Monday, January 31, 2005

Wilkins: The Movie

For those of you who don't know, we here at Cardco Productions have been given a chance to work on our very first short film. As a script is being worked on as we speak I thought it would be fun to turn in a casting call for a "Wilkins" movie. (which I'm sure would be a huge hit)

So I'm starting off with me played by heck, you know him best as "Zach" from "Saved by the Bell" I also want to let everyone know that I felt uber-gay looking up his photo online.

Next is Jeremy (aka Gay Remy) For his character I thought Eric McCormack from "Will and Grace" would be perfect. Especially if you've seen him in "Free Enterprise" he's Jeremy to a T. Plus he plays a gay dude on TV so the irony was too much for me to ignore.

After doofus comes Bray played by (who else?) Josh Groban. I don't know if he can act and I'm pretty sure if they had a Josh Groban movie, Bray would be playing HIM, but for now we'll just let all that go and keep him for the role of "lil Bray Stinka"

Jordan's the easiest to cast, who hasn't said he doesn't look like Noah Wyle?!?! I still don't see it that much, but oh well, so be it.

Caleb was a little tricky but I think this one's going to work. Chris Klein (who'd be playing Chris Nix in a movie no doubt) seems to fit in pretty well for the role of the almighty Pudd. Don't you think?

At last there's Charity. I was trying to track down the name of that dog in Kujo but ended up making a sissy choice and going for either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen. Looking up this picture made me feel like a pervert more than anything else. (including downloading pics of Mark-Paul Gosslaar)

For extra kicks I thought I'd go ahead and cast Thomas into our movie as well. Seeing as he's technically NOT a Wilkins, he's still my cousin and I love him. (in that kind of way) Besides the pic of David Foley I found for him is sweet!! How can you look at that and not think of Thomas?!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this, the next comic strip will be out soon... and it's a dandy!

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Here ya go!

There's more where this came from later on this week Cardco fans, so stay tuned....

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Part deaux is here!

Here it is Cardco fans, as promised. Part 2 of our very first internet comic strip! We're in the works right now to bring you more exciting things yet to come on this blog so be sure to stay tuned!

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Part 1 Posted by Hello

The comic strips have arrived!!

That's right boys and girls!

The comic strips are here and there will be one out every day this weekend. We hope you enjoy this first (of we hope many) comic strips. And your feedback is (as always) welcome.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cardco (the blog) Is here!

That's right Cardco fans! We're online!!

This is the start of a brand new begining for us as we embark on own new website (aka blog) in giving you what you've requested. Online comic strips!

But wait! There's more! Along with comic strips from your's truly, we'll also be featuring other young budding artist who will be making "guest star appearances" on the blog to feature some of their comic strips as well. We hope you'll enjoy.

Ok Cardco Clan, that's all for now but don't worry! The first comic strip is coming up soon.....

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