her when she saw her hiding around the corner of that 3rd picture.
Pic #4 is Alice in Wonderland. Not a princess but still fun to meet.
Pic #5 is with MY favorite Disney Princess as she poses with Goofy's son, Max. Who I think it only a Disney Cruise charater. Hmmm.... come to think about it, what's Goofy doing with a son in the first place?! Who was the mother?! Hmmm.... he does have Minnie's eyes doesn't he?!
By the way, how do you like my pasty paleness I got going on there? Guess I could play "the white crayon" myself in that pic!
Have a great weekend folks!!