Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After X-mas Part 2 (3)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After X-mas Part 2 (2)

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Return of the Honeymoon pics!

Here we are at the "character breakfast" you heard about in the videos. Mickey wouldn't let Megan go and Megan wouldn't stop smiling because of it. (grrr)
Daisy made a big deal about Megan's ring and shook her finger at Donald afterward. (Megan thought that was funny)
I can hardly tell the difference between Megan and Goofy in the 4th pic and in the final pic I need your help.
Who is that? I know he's from Tarzan but I never saw the film. I just knew he was a character and we wanted to take our picture with him. Oh well. C-ya tomorrow folks!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The last of the wedding pics

At last we say good bye to the wedding pic posts. Here's a few last ones I wrangled up for you to see. The picture of us on the bike was so well liked by our photographer that she made it one of her signature photos on the cover of her album. (we found that out when we went to go pick them up from her at a wedding show. Megan went nuts)
Ok folks, hope the weekend is treating you well. C-ya tomorrow!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here's a video that was filmed a few months ago back when Red Lobster was having it's annual "All you can eat shrimp" special. So Caleb threw down the gauntlet on who could eat the most shrimp.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The President and his staff

Caleb is now the President of the SGA for his school Delta Community College. This picture is located on their website and I laughed so hard at it because he looks like a doof. I even wrote to his e-mail at work and told him that myself. Anyway, that's what he's up to.

Ok folks that's all for today. If you're traveling later on today stay safe and we'll see you tomorrow!

The Magic Mirrors

As we ease into our final day of double posts, I thought I'd give you a short update on some of my siblings. Jordan, (featured in the picture as the only one squatting down) has long hair now, lives in Seattle and is in a band called the Magic Mirrors. By day he works at a coffee shop and at night he rocks out with his band.
The reason I'm showing you this picture is because you neevr would have believed me if I didn't. Hope everyone's X-mas Eve goes well today. Remember, we'll have one more post before the day is through and it's going to be earlier than usual so keep checking up on us!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Grouch (part 1)

So as I go to lift her up for the Dirty Dancing finale the music changes again.... to NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!
Yes, it was Megan's idea. And yes, I show here that there is truly no shame in my game as I do the "Right Stuff" dance with my bride. But it was short lived as "Beauty and Beast" rolled back in making the circle complete and ending in a kiss. (awwww...)
Ok. That's enough pics for now. We'll get back to the comic strips this afternoon. Promise!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here are some more fight pictures between Megan and I. And as I walked away in defeat (after a long fought battle) the music faded away into... the theme song from Dirty Dancing. Yep! That's me turning up the heat Patrick swayze style!!
It took Megan forever to teach me that dance. I must have watched that part of the movie 20 times a night just to get it right and it paid off big time!
Say this is fun. I think I'll post a few more before getting into the next comic strip. Don't worry folks, you're almost caught up on all the x-mas comic strips I have left!

A had a few of you ask me "Hey?! What about pictures from the reception?!" Ok so here we go. The first two is of Megan and I cutting the cake and setting the toast. The third is of Rick Miller. He's the guy who filmed our wedding and reception and I'm so thankful for him to do it for us at no charge. He did a great job. (but no one tell him I said that)
The next two our pics from the infamous "first dance" which had a lot of people talking for weeks! It started off with Megan's favorite Disney theme song Beauty and the Beast. But suddenly the music changed into Star Wars "Duel of the Fates" Where Megan and I faced off with lightsabers that were hidden in my tux the whole time.
I'll post more pics this afternoon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some X-mas Cheer

So while looking online over the weekend, I came across this. A statue of a kid handing the ball to Jesus. There's a million different ways I wanted to go with this but I thought I'd just have everyone come up with their own.

It's x-mas tyme and the comic strips are back in stream. But here's the deal. I made too many to post before x-mas soooo........DOUBLE POSTS for the blog all the way up to Christmas day! That's right, we'll have one in the morning and one later on in the day so that the fun never ends! (and I can get all my holiday jollies posted in time for x-mas)

So hang on everybody! It's about to get busy!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


For the first time in Santa Bowl history the YOUTH pulled out a 36-18 victory over the adults!!

In 4 quarters of amazing football it was non-stop action by both teams. In the first quarter Luke Brewer (Santa Bowl MVP) caught and scored the first touchdown for the youth making it 6-0.
The second quarter saw the same Luke Brewer make his second touchdown of the game making the score at half time 12-6.

But at the start of the third quarter the Adults were able to run the kickoff back for a touchdown turning it into a 12-6 game. They stopped the youth on the very next possession and stomped all the way to the goal line on the Adults next drive but we were cut short of a touchdown and the youth took possession.

Once again it was Luke Brewer with the long touchdown play turning it into an 18-6 game. And later he scored AGAIN giving the youth yet another two touchdown lead. 24-6. But thanks to a fantastic interception by William Handy later on in the game the adults pounded it in with Jeremy Wilkins catching a TD. 24-12

On a side note William suffered a torn tendon in his hand after the interception and was taken out of the game. We sure missed his presence in the fourth.

Speaking of the fourth, things looked to be going well. The adults stopped the youth quick getting a turnover and turning it into a touchdown on the first play after Josh Stryder caught a long bomb taking it to a 24-18 game.

The youth tried to make a go out it but failed again. Some great plays brought the adults knocking on the goal line against the youth but were unable to score handing the ball back to the youth who on the very first play shot the ball once again to Luke Brewer (you hear his name a lot in this game I know) who got his FIFTH touchdown giving the youth a 30-18 lead.

Finally in a last ditch effort the youth tried a long bomb that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by John Rockett giving the game it's eventual final score 36-18.

History was made as Caleb Wilkins was a no show (giving an advantage to the youth!) and the youth broke a 7 year losing streak. All in all a good game.

I'd also like to thank Mark and Mikey for being a no show. Dad was the lone ref out there and he sure needed an extra hand. (so did we) But thanks go to all the youth who played liked champions and earned that victory.

C-ya next year at SANTA BOWL 2009!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008