Thursday, September 28, 2006


Ok, I've gotta be honest. It was not a good week for the home team at work. For the first time at my job, my team has come in dead last. (NOT a good thing) I got my earfull at the meeting yesterday and if numbers don't start to pick up in the next number of months... start expecting my resume to be in your town soon.
It's not really that bad yet, it's just dissapointing to be on top of your game every month to becoming the worst in the company. My boss said I was like Louisiana; "first at being last."
But I plan on having another fun filled evening. I've got places to go and people to see.
Oh and by the way I don't know about you, but this is my favorite picture yet! HA! Ok after this no more pics for a while. I promise. Besides, I'm afraid if I post another one Jon will sue me for using images of his fence. Ok folks have a good weekend!


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Here's a few pictures of what the first "Cardco" comics, kinda looked liked. The first is a re-make of what my cover looked like, except I think it just showed the flag and some ruins. The explosion was put in there for the 2004 calender I made that year.

And the 2nd one's a little faded but it's the first comic Patrick attemped to make way back in '93 Thanks for sending it to me Pat, Jeremy and I got a kick out of it! It was awesome. Though we never found out what happens in the end I've come up with my own ending..... a show-tune ending!

Ok folks, hope everyone had a great weekend. We have a brand new comic strip for you this week that I think you'll enjoy. So until then, have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Talk time again?

So since my last written blog was so popular I've decided to do it again. (at least until I run out of things to talk about)

Some of the questions I've been getting lately is about the comic books so I'll take some time to answer of few of those now.

I started drawing comics in 1993 when my favorite comic book shop "Cardco" went out of business. (Oct 31,1993) There were 3 of us at the time (Jeremy Patrick and I) and we each decided to draw our own comic book "in rememberence" of the store. Jeremy's 3 part series only went 2 issues before he just decided to drop the idea completely and Patrick didn't even make it past his first one since his dog died while he was drawing it and accordingly told us he had "lost the heart" to draw at that time.

Which left me. I did a 13 issue series leading in with "inside" jokes between the 3 of us since (let's be honest) my drawings suck. However thanks to the humor it provided people read them and pretty soon I was doing another and another and another. The circle of readers got bigger and would change over time. And every time I thought to myself "This is it. The last comic book I'll ever make." Another person would request one more.

To date, I've drawn over 400 comics (and counting) it's become a pretty cool hobby to have. But of course they all have "Inside" jokes attached to them so only one crowd would find it funny, while all the others would wonder why it's so funny to laugh at a guy who would move to Canada for woman. (inside joke there folks)

But since starting the blog I've really had fun doing this. Some comics are popular, some are not and you always seem to post your opinion either way and I'm thankful for it. But now it's time to go and finish off the rest of this week, so until then......

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Let's Chat!

Ok folks, according to the last poll that came out, you people want more written posts so that's what I'm doing right now.

I guess I can just give an update on life since I really don't have anything else to say. Here goes.

Work is still going awesome. They're opening up a 2nd call center in either Shreveport of Longview TX soon and guess who has a 1 in 4 chance of running it? Yep, me. Though I'm pretty much for sure they're going to choose someone who's been there longer the boss probably just told me that because he wants everyone to feel that they're being considered so I think the odds of me staying here in "Funroe" are good.

I did get a 50" DLP big screen TV with Bose surround sound last week though?! Any of you who have talked to me via phone or e-mail knew about that. (it's all I ever talk about know a days)

Let's see, and my love life...... ok nothing new there so moving on.

The blog saw what I thought was a great strip and I'm glad ya'll thought so too. I have a few more good ones planned but I think this last one will be hard to beat as well. Thanks again for the e-mails and posts. It's good to know someone still reads this other than blonde. (I kid, Hollie, I kid!)

It's coming up soon for some pic post of Archer, Jaiken and Hobbs!! Charity's sending me some new pics she took that I want to post on the blog some time in the next few weeks. So expect to be bored with that!

Ok, I'm bad at doing these written post, which is why I hardly do them. Despite what you folks think I really do live a bland life...... except for when I go to campus and act like a fool..... ok, maybe it's a little spicey.

Have a great weekend!

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Look what I got!

Just thought I'd show off my latest addition to the "Star Wars Autograph" collection I have. Thanks again to Kim and Tony for getting it for me. I love you both!

Now, who's going to get me a Harrison Ford autograph that says "To Matt" on it? I promise to sing praises to your name whoever brings it to me first! Hee hee ha ha!

Hope everyone's weekend went well. Week 2 of our comic strip "Now Hiring" will be finishing up this week. I'm sure you're all going to love it.

Ta-ta for now!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pic and a post?

According to last weeks poll ya'll wanted a picture and written posts the most so here I am, right in time for the weekend to give you just that! I'm glad everyone's happy with the return of the comic strip on the blog. (next week promises to be just as exciting)

I have a few more pics like these but that'll be for another time. So until then. have a great weekend folks!

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Catching up on the weekend

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you're having to go to work like I am today, but I doubt you are.

I made a few posts last week without telling anyone so I'll let you catch up with those today and start back the comic strip tomorrow. (that is, if you have time to check my blog today between all your partys and grilling)

La sigh, I guess for me it's off to work!

Friday, September 01, 2006

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