Monday, June 30, 2008

My favorites...

Just thought I'd take these Monday's and let you know a little MORE about me! : D

Ok first off... movies.

My favorite movies are: "Night at the Roxberry", "Transformers" all 3 "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, all of the ORIGINAL Batman movies. "The Notebook", "Gone with the Wind", "Dirty Dancing", "Sixteen Candles", just about any Disney movie, "Bring It On", "A Walk to Remember", and of course "Star Wars".

My favorite genre to see are Comedies. My favorite actors are Steve Carell and Jim Carey. My favorite actress' are Anna Farris and Kate Hudson.

As for TV shows I have to say "Greek" is my top favorite. Followed by "The Office", "Family Guy", "America's Next Top Model", "John and Kate plus 8" , "CSI","Firefly" and "Dr Phil"

Ok, that's all for now. I'll be back next week to tell you more! Have a great week!


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hey folks. From the very begining of this blog I made a statement saying this blog was to feature "young budding artist" and promised "guest star appearances" throughtout the posts. Of course, none of that ever happened.... till now.

Cardco Fans, meet Jeff Corriveau write of the comic strip "Deflocked". If haven't heard of it yet you will soon. Jeff's branching out into becoming the newest nationwide comic strip... but he needs your help. Jeff e-mailed me earlier this week (he himself being a fan of the blog) and asked if we could help "vote" him into a few newspapers around the area. Even though the link he gave me was for "The Monroe Times" out of WI, I decided to help him anyway.

Jeff's a totally cool guy with a hilarious comic strip. Don't believe me? Click here to see more:

Then after reviewing his site if you want to help him out go to this link and vote for him here:

There are many papers (like our own) that suffer from unfunny comic strips. You've seen me make fun of them for not being funny several times in the past. And just like me you know you haven't read the comics since The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes left the strip. So let's get something funny back in the "Funnies" again! I'd like to thank Jeff for allowing me to post his comic strip on the blog. Good Luck to you sir!

Friday, June 27, 2008

FRIDAYS with Megan... one time only. =D

So today Matt thinks I should talk about myself. You know, give everyone a little bit of background about me so that you can know me better.
I was born in Baton Rouge and after living there a year we moved to Delhi. I went to elementary school in Delhi but in 4th grade my sister and I were put into a private school in Rayville. I also went to high school there.
I started off in college at Mississippi College for my first two years and transferred to ULM, which is where I am now. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with school so I just took my core classes and a few extras.
I'm now a kinesiology major with about a year left to go! I also have a twin sister who lives with her husband in Minnesota. I also have 2 younger sisters.
I currently work at Bayou Gymnastics teaching children how to tumble. I also work in the Day Care section and in the office as well.
So there you go! A little bit about me. Any other questions, just ask. I'll be glad to answer!
{MATT} Hey, maybe next week she can talk about her favorite movies, music, food....
{MEGAN} Matt... get off my blog.
{MATT} Yes Ma'am. Have a great weekend folks!!

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I'm back!

The first time I met Matt…

I figured I would share a little on how I met him, first thoughts, and the other things that come with it.

My friend Laura was in a play “Footloose” and I went to see her perform. Well Matt was in the play as well, but when I first saw him, I didn’t think anything of it. Towards the middle to end of the play, I leaned over and told my best friend Becky, “Wow! That Willard guy is really cute. How awesome would it be to have a guy that acted like that all the time?”

After the show was over, I was telling Laura about it and how cute I thought he was and she says back, “yeah and he acts like that all the time”. After that, I tried to get her to introduce me, but it never happened.

A couple of months went by and she asked if I wanted to go see “Oscar and Felix”, another play, with her and she told me Matt was in it. Well that night I got nervous and didn’t talk to him, but I did talk to Mark! ;) I went a second time with another friend and Laura and this time he came up to me and talked to me. I was so stunned, but very much excited!

One day I ended up going to his church with a couple of my friends and after he invited us over for lunch. We visited and talked for a while and had a good time. After that day, we started e-mailing each other and had made plans to hang out…as friends. At this point, he still didn’t know I somewhat liked him. After hanging out a while, I invited him over to watch a movie. It wasn’t until that night that he discovered my secret.

My little sister had made a video on my camera talking about me liking Matt and how she wanted to meet him. Well that had been a few weeks before, and I completely forgot about that when I uploaded my memory card to my computer. While he was looking through the pictures on my computer, he started watching the video and that’s how he found out I liked him.

We had lunch together a few times and one night we were hanging out talking and that’s when he told me how he felt about me. After that moment, we started dating. I couldn’t be any happier. Before all this happened, I honestly thought Matt would not go for me. But to my surprise he did and that brings us to today.

Matt even says he’ll let me post again this Friday since he skipped me last Monday so I’ll talk to everyone again real soon!

Friday, June 20, 2008


So my favorite band Weezer came out with a new album and I had NO idea!!! I came across somone in my I.T. department who was listening to the album when I was passing thru. I stopped, looked, held mouth open, then said "WHAT IS THAT??!!"

A true sign of when you know you're getting old is when you thought your favorite band had broken up years ago and wasn't making another album ever again. I don't listen to the radio AT ALL anymore and MTV was never something I watched in the first place so the only way I hear music news is thru word of mouth.

And when I rushed to the store to buy the new album it was like something out of a dream. I couldn't believe it was out!! I'm still looking at the CD right here on my desk and thinking "Wow, it's like a wish come true..."

Ok nerdy thoughts for the weekend I know, but admit it, you'd be happy too if a band you liked (that had broken up) came out with a new album and you didn't know about it, wouldn't you!? Hmmm.... perhaps that's already happened and you don't even know it yet..... better go out and check the stores!!

Have a super weekend folks, I plan on bringing Megan back to post on Monday.... if she can get her written post to me in time that is. (heh heh...)

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Cancelled already?!

Looks like after only one week of Monday Mornings with Megan we won't be doing it again. Poor Megan just doesn't have the time to write everyone and tell you stories. So I'm moving back into the time slot! (lucky you!)
Bt Seriously, if you want to know anything else about her, send her a Facebook friend request and I'm sure she'll accept it.
Everything's been going well. The weekend went by and wedding plans are moving along. In fact, I'd say besides talking to the catering we've just about got everything set! So I'm glad to report that it's all coming along.
Ok folks, have a great week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My time

Since I gave Monday's to Megan I guess I've limited myself to only one written post a week. (yeah!) So here's what I got so far...

Say goodbye to $3.77 gas prices! We're heading up to $4 a gallon!! I must brag a bit and say I woke up early the day they changed prices and got gas while it was still at $3.77. I was so happy this week you'd think I won the lottery!

Work goes well, I have no complaints there and wedding plans are coming along smoothly too! Next Monday Megan has more great stories to share with you so we'll see you next time! Have a great weekend folks!

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Monday Mornings with Megan BEGINS!!!


(How it really happened)

On Saturday, May 31, I took Matt out to eat at Outback for his birthday. After we finished eating, we were going to go back to my house and watch a movie. He wanted to stop by his house and change clothes, so I took him home.

I was just going to sit in the car and wait on him while he did that. I sent him a text and told him, to grab one of his new movies and we could just watch one of them. He, in reply, says "come up here and help me pick out one". Not thinking anything, I went in but I was on my phone and didn't recognize a change in furniture or anything. As I made my way further inside, I notice that it was very quiet and somewhat different. As I turn the corner, there is Matt standing there beside a table that has two candles, two bowls, and snickers ice cream (my favorite).

Taken away by this I asked him what the occasion was, and he says he wanted to do a candlelight dessert for me. As we are sitting down, I tell him I really appreciate it, but I was so full from dinner. I felt a little bad so I ate some ice cream anyways. He gets really quiet and I thought something was wrong. He reassured me that everything was fine, then he goes into how much he loves me and what I mean to him.

Right when I think this is a great romantic moment, he starts talking about "Lord of the Rings". I sat there for a second thinking "okay, why does he have to make this moment a little less romantic?", so I told him "Matt, I didn't read the books and I didn't like the movies so I don't know where you are going with the story". He then tells me that in the movies when a hobbit has a birthday he gives all his guests a present for coming. After a long pause, he says "so, with that being said, I got you something". In return I ask him why he got me something because it was his birthday and I didn't need anything. He says I know but I did so close your eyes.

I close my eyes then he tells me to open them, and as I did, he is kneeling beside me with the ring in box and I hear the words "Will you marry me?" My first response was "are you serious" ( all of you guys that 'know' Matt knows he likes to joke a lot). Then he says 'yes I'm serious, will you be my wife?' and I said 'yes'. After the hugging and all I apologized for the whole "Lord of the Ring" comments. Ooh...It was such a great, unexpected, and surprising night. I still smile and get giddy when I think about it.

NOW....Matt is going to give you "his version" of how it happened in comic strip form for the next few days.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Life right now...

Ok. So this picture describes how life's been for me lately... crazy! First off I'd just like to thank the EVERYBODY who has called, texted and e-mailed me in the past week. I'm sorry I haven't had time to return your messages but I've been so busy with things that I haven't had the time to chat with you all!
In fact, sadly I think I've only spoken to about 5% of you so far. There's just so many of you to thank!! But really, I'll try my best to get in touch with everyone of you. Thank you.
I still haven't told a whole slew of other people yet so they need to be notified first. Now on to the good news....
Since so many of you have asked about Megan I'm now officially giving her Mondays on the blog to talk to all of you and answer some of your questions. We can call it "Monday Mornings with Megan" or "MMM" if you like. Her first topic next week will be about the proposal. The week following maybe how we meet and maybe even the next week you can learn all about her. I don't know, I'm just making this up as I go. She's welcome to tell ya'll anything she likes!
And if you get bored of her just tell me and I'll boot her from the schedule completely! Though I doubt that'll happen for a while.
One last note. The date. We've decided on one and for the first time ever it will be revealed on the blog first! (we didn't tell Charity this time) September 6th seems to be the date.
Thank you for everyone who has volunteered to help out. We appreciate it more than you know. I have to admit the only thing we haven't got covered yet is a place to hold the reception. So if anyone has an idea please post or e-mail me it now.
This post is way too long and it's getting boring so I'll stop right now. Have a great weekend folks and we'll see you next week!

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A minor mistake as I had miscounted the comic strips and left this next one out! It was my Mom's birthday last week and in honor of it I drew a comic strip for her, but forgot that "Dem and Rep" was a 2-week series. So here it comes a week late. I know you all are going to love it!

How was your weekend by the way?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

True as it can be...

Just like a little sister to ruin the suprise. I'd asked Charity to please wait until tomorrow morning so I could make my post..... she didn't. Poor Charity, she has trouble keeping a secret. It burns in her soul if she doesn't tell anyone all about it.

So for late news... I'm engaged to my girlfriend Megan. We haven't been dating that long, true. But in the past few weeks I've come to see that she's the perfect one for me. She has a love for the Lord and a love for me. I couldn't ask for anything more.

When I asked my parents earlier this week about her they agreed along with me. In fact, Dad was even wondering what had taken me so long in the first place! : )

But now that everyone knows it makes this post a little less important. But none the less exciting to tell about.

We now bring you back to our regularly scheduled post....